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Amanda’s Story

4 thoughts on “Amanda’s Story”

  1. Letty Bord says:

    Sorry to hear about your pain, Amanda! Thank God it did not work when they tried to put this in me!

  2. Natasha Fisher says:

    Amanda, that’s what many women had felt when they started having Essure problems. Too late to know and wish we’d never have it done. I have the coils and hate it. I have pain all the time in my back. I feel like I’m giving birth and my insides are falling out. Bad procedure! I badly want the coils out!

  3. Holly Marquez says:

    I had it done in 2009. The first year was fine but after that I have had severe back pain, tingling in my hands and sore legs. I have gained tons of weight. I want them badbly. Sex is painful at times.

  4. Rebecca Murphy says:

    I am almost two weeks post hysterectomy, have been doing wonderful, no pain or anything. I feel great!

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