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Brandy’s Story

3 thoughts on “Brandy’s Story”

  1. D Cooper says:

    Tell all your friends and colleagues at work NOT to get the Essure. Good thing you share your story here so other women can learn from you! I hope you’ll get fine soon and play with your kids again.

  2. Jamie Jenkins says:

    I had severe symptoms- hot flashes, insomnia, tingling in my limbs, severe weight gain. I feel that it was like I was menopausal at 28. Please keep an eye on yourself. One of the coils embedded in my pelvic muscle and caused additional health issues. It was my choice to go with Essure, but it was a bad decision. I really hope you stay healthy.

  3. Mel Ricks says:

    I’m having mine removed. It’s making me feel better seeing the post that things do go back to normal after they’re gone!

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