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Crista’s Story

3 thoughts on “Crista’s Story”

  1. Antonia says:

    I had my done about six months ago. Since then my hair started to fall out. Headaches, back pain and i bleed all the time. Oh and the cramping is horrible. The doctors will not help. They say its normal. But I didn’t have any prombles before this other then IUd would slipe out of place, resulting in pregnancy.

  2. Kimberly Lynn says:

    Hey my name is Kim I have the essure in me to I’m in pain everyday my doctor say its not coming from the essure its a big lie I know its coming from the essure the only way to et it removed is to have a hysterectomy. I should have never got it we all need to come together so essure can be removed from the market. You should go to your hospital and talk to someone in the financial department . I dont know where you are located but I know Chapel Hill hospital might can help you out get in contact with the financial department. If you need my help email me.

  3. Penny says:

    So don’t know what to do. Before the procedure my periods were light and painless. Now it is heavy huge clots and so painful. I have to take prescribed pain meds to get the pain away. I’m afraid to have hysterectomy at this young age. So hopeless.

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