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Crystal’s Story

3 thoughts on “Crystal’s Story”

  1. Monica Mayhew says:

    Sorry to hear what happened to you. I appreciate hearing your story. It changed my life! I actually was heading to get this type of procedure ( this morning) because I thought it was SAFE and was not informed of the real risks. I am upset with my doctor for not being honest with me when I had many questions & asked her about the risks. This need to stop. I could have become another victim. I do not need any extra health problems. Patients deserve to know the truth.

  2. Kimberly Lynn says:

    Hey Crystal I have the essure now Im feeling the same way my doctor said its not coming from the essure he just dont know what he is talking bout I know its coming from the essure. I don’t know where u are located at but you said you don’t have insurance you need to go to hospital and go to the financial department see if you can get help. You might can contact financial department at Chapel Hill hospital to see if you can get help. If you need me you can email me Kimmy

  3. Lynn Bell says:

    I got the Essure done and I have had so many problem that I have not had before until I got it. I have been in and out of the hospital with uti infection. I wished I have never got and I would not recomend it to anyone. I have tried to ask lawyers for help but nobody wants to take that on. They tell me it will cost to much. I am a mother of three and I cant afford to get it removed.

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