Delinda’s Story

I have told my story once before but every year it seems a bigger nightmare! On top of chronic pain the excessive bleeding caused me to faint on numerous occasions in the past 10 years. In March I had a fainting spell right after my cycle which has caused me brain damage that seems to be getting progressively worse. I haven’t been able to hold a job for years because of the side effects from pressure, for some reason employers didn’t like monthly call ins I have no insurance and the doctors I have went to are zero help because they know I can’t out of doctor specialists or procedures. Now I can hardly speak my vocab is cut in half if I can even think of words. My speech comers and goes I have an emotional disorder where I am in a constant state of fear now I am clumclumpy and my attention span is zero I can’t plan or go through with a task sometimes it takes me 4 or more hours just to make me something to drink. I can’t tell a story I ramble or run on or don’t stay on topic my grammar is dawg ul and I have to concentrate on the simplest things that I will make the same mU.S. take at several times before I catch myself doing the same action. And now I am reading there is no hope for a lawsuit because I have no doctor to fix what they wrongly informed me about and I will get no relief and nothing to leave my children behind because I feel essure has finally taken my whole life and I sense that is not a metaphor. Goid luck ladies keep fighting.

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