My name is Erica I 31 years old married with 5 children. i have tried in the past the the birth control pill, shot ,iud and none really seem to work for me as i have 5 kids.  yes i love my kids and wouldnt change them for the world but 5 kids is 5 kids and that enough.

I had been trying to get my tubes tied ever since 2012 when my youngest was born yet no doctor would do it because i was so young. I had fought with doctor over and over again tell them this is what I wanted i was 28 years old yes but i had 5 kids and didnt want anymore. plus my pregnancy with my last son was bad we had to have heart testing and other things done because i have sjogrens which is an auto immune disorder. yet still they wouldnt tie my tubes.

In 2015 i finally found a doctor willing to help me. I was so happy someone was finally listening to me and understood the fact that i didnt want anymore children.  I told him two things I wanted I wanted to get tested for the Braca test you know the test to see if you have the cancer gene thankfully i dont but that doesnt mean that I wont get cancer. I have a strong family history of cancer.  we talked about having a my tubes tied and the doctor told me how painfull it was and that i would be layed out in bed for almost amonth that it wasnt a sure thing that that women have still come out pregnant because the tubes grow bad.

All i could think was no nono this isnot good i cant be layed out in bed for a month i cant take the chance of them growing back.

Thats when he told me and this wonderful thing called Essure ( lies all lies).

its none surgical you dont even need to be put to sleep

youll get right up

theyll be no pain at all

and youll be good to go in the morning like nothing even happen.

you just have to take somthing else for 3 months till your tubes a fully blocked.


sounds great right.

so i ask have you done alot of them.

he tells me yes thats what all the women are doing now because its so much safer and theres no healing time.

 and the coils are surgical steel and the things that the heart montitersare made of.

okay. great so when can it be done.

 two weeks or things like that it was we did blood work everything was great. you have have the inplant. made aragements for my motherinlaw to watch the kids while i went in.

I go in the morning to a surgical center( funny cuz its not a surgery right) well i go sign a bunch of papers. they take me in to an orperating room ( again not a surgery) okay were going to put you to sleep hmm but i thought it was none surgical and i dint need to be put to sleep.

I should have known somthing was wrong. put were trained to trust doctor arent we.. Well sadly I Dont not anymore.

I wake up a few hours later im so much pain my stomach swollen cant feel my legs still. they tell it of its fine hes a motrin. okay get ready to go home.

barly awake my husband takes me home im crying Im in so much pain. we call the doctor they tell me ohh that normal really i thought no pain andid be right up in the morning.

Oh well some people have pain and it take them a week or so to fell better.

 Nww im in pain and Im angery you said NO PAIN AND ID BE RIGHT UP. I cant move i feel like my insides are being ripped out and im swollen.

Give it a few days youll be fine..

Two days later Im in the ER after calle the ob and him telling me to go. I got they take me straight in do a bunch of test they figure out whats wrong i hear them say of she must just want pain killers. while the other nurse said he blood pressure is dropping and her pulse i low and shaky. they do MRI CT SONOS nothing shows they do blood work urine again nothing shows. i tell them i had the Essure put in a few days ago and have been in like this ever since they ask who my doctor did the surgey for me So I tell them who did it they call him he comes it tell me that everything seems fine and there going to keep looking to see whats wrong, i start telling him its the Essure it has to be i have never felt like this before to please take them out. he said no your fine.  I begged him to take them out he wouldnt.

he comes back a few hours later tells me there going to do exploratory surgery to take a look inside and make sure everthying is okay, I tell him since hes going in to take the coils out he was already going back in. tells he will see what happens when they go in. i sign more papers they take be again put me back under do whatever they did,. i wake up a few hours later I ask my husband what happen he tells me they did nothing.

the doctor comes in I asked him why he didnt take the coils out he tells me they looked fine to me. and they send me homewiht pan killers. which i took twice and they made me sick so i stopped.  and ever since may of 2015 i have been living thru hell.

I have pain that has never gone away. now i have period that last 3 weeks one week of spotting the three days of heavy bleeding and clots then another five days of spotting  my peoid feels like in in labor. they pain and pressure.

headaches dizziness fainting all random never know when its going to happen.

 pain in my hips swollen legs ,feet and hands.

I cant even talk about what its like to go to the bathroom every little while.

and the fact that now I have  three more doctors to see cardologist, neruologist and alergist. I and im going thru and on going batter to try to get better everytime I call an ob to be seen and i tell them i have  essure they want nothing to do with me i have had doctors walk out on me.

I am hoping to have this nightmare over soon.


I need to get my life back for me and my family. living an ongoing battle i will win in the end.



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