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Erin’s Story

2 thoughts on “Erin’s Story”

  1. Felicia says:

    I am having the same bleeding and clotting as you since i got the essure done I just want these coils out of me. I’m tired of hurting so bad and bleeding and i eat ice so much bc the anemia is so bad i go through like 3 56oz cups a day of ice. If you have any other information about what i should do please email me. I’m only 26years old and shouldn’t be experiencing what i do this really sucks

  2. Hope Spencer says:

    I too struggle with debilitating pain and clots during my period which I did not have prior to easier, I am also having tissue breakdown due to my being allergic to the nickel in the coils. And I can’t have it removed because it’s considered an elective surgery to remove it! It’s crazy and no one seems to know anything about the device or the procedure where I live. It’s not only frustrating to deal with the periods but it has wrecked me in so many other ways, severe depression, chronic pain, endometriosis from the scar tissue buildup and the FDA did a five year study showing the side effects and dangers yet they don’t recall it like the UK did, they put a warning on the box! I for one never saw a box, I was told it was minimally invasive, no downtime and none of this has proven true for me. My life has changed drastically from attempting to be safe regarding pregnancy. I regret having the device put in and am currently working a second job specifically to save money to have it removed.

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