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Gina’s Story

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  1. Jasonya Gregory says:

    Hi my name is Jasonya, I had the Essure put in place after my daughter was born, this is because at the hospital, after she was born, trumpet scheduling the tubal ligation and then canceling it. After 5 days in the hospital, I got tired of it and wanted to go home. I ended up being advised to get the Essure because it is ‘safe and effective with NO side effects’. During the procedure, my GYN could only find one tube so she placed a coil in that one and it was an extremely painful experience. I had to request for another shot of pain meds as the pain became unbearable at a very quick pace. After that I was afraid to do the other side so I waited a while. During this time, I noticed more fatigue, increased headaches that would quickly turn into migraines and it affected my work and my performance with my children and family life. If you don’t have migraines, it is hard to understand how debilitating they can be. I have had weekends or middle of my work weeks, completely ruined by the severe pain it causes. I have to use imitrex to get through it and that has side effects as well. Anyhow, I was afraid to get the other tube done because of these symptoms but my fear of pregnancy was even greater so I reluctantly scheduled the other tube. I asked my GYN, before the procedure if there were any reported issues or problems with ESSURE and she strongly suggested that, ‘In seven years, they have not had any problems.’ This have me the courage to go forward and get the procedure finished. After the second coil was placed, I felt the same, headaches that turned into migraines, fatigue (this kind of fatigue was mind blowing), then after about 3 months of the 2nd ESSURE placement, I started having more frequent migraines, fatigue and then other scary symptoms like sudden ovary/groin pain (the kind where I have to sit down immediately and I’m scrambling for pain meds. I take two pills, 400 mg ibuprofen and thirty minutes later have to take more because now the pain is making me feel like I’m going to panic and I start sweating. This is no joke. I had not EVER had that kind of PAIN, out of the blue, like that, before ESSURE. These symptoms are just a fraction of what is going on with me. So I decided to do some research and found out some horrifying news, that women who have had ESSURE, are suffering the same symptoms, then I read that in order to have the coils removed, I have to have a hysterectomy. I cried for a week when I found that out. That’s the LAST thing I expected with a product, I was told was SAFE. Other symptoms suffer from are dizziness, lower back and pelvic pain, lower groin pain, and now my fatigue has hit an all new low, where I want to crash before I even get my kids to bed. I can only get my migraine meds at a dosage of 9 pills per order so.I’m sorry ESSURE, but 9 pills (taken two times a day), for migraine that can last up to 3 days, is NOT ENOUGH TO COVER ME, for the month, so I have to keep asking for refills. Not to mention the cost! The last time I got a refill, the pharmacy gave me 5 pills. I CRIED. I want to ask ESSURE what was so important, that you forgot to give the most critical details bout a product you were promoting, to us women, details that would give us all the information we needed to make an INFORMED and reasonable decision about our health. CLEARLY ESSURE PRODUCERS were more concerned about money than our health. I cannot afford to have the devices REMOVED and I certainly CANNOT afford to have a hysterectomy due to your GROSS NEGLIGENCE! This is just PART of my story in regard to ESSURE.

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