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Jacqueline’s Story

3 thoughts on “Jacqueline’s Story”

  1. Sarah Garcia says:

    I hope you can find a doctor Jacqueline! I am so happy to find this site. I got mine done this January but since then I have been living in hell. I have panic attacks, dizzy spells, cramping every day. I have been to many doctors and they say nothing is wrong. I never that it could be the Essure until I came to this site.I just want this thing out so I can enjoy my life with my family.

  2. Krystal Young says:

    So sad to read your story. I had my Essure procedure done in 2013 and had a share of problems too. My doctor told me was that it was permanent but was 100% safe. About 2 months later I started having severe cramp and pain attacks that would last a few days then would go away for 6 months. Every time I would go to the ER they would say I was fine and to just go home and take some aspirin. I never once thought it could be the coils until I finally found a doctor willing to listen to me and my problems. Now he is suggesting hysterectomy, which I’m okay with, but should never have had to go through. I never had this much pain and cramping with my periods before this procedure.

  3. Cristina Bradley says:

    Went to the doctor because I was hurting so bad and I know it’s Essure causing the pain. But they told me I have a UTI. I don’t buy that. That’s the same thing every single time. Even when I go in for chest pain. I hate doctors.

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