Hi, I had the procedure done in 2014 after my third child. I started having side effects right away.  My hair started falling out by the hand fulls, I felt tired and dizzy all the time. So I went to my regular Dr. And he thought that I could have a thyroid problem.  So I went through all kinds of testing including a biopsy on my thyroid. Nothing ever came of any of the test. Over time things have only gotten worse. I now suffer from anxiety, depression, mood swings, my head is always cloudy, I’m always tired no matter how much sleep I get, and I don’t sleep well atnight.The worse part is I worked in a assistant living home as a c.n.a and loved my job. But I now have not worked for three years and no longer have my cna license because of not working.  My relationships have greatly suffered. I have distanced myself from family and no longer have any friends. I can hardly even leave my home anymore. I use to be a very vibrant happy person full of life. But now I am an overweight, depressed, lonely shell of myself. I am now seeing a therapist and have been put on depression meds. I just don’t know what to do or where to turn. I do know with out a doubt in my mind that having the stupid essure put into my body is what has caused this huge heartache, pain, and mess in my life. But I am so, so happy that I found this website because I no longer feel as alone in all of this. And I know that I’m not crazy. 

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