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Jennifer’s Story

4 thoughts on “Jennifer’s Story”

  1. Edith says:

    I had the essure put in 2010. I have had cramping and bloating and I feel like I have been on my period ever since. I wish I had never gotten this bad procedure.

  2. Linda says:

    Hey Jennifer!!

    Yes, you are a very strong woman to have pulled through all you have. I too had the Essure placed November 2013, have had very similar experiences as you as well. I am seeing a 7th Dr. today (within the past 6 months), to see what he will NOT find wrong with me..!1 My last resort will be a total hysterectomy, which, I will plan as soon as possible.(which I never had planned to do) I am also, scared to death. I also find it a 1.5 years of hell!! Should be off the market indefinitely!! I am hoping Erin will be able to help us all who have suffered and still are suffering !! My prayers are with you and your family!! So sorry for everything you are experiencing.


  3. Jennifer says:

    Ms Linda,
    Thank you so much for your prayers I never was much of a praying woman until I go through gut wrenching pains and then I fall to my knees and pray it to go away. 8 years I have had moments like this and I am actually in the ER as I write this waiting on someone to help me. Of course I pee in a cup and of course my never ending UTIs will be what the doctors write me off again and I will not leave without help and getting these things out of me. I am so tired of hurting all the time. Yes I have a Uti that is the story of my life but something is really wrong and I am scared to death and I ramble way to much and these people just look at me like I am stupid when they are the ones who are not informed of what is in my body. I showed the nurse pics of what is in me and her jaw just dropped. No one I have ever been to in 8 years knows what they are and just assume I am bat s… Crazy. God please be with me today I am about to lose my mind and all I asked for was an ultra sound just like all the other girls have had done that is all I came here for and so far I have had to give a urine sample and they came and pressed on my tummy. I am hurting and the twisting pain is scaring me to death. I have been fighting this battle all alone everytime I have no supportive family or husband just me. No man can put up with my constant tears and pain I am no fun and have been this way for a very long time. I cry all the time and I am so tired of crying. My family wants me committed to a state hospital because they can’t handle me but I hope I get these out before I am silenced for life. All I ever wanted was someone to listen to me and believe that I am not a hypochondriac and not crazy but really in so much pain that I can’t stand it much longer. No one here is listening and I fight this battle another day alone. I hope when I finally get someone to listen that it is not to late. I have 3 beautiful kids that need a mom to be there for them and I am not ready to die or be locked up in a mental ward. Please E-sisters pray 1000 prayers for me because I am scared to death right now.

  4. Nikki says:

    I just refused a few weeks ago to have the Essure procedure! Now reading all what I found on this website, I am glad to have made the right decision! Thank you for sharing your story Jennifer and I hope you get better soon. Prayers and love, Nikki!

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