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Jennifer’s Story

4 thoughts on “Jennifer’s Story”

  1. J Sears says:

    I asked my OB/GYN about this and he refused to do it. She told me there were many bad effects with it than there were supposed to be. She told me it was causing major health issues and surgeries that should have not been needed. Thank God for my doctor!

  2. Linda says:


    I’d fist like to say how sorry I am to hear of all the pain and agony you are going through, LIKE you I also had the Essure procedure. I also have had horrible side effects for the past year, and it seems like the only relief I may possibly have is a total hysterectomy. Nothing I was ever planning to do. Now I am also unsure of all the risks that come along with this procedure and in the near future. I do know that since I have had the Essure procedure my life has been one year of nothing but HELL. Like you, numerous Dr. appts, 3 orthopedic surgeons, 1 chiropractor, 2 Immunology Dr, 1 Rheumatoidologist, still NO diagnosis. (to mention this has all been within the past 6 months, missing numerous days of work, depression, not feeling myself, worrisome daily, not sure what my body will feel like every morning. This is utter torture for any individual to have to experience. Completely inhumane. I wish you all the luck in the world, My prayers are with you and your family.

    This should not be swept under the rug! I will stand for what is right and humane for us as women! One day we will have our say, one day!!


  3. Jennifer says:

    Thank you ladies for your responses. I have been on vacation with my kids and have been trying to enjoy my week with them. I have had to endure yet another UTI and as always pains coming from all parts of my body. You know after 8 years of coils and pain throughout my body I have over the years just learned to accept my body and just always be prepared for something to go wrong. I never know what my day will bring or how my body will malfunction I just wake up say a little prayer and hope for the best. I have really become a nuisance to anyone around me especially my kids. This week on vacation I got struck down with yet another UTI. I am far away from home so I treated the best way I knew how and that was good ol cranberry pills and juice and some AZO pills. I am so tired of being sick all the time. I am so tired of hurting all the time and ruining vacations for my kids. 

  4. Neva Hartmann says:

    You are right, Linda. I have my share of pain with the Essure as well. I have been in horrible pain since having this done almost 3 years ago. All my issues are related to this procedure. I read thru the list of side effects and have almost all of them.

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