In Feb 2008 I spoke with my GYN about the Ablation procedure to help with heavy bleeding. He stated we could go forward with it but it would be dangerous for me to get pregnant afterwards so I needed to have the Essure done to prevent this. I agreed to it. Had I known then what I know now I would have never had it done.

Everything was fine for several years. As a matter of fact, didn’t start having any pain until 2015. Up until then I thought everything was fine. Then I started having an undescribable pain. It would leave me doubled over. It was terrible. When I went in for a check up, I spoke with my GYN about it. (At this point, I had switched doctors.) She thought it was just menstrual cramping and it would go away. It did come and go, but I knew it was different and that something was wrong. On several occasions I told my husband I felt as if my body was “poisoned”. He was concerned yet didn’t know what to do either. This pain would come and go. I felt terrible. Intercourse was painful at times. I knew there was something going on. March 2016 I ended up in the Emergency Room. I was doubled over again and miserable. They ask you to describe the pain…. dull, ache, throbbing, stabbing, burning, etc… but there was not a word that I could find to fit the description. The did a CT Scan and said “you have bursting fibroids and this is causing your pain.” So I’m thinking ok, maybe that has been the problem the entire time. I follow up with my GYN in April, she states she wants me to go for an ultrasound to make sure the fibroids have cleared up.

During the ultrasound, I ask the tech if everything looked normal. She said yes I believe so. I then asked about the coils… if she could see them. She stated yes and that they looked fine. Upon hearing that the US was “normal” I requested a consultation with the doctor for a hysterectomy. When discussing it over with my husband we felt this would be the best decision since NOTHING was helping with the pain. I even had fears that the dreaded “C” word could have something to do with it. After two consultations with the physician, she finally agreed to a hysterectomy but stated she wasn’t posistive this would fix the pain. Truthfully I really had to push for the surgery because she really didn’t want to do it. 

My surgery was scheduled for June. The surgery went well. While I was in recovery, She came and to speak with my family. The news was definitely a surprise!!! She stated that the essure coils were the problem. The coil in the right tube had completely come out and was laying basically on top of my vagina. This was causing the lower pain and why intercourse was painful. The tip of the left coil was broken off and had punctured thru my fallopian tube. She stated it could have caused further damage by puncturing other organs possibly causing death. My husband was livid. No one had informed us that this could be an option for where the pain was coming from. She also stated she stopped doing the Essure procedures years ago because of these complications.

After recovering from surgery now I am pain free. I feel like a new person.      

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