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Jessica’s Story

3 thoughts on “Jessica’s Story”

  1. Marcia Thompson says:

    I just had mine taken out. It seems after reading a lot of these stories make me feel that our doctors are not to be trusted. I threatened to sue them if they do not remove. For some of you check to see if you have an hormonal problem that is also my problem. I believe it came from having the Essure.

  2. Sharon M says:

    So sad to read your story Jessica! I have same problem cramps every where and in or off periods, random pain,irregular periods and having periods twice a month after doing this procedure. I was tricked they had told me I could reverse it. When I go to doctors to get it removed because of all this pain and discomfort they say no we remove it. It has to stay so I’m still trying to find someone to remove.

  3. Jacky says:

    This story saved me from a lifetime of pain and suffering. My OBGYN recommended this for me after my last pregnancy. I was supposed to go get this put the other day after what I found out, I refuse to get this put in. WOW, the doctor made this sound perfect for me, but after reading your story Jessica, I knew Essure is not the right one for me.

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