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Jessica’s Story

4 thoughts on “Jessica’s Story”

  1. shanna doggett says:

    I understand what you’re going through, I started getting sick after Essure I went years waking up in the middle of the night in so very much that pain meds wouldn’t help any. As far as being tried, I’m the same way it seems no matter how much sleep you get u feel so outta energy, etc. I have 4 kids a 5,9,11, and 12 year old. I went to an ENT and got checked for food allergies (which I’ve never had till after getting Essure) and I’ve got so many food allergies omg I can’t even have black pepper, there’s like 2 pages of stuff I cannot eat and half a page that I can. My doctor was like omg you’ve got so many. Anyways if it’s any help go to a ENT get checked for food allergies cause mine make my lower stomach hurt like hell, also try going to a GI doctor, I’m going to one this week cause I have a feeling there’s something else going on besides just the food allergies .

  2. Hollie Collins says:

    I had the procedure done in October 2014. Ever since then I have really bad body aches, weight gain and acne, bad mood swing but nothing as severe as many women’s stories I have read so far on this site.

  3. Grace Marie says:

    My doctor had recommended having the Essure procedure done last month. So glad I found this page and was able to make a great decision. I will NOT be having this procedure done. Thank you Jessica!

  4. jessica says:

    I am sorry it took me so long to get back to ya!!! You are so very welcome…….. THANK YOU for NOT getting E-HELL

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