I had the essure procedure in 2012. I was bleeding on a daily basis for a few months. I was having bad cramping. The pain was awful. I went to see another doctor. I thought maybe the doctor I had been going to messed up my procedure. The doctor I went to see, said the one side had shifted some. He said a Hysterectomy was necessary. I was 32 years old. I went with essure because the doctor said it was removable if we decided to have more children. So that was appealing to my husband and I. Then a few months later that was not even a option to me any longer. My doctor suggested that we not do a total hysterectomy. So I thought that sounded good. That way I didn’t have to take hormones, ect. Then after hysterectomy, I still had pain. Not thinking these little metal coils could cause all of this damage, and pain. I haven’t known what was wrong with me. Until I had researched my symptoms. Then to know that device is the problem. To know insurance wont cover to have it removed. We cannot afford to do it. Knowing i have to live like this is horrible. Now from having a hysterectomy could face the complications from that later is also something I worry about. This is just completely unnecessary.  I have headaches, pain in vaginal area, bloating, numbness, and had to have my uterus removed. I almost always look 5 to 7 months pregnant from the bloating. Which has also taken away my self esteem and quality family time and being a wife. I don’t feel good, I don’t look good. I’m to the point of not caring which equals unhappiness for myself and everyone around me. The worst part is that these little life destroying devices are still inside of me. I’ve went on depression meds, I take Tylenol and advil daily To try to deal.  These should not be available for any women to use ever again. 

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