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Joy’s Story

2 thoughts on “Joy’s Story”

  1. Debra Kennedy says:

    Hello my name is Debra Kennedy I am currently Desperately Seeking a doctor to take the Essure coils out…. I constantly get the runaround and rarely receive a call back I am located in North Augusta South Carolina on the border of Augusta could you please tell me the name of the doctor that you used to have them removed…my email address is

  2. Hello my name is kate bennett, I had essure placed in thru my belly button, January 2015. This was after my 6 week recovery, after the birth of my now 2 yr old daughter(my 4th child). At the time I was 25 and didn’t want to have any more children. With my other 3 children I went to the same doctor however my fourth, I decided to go to another doctor, in which I regret to this very day! The doctor had told me about essure and told me it was the best solution compared to any birth control out there! I have never actually taken a birth control, of any form, what so ever. So at that moment I decided that this would in fact be my best choice beings the doctor is telling me so and I have no actual background knowledge of the different types of birth controls out there ! So I set the appointment and went thur with the procedure. Right after surgery of course I was loopy, but it never went away. I developed a serious migraine to the point i was crying out for my mother and to God, cause it literally felt as though my head was going to exolode. This lasted for a good week and eventually subside. Thereafter, I was still cramping and feeling out of the norm. Over time of periods coming and going tears, guilt and pain, I noticed a significant change in my menstrual cycle. I went from a full 7 days down to 3 to 4. However, this is more than once a month. For example, I had my period two weeks ago and it started back up again today????? Yeah I know…….shit is crazy….. mad cramps severe back pain and bleeding like someone has gutted me with a knife! I need this removed! SOMEONE PLEASE HELP!

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