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Karen’s Story

2 thoughts on “Karen’s Story”

  1. Lydia gutierrez says:


    I too have had a lot of the same symptoms. I have had pain with sudden mivements, pack pain about a week before my menstrual cycle and bowel movement changes. I also have gained a significant amount of weight. I too would have thought twice about the Essure implants if I had known.

  2. diana says:

    I have had the essure done about 6 to 7 years ago as well and I have real bad periods now that I never had before.Never on a regular schedule anymore. I have lower back pain as well I have even notice in the last six years my hair has become very very thin fragile. I get rashes off and on. For the past two years I feel sharp pain during intercourse off and on. Not sure if it’s the essure that is causing the problems but all the problems a cured after I have done the birth control.

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