My husband and I knew we only wanted one child so after my daughter was born I spoke to my doctor about having my tubes tied.  He said that they had a new procedure called Essure which was better (in his opinion) and after hearing that it didnt require a hospital stay, no anesthesia, no cutting and the recovery time was just a day I was sold on it.  If only I had done my research… 

I had Essure inplanted in October 2014.  I went back for the dye test (to make sure my tubes were sealed) in February 2015 and was told the coils had fallen out of my tubes.  I was devestated thinking about how I would have to have another surgery (tubal ligation) to make sure I didnt get pregnant again.  I asked my doctor if I needed to have the coils removed and he said they were very soft and small and wouldnt cause any problems.  I believed him.  If only I had done my reasearch…  My husband stepped up and had a procedure done to save me from surgery…or so we thought. 

In April 2015 my menstrual cycle finally returned but it was much heavier than ever before and the cramps were unbearable.  I attributed this to my body having changed after having the baby.  If only I had done my reasearch…

In August 2015 I started having severe lower back pain to the point that I couldnt stand or sit for extended periods of time without having trouble standing up or walking afterwards.  Holding my daughter hurt even more!  Not being able to hold my daughter – the only child I was ever going to have – killed me inside.   It never crossed my mind that this pain was caused by Essure.  My menstrual cycle was all messed up- some months I wouldnt have a period which led me to think my husbands procedure failed also, other months it was so heavy I thought I might bleed to death!  If only I had done my research…

In October 2015 I began having sharp, stabbing pains on the right side of my pelvic area.  They would bring me to my knees in tears.  This pain continued daily.  I couldnt play with my daughter because I was constantly in pain.  My daughter was now walking and I was missing out on it.  My days were spent suffering through the pain so I could play with my daughter, laying in bed nauseous from the pain pills or passed out from the pain pills.   I began to suspect this pain might be caused by Essure and wondered where those coils were.  I was still having problems with my menstrual cycle.  If only I had done my reasearch…

In November 2015 I began having the same stabbing pain on the left side along with menstrual-like cramping.  I dont know when the headaches began but I was having 2-3 each week.  Towards the end of the month is when this strange mucous-like discharge appeared.  I was in constant pain, crazy periods and now this odd discharge.  I was miserable and so unhappy with the “life” I was living.    It was taking a toll on the relationship with my daughter, my marriage and my self-esteem. 

In January 2016 I brought this all up to my doctor but he refused to believe any of it was caused by Essure because it was small and soft and blah blah blah.   He ran all kinds of tests but nothing looked or felt wrong.  He mentioned that he could do an exploratory surgery.  If he found anything wrong he would fix it and do a tubal (remember I asked for that in the beginning?)  I really thought it over because the whole point of getting Essure was to avoid another surgery not to mention I couldnt afford another surgery but I decided to go for it.   So we scheduled surgery for February. 

I had surgery in February and they found the right coil had migrated.  It was lodged in my intestine and scraping my stomach!  They removed it.  I was told the other coil was still in my fallopian tube but farther in than it was originally placed.  So, did it fall out of my tube like they told me when I did the dye test?  Did it fall out and then wiggle its way back in?  I was beginning to doubt my doctor and questions kept rising.  I was pain free for about a week which was probably only because of the pain meds and then the pain on the left got worse.  All of my other symptoms were still there.   I was depressed and didnt want to do anything.  If only I had done some research…

In March I returned to my doctor because the pain was increasing in severity and all of the other symptoms continued.  My doctor, still refusing to believe Essure was the culprit, recommended I wait another month to see if the pain went away.  I agreed even though I knew Essure was the problem.  I began to keep a journal of the pain I had each day.  I started doing some research.

One month later, as recommended, I went back to my doctor with my journal.  I told him I wanted the remaining coil removed and asked what my options were.   He offered up some options and after doing more research I discovered that my best option to have the remaining evil little coil removed was a hysterectomy.  My doctor didnt do as much research as I did and kept recommending things that Bayer (the maker of Essure) didnt reccomend.  We began discussing a hysterectomy.  So there I was looking at having yet another surgery (that I didnt want) that I cant afford.  I was so upset with my situation but didnt have a choice.  I had more hoops to jump through before they could schedule the surgery- tests, x-rays, insurance approval.  They brought in a specialist because they couldnt even tell where the remaining coil was!  Oh how I wish I had done my research sooner!!

Finally insurance approved my surgery and a date was set.  I was lucky that Essure didnt destroy my ovaries and I was able to keep them to avoid hormone replacement.  I had the surgery and ALL of my symptoms are gone!  I have recovered and its night and day difference.  I am mending the relationship with my husband and play with my daughter again.  I have a smile on my face today because Im not in pain.  I have a renewed sense of strength knowing that I didnt give up.  I still kick myself for not doing the research in the beginning but learned my lesson and want to do what I can to help others from making the same mistake I did getting Essure.

I didnt want any more children and thought I was doing the right thing by getting Essure.  I was wrong!

I thought I was saving myself money on a less expensive procedure.  After 2 additional surgeries and multiple doctor visits it has cost me over $20,000!

I thought I wouldnt have to have any more surgeries.  I was wrong!

I never thought I would never have a hysterectomy.  I was wrong!

I thought Bayer cared about the people they make their products for.  I was wrong!


Please dont be wrong.  Many women have been wrong so you dont have to be!  Do your research- dont just read the pamphlet the doctor gives you.   Thank you for reading my story.


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