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Mary’s Story

One thought on “Mary’s Story”

  1. Lesa says:

    I had essure in 2013 by nhs in Northern Ireland I had only one tube as I had lost one in 2009 I have since found out that the 100 percent job didn’t work and I’m pregnant again at a higher risk to to age and disabilities in my family I am devestated to learn that doctors perform this without giving me full knowledge of the side effects it’s never failed is what I was told we put trust in doctors playing god with our lifes. Living in Ireland not only have I no choice to terminate I don’t know if I will be harmed the baby will be harm or the long term effects also I was not informed of the difficulty of getting the device out nhs need to take a look at a product before pushing it onto woman who have limited choice to do anything about it when things go wrong.

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