Melissa’s Story

In July of 2010 I had the Essure procedure after having our second child. At the time, I was 38. My husband, Will and I decided we were done having children. My OB assured me that Essure was the best procedure for me. In May 2012, I discovered I was pregnant. On December 30 2012, at the age of 40, our darling son was born. We have made the best of the situation obviously. However, since having the Essure procedure I have had complications. I was not aware of the side effects. I have night sweats, constant headaches.

The first week after the procedure everything tasted like metal. I believe I have a nickel allergy, and I was never asked if I did or not. I have severe lower back pain. After my pregnancy, my lower abdomen aches on both sides. Obviously the procedure DID NOT WORK…the biggest side effect of all. The actual amount of time to put the coils in was supposed to be “15 minutes” after almost 45 minutes of PAIN. My doctor had to stop and ask me to come back. He made an appointment at the hospital. He put me under to place the second coil. He actually put TWO coils in on the right side “just to be sure”. Um, obviously…..that didn’t work. I feel horribly guilty saying that I would never have had this procedure done because we love our baby so much. He is a miracle…however, it’s not fair to put people in a position they didn’t expect to be in financially or emotionally. I don’t want anyone thinking that this procedure is 99.8% effective when it isn’t.

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