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Michael’s Story

One thought on “Michael’s Story”

  1. Kelli says:

    I would refuse a hysterectomy there is help out their & a lot of good information about Essure Reversal at A Personal Choice Tubal Reversal Center in Raleigh NC I reccommend joining their Facebook group I didnt have Essure Procedure I had the Cougulation burning of tubes but I had mine reversed at A Personal Choice Tubal Reversal Center I know of a lot of women who’ve had their Essure Reversed & they are no longer in pain & their hormones went back to normal so their cycles came back to normal even with less pain some had the reversal to have more children like I did but Dr Monteith is the best & first Dr to be able to successfully reverse Essure Procedure reattach your tubes to go on to have more children he does two different procedures just remove the Essre coils but not reattach the tubes so you would still not be able to have children or he can remove the coils & reattach your tubes back into the uterus this is called the Essure Tubal Reversal & you could successfully become pregnant again. Your to young to go thru with a hysterectomy they need to take this Essure off the market & a class action lawsuit needs to be filed so women who cannot afford to have them removed can be compensated to pay for the removal & the women who have already had to go thru with a hysterectomy because of there Drs telling them they are permanet & cannot be reversed & their only option is a hysterectomy it is a total lie cause there is an option by going to an exclusive Tubal Reversal Center like A Personal Choice formally Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center & successfully having them reversed Im so sorry your going thru this horrible pain & being totally lied to I hope to see you join our group ask questions about Essure & tell them your Dr says your only option is a Hysterectomy all the ladies are so great at answering anything & the nurses & Dr at A Personal Choice are also top notch with helping with answers here is our FB group here is A Personal Choice Wesite about Essure Reversal you can contact me anytime I hope ive helped you in understanding you have options other then a Hysterectomy. Kelli

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