Nichole’s Story

Hi my name is Nichole. I had the Essure procedure done in August of 2008 after giving birth to my 4th child. My 3rd husband and I decided that we only wanted 1 child so after she was born in June I waited the time length the Doctor recomended then had the procedure done in his office in August. The following May 2009 we found out we were pregnant again.  After having this baby I started having longer heaver periods and sever cramping along with other problems. In 2012 after lots of test they final had do do a partial hysterectomy, I now only have my left overy. When they did the surgery they discovered a large tumourous mass, luckly it was not cancer. They said it was the spring that had came through the wall of my tube and started this mass. This product did not do the job they said it would. I would Never trade my youngerst daughter for anything in this world, but if not for this product i would still have my uturis and not be in the early stages of menapause from having to have the surgery.

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