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Nicole’s Story

3 thoughts on “Nicole’s Story”

  1. Cory Duke says:

    I have had the exact same issues. 22 pound weight gain, with all the symptoms of menopause, but I am only 37. I had mine done in October of 2013. My monthly is the worst. And I have since had cysts on my ovaries which were never a problem before. I have not done enough research to see if there is something that can be done, but I do know that I heard Bayer is backed by the FDA approval therefore not holding them responsible. This is ridiculous. The doctors have been pushing it as well, saying how easy and harmless it is. Well apparently a womans body wasn’t meant to have this procedure because there are too many stories just like your and mine. Loss of sex drive, weight gain, night sweats, upper and lower back pain, abdominal cramping like I never had before. I am not myself and it has pushed me to a low place. The whole point was to not have to take birth control or go through the long healing time of having a hysterectomy or tubes tied.

  2. Rhianna Dols says:

    Me too, I suffer from the Essure. I’m getting mine out next Monday via a hysterectomy, but at least they will be gone.

  3. Jeanette Cain says:

    I had essure done December 2013. I was still on my birth control pill. Had my histogram done in May. Finished out my prescription of pills and was done with them Feb 2015. Since I had my first period in February, I have had pelvic and abdominal pain off and on. Apparently it was a blessing to be on them! I am contacting the Dr who did mine to see if I can get something done. I cannot live with this pain…and it hasn’t been that long!

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