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Rene’s Story

One thought on “Rene’s Story”

  1. Libby Nolan says:

    My name is Libby and I had this procedure years ago, it was at least 2006. My health has gradually gone down hill since then and I never could understand why. This procedure might be the reason. I have for the past few years been suffering from chronic pain in all my joints. It is so bad I have trouble walking and getting out of bed in the morning. I have gained weight and been diagnosed as a borderline diabetic . I am very depressed. I have recently been tested for arthritis . I also suffer from extreme hot flashes that leave me weak , dizzy and nauseous . I have been a teacher for 20 years and feel like I can no longer work another year because of this pain . To make matters worse I am a single woman now so I have no choice but to work which causes me much stress as well. I was once a very active and happy woman , but now I strive to just get out of the bed of the morning and go to work.

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