I had the implant in 2008. A month or less than a month after, I had my very first vertigo. I thought I was having a heart attack. I never experienced like that before. Since then, I have been having many vertigo. My specialist said that my vertigo is a form of migraine. It is such a debilitating disease. There have been times that I had the,episode while driving. I am always scared because I don’t know when it would strike again. Then around 2013, I had blood transfusion because my period did not stop. It felt like I was going to the doctor since 2008. Currently,  I am suffering from many stomach issues: shooting pain especially on my left. I now have IBS. I also,get tingling on my left leg and foot. When I go for long walks, I tend to lean on my left losing my,balance. I used to be,able to do zumba, lift weights and do activities, I believe that certain auto immune disorders have weakened my neck. I always have,this cool towel or frozen bottle on back of my neck. It helps me prevent headaches, because my headache becomes vertigo. I suffered from back pains, stomach issues, constipation. I feel old and tired all the,time. I just never felt the,same since the implant. I went,thru doctors, physical therapist, specialists, but none seems, to be,able to pinpoint why I have,been this way. I just found out about the Essure problems 2 months ago. I have,made a decision to have,it removed. 

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