Samantha’s Story

I received the essure in may of 2011. I wanted to just have my tubes tied. My docote pushed essure till it felt it was the only option that i had, I truely wish i trusted my gut. Found another doctor or something.

After recieving the Essure I bled for 8 month straight. It was extremely heavy. I couldnt sneeze, sit up laugh anything without it gushing out. I couldnt get out of bed for the pain in my pelvic and back were so severe. 

I repeatedly went to the doctor with no help given. I thought i was crazy. My head is foggy at times. I feel ill and nausea often. Pain has spread to my hips. My periods are random. Months will pass with nothing but when i do get them they are extemely heavy. I cramp in my back and pelvis. I have seen a different doctor and the only thing they could recommend is to caurterize my uterus. I have beard several times its not the essure but i have always known it is.  I have not felt the same since i recieved the essure.


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