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Shannon’s Story

One thought on “Shannon’s Story”

  1. Kimmy Lynn says:

    Hi Shannon my name is Kimmy I had my procedure done September 2010. Then in 2013 I started feeling sick at on the stomach all the time stabbing pains in my stomach feeling dizzy light headed all the time.I will be 40 years old in June I thought I was going through menopause the hot flashes started. I feel tired all the time my friend seen them talking bout Essure on Facebook then she told me to look at it i did she ain’t that what you have I said yes I seen all the women complain about the Essure. I researched it and I seen everything we really need to do something about it I know Erin Brockovich on the case I stay in NC. You can contact Chapel Hill hospital at 1866-704-5286 ask about the Charity Care Program see if they can help.I don’t have insurance I want this issue all the market ASAP because is really harming people.I can’t play with my 4 year old daughter like I want to I’m tired all the time these migraine headaches is terrible, a lot of bloating my legs and my hands constantly hurting me.Email me back if you need me if you need my number. I have faith in God we are going to beat this in the name of Jesus God is not going to let the Bayer company get away with is mess that they have made I’m tired of being depressed and having panic attacks I know God is going to fix it. Kimmy Lynn

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