Shannon’s Story

I had the Essure procedure done after the birth of my youngest daughter in 2009. I was 31 and my family was complete. I opted for the Essure procedure because it was noninvasive and I wouldn’t need to take any time off work. Since the procedure my periods have been super heavy (they were regular before) and I have had severe brain fog. I thought I was just “scatter brained” because I was getting older. The brain fog has really affected my job performance and I had to step down from a General Manager position to an Assistant Manager. After reading most of the stories on here I don’t think it’s all “scatter brained”. My periods are irregular but when I do get them they are horrendous. They are very heavy and I feel awful. I have to change my super tampon almost every hour. Like other women on here I wish I would’ve done my research on the procedure before getting it done. My symptoms are pretty mild compared to others but still they have affected my life. My prayers go out to all the women on here. Thank you!


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