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Shirley’s Story

4 thoughts on “Shirley’s Story”

  1. Angela May says:

    That may be due to Essure! I had the Essure put in 2012. I’ve been having horrible cramps that bring me to my knees and at times I feel like my lower half is going to explode. I also experience lower back and left side pain. Pain that has become so unbearable sometimes. The pain is so unbearable at times that I have to lay in bed and take pain reliever stronger than ibuprofen. I pass clots and it last for some weeks. It hurts to have sexual intercourse.

  2. Kristen Smith says:

    I hope if they get banned this product and they pay to have these removed/reversed. Many ladies lost their right to choose during all of this. They should pay for our miseries!

  3. Amanda says:

    Any update? As far as my case, I didnt have anymore pain and my yeast infection is pretty much gone after the hysterectomy. I hope you feel well after getting the Essure removal surgery too.

  4. Susan Hope says:

    Hi Shirley! I also need help trying to get this ehell coils out of my body because I think it is killing me slowly and the doctors think I am crazy!

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