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Stacy’s Story

2 thoughts on “Stacy’s Story”

  1. Krista says:

    I see a lot of post where women are only trying to get the coils removed?? I thought this was not a good thing? I go next week for my allergy test per my GYN request and I HOPE I won’t let her talk me in to anything I don’t want to do. I really respect her but her office is the one who offered Essure to me.

  2. Darennisha says:

    I have had the Essure now for almost 4 yrs in July and I have all of the symptoms you have. I was thinking that I was just going through all of this due to me getting older. I’m 33 yrs old and I have been in the worst pain, more than giving birth. My sex drive is all the way gone and they say that’s not a symptom, but while reading your story we have the same exact symptoms all of them, from legs to back etc. Thank you your story has helped me figure this out, I hope there is something that can be done. Thanks again

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