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Wai-Yi “Annie”‘s Story

2 thoughts on “Wai-Yi “Annie”‘s Story”

  1. Irene Reed says:

    How’s your pregnancy? Essure is not 100% protection. Many women got pregnant after having this procedure. It also causes many symptoms for a lot of women. Too bad doctors still recommend it.

  2. Mrs. Thomas says:

    I had this done in May of last year and have had pain ever since. My doctor says it’s because of a cyst and fibroids but reading all these stories makes me believe it’s from this procedure. The worst part is that the doctors think I am just trying to get pain medicine. I saw a new doctor last week and did an ultrasound yesterday and now have to wait until next week to see what she is going to do. I think I may have a hysterectomy. How bad!

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