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Website Update

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Hi everyone, Dan here!

I’m working at the back-end of the site making sure everything is going smoothly. Big apologies if you have posted your story and are yet to see it. Erin has literally been inundated with hundreds of stories and there are more coming every day. So, I’m doing my best to get them up as quickly as possible. Also, if you have a photo of yourself that’d be awesome, alternatively we will use the pastel silhouette image holders. But, completely OK if you don’t want to do that! One other thing, we respect your words and don’t edit them, so how you type it is how it will appear on the website.

You might have also noticed that little ‘Send a Voice Message’ on the side of the front page of the website and also the graphic that says, ‘Tell your Story.’ With these options, if you have a microphone on your computer, you can literally record your story. You can hear all those stories if you go to the top menu and under ‘The Stories,’ in the drop down menu you will see ”Essure Voices.’

You can also now comment on each other’s story. This is a really nice addition, because these stories are painful and heart-wrenching and offering a kind word, or a little bit of support and guidance will mean a lot. (Your comment will not appear automatically, we will approve it first, but this will happen within 24 hours if not sooner)

Last but not least, video is an incredibly powerful medium. If you want to record a video, upload it it to YouTube and send us the link and we will post it.

Any other ideas on how we can improve the site for everyone, please let me know!

In Erin’s words, ‘stay strong.’

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