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Jessica’s Story

3 thoughts on “Jessica’s Story”

  1. Maria says:

    Essure really ruined my life, I had the procedure at the doctors office and the positive factors shown on the pamphlet really don’t get you worry about any later affects. Or consequences due to the implants.

    Now that I read all the comments I am really convince that many of my problems are related to the procedure, I have very bad mood swings, I hate to have sex and bothers me if my husband ask me for it, I feel like I don’t have the need to for sex. No desire at all and I was never like that before the procedure, sometimes I have blessings and heavy periods. Lately my periods comes and goes and I am 45 so I was thing king it’s due to menopause, and maybe it’s . I am very tired all the time and put me in very bad mood if I don’t take naps to recover strength. I was always active person lately my life it’s very calm. Everything bothers me and I don’t want to do anything.

    It’s already 2 years that got worse the tiredness and on the weekends when I don’t work I just want to stay home and rest and not to see anybody. Just rest and be by myself with my daughter and son in the house.

    Lately I am trying to pull myself out of this state because it’s not good for my kids. I didn’t know what it was and always trying to see why my lets change so much. Also added to the mood swings sometimes I need long rest for headaches that kill me and string neck pains and I feel like I am stressed out and ready to blow. It’s very bad. After reading only two stories I saw myself in their situations. I joined the Facebook page before for Essure when I started seem other people with problems and I am really worry, God bless and help us all.

  2. Stacey says:

    I feel u ladies im 38 yrs old and had essure five yrs ago i also ive noticed some changes in my life i ve a five yr old son and im in a relationship but lost all my sex drive dont wanna ruin my relationship where do i turn next

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