Essure Stories


I had essure put in February 2015. Since then my stomach stays bloated and I

Roseloren’s Story

I had the implant in 2008. A month or less than a month after, I

SeKeitha’s Story

In 2008 I had the Essure done because I just knew this was a great

Lisa’s Story

Im 2009 After trying to fight pre cancer cells other ways I was told the

Rita’s Story

I had the essure procedure done in 2012, one month after having my daughter. The

Nicole’s Story

I had the Essure inplanted in June of 2016 after 5 babies (the last a

Rachel’s Story

I had the essure  procedure in October 2009 at the age of 34. I immediately

Aurelia’s Story

I had my essure procedure done in 2010. I did not have any side effects

Mickie’s Story

Hello. I had this procedure done around 2011. My doctor never once told me any

Samantha’s Story

I received the essure in may of 2011. I wanted to just have my tubes

Jodi’s Story

I had the essure procedure in 2012. I was bleeding on a daily basis for

D’s Story

I have not been feeling well since I had my Essure procedure in 2010. Heavy

Robin’s Story

Since having essure, I have had debilitating periods. Sadly, I’ve never thought this could be

Erin’s Story

I am writing this in pain right now. I have the essure procedure done October

Carrie Ann’s Story

I had the Essure permanant birth control implanted in April 2008. It was shortly after

Kelli’s Story

I had essure in 2011.  It seemed very appealing since it was a simple procedure

Ashley’s Story

I’m 28 yrs old and I got essure because my family was complete. Since then

Kathryn’s Story

My husband and I knew we only wanted one child so after my daughter was born

Jennifer’s Story

In Feb 2008 I spoke with my GYN about the Ablation procedure to help with

Frances’s Story

I had the ESSURE device incerted in 2008.  About 1 year after I started feeling

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