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Essure Stories – Positive Essure Experiences

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Rachel’s StoryELIZABETH’s Story

I had essure put in February 2015. Since then my stomach stays bloated and I look pregnant. I have severe gum and bone loss, as well as a broken

Jaimie’s Story

Hi, I had the procedure done in 2014 after my third child. I started having

Rachel’s Story

I had the essure procedure in October 2009 at the age of 34. I immediately started to gain weight rapidly. With in six months I had gained 25 lbs

Carrie Ann’s Story

I had the Essure permanant birth control implanted in April 2008. It was shortly after

Roseloren’s Story

I had the implant in 2008. A month or less than a month after, I had my very first vertigo. I thought I was having a heart attack. I never

SeKeitha’s Story

In 2008 I had the Essure done because I just knew this was a great

Sandra’s Story

I had Essure implanted on March 2, 2009. I was looking for a permanent form of birth control that would also stop my heavy periods. My Dr. Said this world do the

Jacqueline’s Story

In August of 2003, I was diagnosed with ITP (Immune Thrombocytopenia Purpura), a rare low

Nichole’s Story

I got the essure in Dec 2009 as a friend referred me to it as the down time was next to nothing. During my procedure I had extreme pain when they went

Erica’s Story

My name is Erica I 31 years old married with 5 children. i have tried

955b026cbe7188eca3d6e0fc76ebb6b1Meagan’s Story

I had the essure procedure done in November of 2010. I felt extreme pain after

Barbra’s Story

I had the procedure done in 2006 after my 4th child was born. In the

Frances’s Story

I had the ESSURE device incerted in 2008. About 1 year after I started feeling stomach cramps and migrains. Not soon after, I suffered from major bone

Frances’s Story

I had the ESSURE device incerted in 2008. About 1 year after I started feeling

9872ed9fc22fc182d371c3e9ed316094Andrea’s Story

Hi my name is Andrea Im 38 yr old. I get essure on sep. 2013, my baby was born on july same year, due to a pelvic separation afther birth I was not

fa4f6047a7ce3c4248d9338a4bcb065cBrandie’s Story

I recently visited the ER with pelvic pain. They did ultrasounds and ct scans, another

Callie’s Story

I was a 24 year old young mother of 3 and healthy as can be! My husband and i decided that our family was formed and we werent supposed to have

Lila’s Story

I had essure implanted on September 1 2011 ,and my life has never been the

Alecia’s Story

I will never forget the day I sat in the Dr’s office and saw the Essure Poster taped to a door. I so clearly remember the poster stating permanent, safe

Melissa’s Story

I suppose I could consider myself lucky, as when I was having the procedure done,

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