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Shelby’s Story

I was talked into Essure in March of 2011. My OB/GYN told me being a diabetic this would be a better procedure for me over having surgery and having to be intubated with surgical healing after. The literature I read showed the procedure as being fairly standard. My OB/GYN said he had done many of them and that I could even have it done in the office. I chose to have it done. I had it done, spent the next 4 months driving back and forth to the Doctor’s office with pain and bleeding and non-stop issues. Pains, depression, lethargy, inability to function physically at times, weight gain are all things that I had after this procedure. In July of

Kim’s Story

In 2008 I went to my Doctor for excessive bleeding. I ride horses in competition. My Doctor who I had used for several years suggested that I have an ablation. He said that I could be back riding my horses in 2-3 days after the procedure. I asked lots of questions about the ablation. I was excited. I did not want to have a hysterectomy & due to my age I thought that taking hormonal birthcontrol was not a good option for me to control the bleeding. At the very end of our discussion the Doctor mentioned that he noticed that I had never had my tubes tied. He told me that since I’d never had my tubes tied I

Tiffany’s Story

I had the Essure procedure done on November 1st 2012, after giving birth to my second daughter on September 12th 2012. I was told that this procedure was more effective than a tubal because of the design of it. I opted for this procedure thinking it was a good decision because I had a 1 year old at home that I needed to be there for and didn’t want to go under for a tubal. I had so many women tell me how they had given birth even after having tubal’s and I didn’t want to risk it. We have four children together my husband and I, so didn’t want to further push our families stability or our children’s health

Jenny’s Story

I am hesitant to post my story on the site, but have decided that my voice needs be to heard. My husband John and I have been married for six years, and I have always wanted children. But unfortunately, I was born with Cerebral Palsy, and while the disability does not prevent me from having children, it complicates the situation. Over the years I have developed arthritis in my hips and I have been working with my Gynecologist on plans for when and if I become pregnant. At my August 2012 yearly appointment my doctor told me that my arthritis has gotten to the point where pregnancy would be dangerous for me and recommended that I not have children. I

Liza’s Story

I had the procedure done in June 2008 thinking that it was an easy alternative than tubal ligation. At first, the surgery went without a hitch, but I had a mild period for 2 months. Afterwards, I had bleeding after intercourse on occasion but I thought my husband was just a bit to rough during intercourse. Then, the pelvic pain started to happen during and/or after intercourse where sometimes I had to hide in the bathroom from my husband to cry for about 8 to 10 minutes. Once the pain subsided I would then notice some bleeding the following day. I went to see the doctor who placed them and explained to him my situation. I was told that I

Shawn’s Story

I had this procedure after my divorse in 2006.  I had 5 children already and did not want more.  The doctor talked me into this procedure, rather than having my tubes tied, due to being a single mother and needing to get back to work.  I was happy with the procedure, as far as birth control. After reading this and hearing from a friend who works in a GYN office about all the issues, I realized that perhaps I have been feeling bad, due to this? I have no energy, often have unexplained head aches and cramping.  I am and have been in menopause since last August 2012, thought perhaps the cramping was due to that.  I also have pain

Nicole’s Story

I am the mother of four wonderful children. All under the age of 8 at this point! I had tried other birth control in the past but had suffered from negative symptoms. My regular ob office has very kind doctors and nurses and they listened to everything I had to say about finding a permeant form of birth control. That’s when I stumbled across Essure. I asked my doctor about it, but she couldn’t really give me any answers. She said from reading the brochure is sounded wonderful and wished me luck on any further research. I promised to keep them updated on whatever happened. In all my research online all I could find were good things about Essure. I

Seana’s Story

I had the Essure procedure about a year ago because I no longer wanted to take the Depo Provera injections due to an history of  breast cancer in my family.  I did like this mode of birth control because I never had a period. The best 2 years of my life! Well not really but close. Since the Essure implants I have experienced: major PMS symptoms, intense cramping, severe hemorrhaging during my cycle, forgive me for the graphic details but I think it’s important for people to be aware of what to expect.  I have had to switch from regular tampons to super plus tampons  changed  hourly and since I had my child via caesarean section I don’t think it’s due to

Amy’s Story

hello my name is amy and i am 32 years old i was 26 when i had the essure done in jan 08 after my daughter was born. my dr told me he could not just cut and tie my tubes since i gave birth early so he suggested the essure and so since i trusted him i had it done and after about 2 months i started having having really heavy periods and bad cramping my back started hurting really bad and i now look like i am 6 months pregnant from the abdomominal swelling. i bled so heavy that i had to be put on birthcontrol pills to slow the bleeding and when those didn’t work then i was

Jessica’s Story

My name is jessica i am 25 now! I had essure implanted in october 2013at 24 the essure product my woman hood at 25 on July 11,2014 i had to have a total hysterectomy beacuse of all of the pain in my tummy! Having sex with my partner was never an option it hurt so bad it was like ripping a butch knife out of me! And durning my pelvic exams i would cry in pain every time! The teaste of metal in my mouth, my vagina smelt and was gray in color!the every day puking. i always had brain fog! Rash on my inner thighs had to take out all body jewlery beacuse it hurt to have it in.