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Shelby’s Story

I was talked into Essure in March of 2011. My OB/GYN told me being a diabetic this would be a better procedure for me over having surgery and having to be intubated with surgical healing after. The literature I read showed the procedure as being fairly standard. My OB/GYN said he had done many of them and that I could even have it done in the office. I chose to have it done. I had it done, spent the next 4 months driving back and forth to the Doctor’s office with pain and bleeding and non-stop issues. Pains, depression, lethargy, inability to function physically at times, weight gain are all things that I had after this procedure. In July of

Kim’s Story

In 2008 I went to my Doctor for excessive bleeding. I ride horses in competition. My Doctor who I had used for several years suggested that I have an ablation. He said that I could be back riding my horses in 2-3 days after the procedure. I asked lots of questions about the ablation. I was excited. I did not want to have a hysterectomy & due to my age I thought that taking hormonal birthcontrol was not a good option for me to control the bleeding. At the very end of our discussion the Doctor mentioned that he noticed that I had never had my tubes tied. He told me that since I’d never had my tubes tied I

Tiffany’s Story

I had the Essure procedure done on November 1st 2012, after giving birth to my second daughter on September 12th 2012. I was told that this procedure was more effective than a tubal because of the design of it. I opted for this procedure thinking it was a good decision because I had a 1 year old at home that I needed to be there for and didn’t want to go under for a tubal. I had so many women tell me how they had given birth even after having tubal’s and I didn’t want to risk it. We have four children together my husband and I, so didn’t want to further push our families stability or our children’s health

Jenny’s Story

I am hesitant to post my story on the site, but have decided that my voice needs be to heard. My husband John and I have been married for six years, and I have always wanted children. But unfortunately, I was born with Cerebral Palsy, and while the disability does not prevent me from having children, it complicates the situation. Over the years I have developed arthritis in my hips and I have been working with my Gynecologist on plans for when and if I become pregnant. At my August 2012 yearly appointment my doctor told me that my arthritis has gotten to the point where pregnancy would be dangerous for me and recommended that I not have children. I

Liza’s Story

I had the procedure done in June 2008 thinking that it was an easy alternative than tubal ligation. At first, the surgery went without a hitch, but I had a mild period for 2 months. Afterwards, I had bleeding after intercourse on occasion but I thought my husband was just a bit to rough during intercourse. Then, the pelvic pain started to happen during and/or after intercourse where sometimes I had to hide in the bathroom from my husband to cry for about 8 to 10 minutes. Once the pain subsided I would then notice some bleeding the following day. I went to see the doctor who placed them and explained to him my situation. I was told that I

Shawn’s Story

I had this procedure after my divorse in 2006.  I had 5 children already and did not want more.  The doctor talked me into this procedure, rather than having my tubes tied, due to being a single mother and needing to get back to work.  I was happy with the procedure, as far as birth control. After reading this and hearing from a friend who works in a GYN office about all the issues, I realized that perhaps I have been feeling bad, due to this? I have no energy, often have unexplained head aches and cramping.  I am and have been in menopause since last August 2012, thought perhaps the cramping was due to that.  I also have pain

Nicole’s Story

I am the mother of four wonderful children. All under the age of 8 at this point! I had tried other birth control in the past but had suffered from negative symptoms. My regular ob office has very kind doctors and nurses and they listened to everything I had to say about finding a permeant form of birth control. That’s when I stumbled across Essure. I asked my doctor about it, but she couldn’t really give me any answers. She said from reading the brochure is sounded wonderful and wished me luck on any further research. I promised to keep them updated on whatever happened. In all my research online all I could find were good things about Essure. I

Glady’s Story

I too had the Essure device. I had many adverse affects from this device. I was allergic to the materials in the device. I had unusual bleeding, pelvic, and back pain, migraines, skin rashes, acne, and discomfort with sex. I really couldn’t have sex due to the pain, infections, mood swings, unbalanced hormones, and pain. It was so bad one year later the doctors had to remove the device. I’m sterile, still having complications, and these doctors don’t have any answers.  I can’t find an attorney who can stay on task with my claim. FDA gave me a claim number, however the attorney I have now wants to drop my case, saying he’s no equipped to proceed with my claim.

Tiffany’s Story

I had my son in November 2008 and since this was my third child I decided I wanted to have a tubal but my obgyn insisted on this new procedure called Essure. He made it sound so wonderful so he scheduled me to have it done in January of 2009. The procedure itself went smoothly. Afterwards I bled for almost a month. I kept contacting my obgyn because something just didn’t seem right and his office kept telling me I was bleeding because I was breast feeding. I have never breastfed any of my kids! Finally after contacting his office several times he called me in. The hell started after with severe headaches, backaches, fatigue, painful intercourse and painfull and

Evelyn’s Story

My husband and I decided we were done having children after my fifth child and only son. I had spoken with my OB/GYN regarding permanent birth control throughout my pregnancy and firmly stated that I did not want to have any more children. That I wanted to have a tubal ligation done since it has been around for a long time and the best proven permanent birth control to this day. He recommended Essure because it’s a minimally invasive procedure and minimal downtime as well. Throughout the pregnancy I kept asking more questions regarding the procedure and side effects  in order to make an informed decision. Needless to say he sold me on the Essure. I had the procedure done