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WNEP Expose Essure Issues

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Shortly after giving birth to her fifth child, Lisa Conti of Ringtown in Schuylkill County decided that was enough.

Her doctor recommended Essure implants for birth control.

“He told me there would be minimum pain afterwards, that if I did get anything, it would be mild cramping,” said Conti.

Essure implants are small, metal coils a doctor inserts in a woman’s fallopian tubes, and within three months, enough scar tissue forms to block the tubes and prevent pregnancy.

After Lisa had Essure implants in 2009, she experienced minor pain, but after two years…

“I`d get sharp pains in my sides. Shooting down my legs,” said Lisa. “My legs would go numb, and when I`d get a pain in my legs, I`d just drop to the floor.”

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