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Crystal’s Story

One thought on “Crystal’s Story”

  1. britney A scott says:

    I had essure places in 2012 after having our daughter. A few months later I developed anxiety and depression. Never have been a sad person I thought this was strange. The procedure failed the first time and was extremely painful. I should have realized then it wasn’t a good idea. Five years later I got pregnant with a blighted ovum. I had a very painful miscarriage and was treated like a circus animal when going to the hospital because no one had ever seen someone pregnant with essure. Come to find out a year later the coil had broken in half and perforated my tube and embedded itself in my abdomal wall. Fast forward a year later and I had to have surgery to remove both tubes and massive scaring in my abdomen. I will need to have another surgery to remove the other coil that’s embeded and couldn’t be removed in the first surgery. DONT GET THESE PLACED!!! I’ve delt with anxiety hair loss depression massive pain during my periods back pain and now surgery pain.

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