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Cynthia’s Story

3 thoughts on “Cynthia’s Story”

  1. Cynthia Valencia says:

    Hi cynthia !!!! My name is cynthia too and I have had the essure in for 3 years and I am having the same problem I trying to get them out !!!!

  2. diana morse says:

    Hi I have also had the essure done about 6 to 7 years ago as well and I have had nothing but problems also. Now I went for the essure also on my doctors request. Now I’m not the type to take a pill for any reason not even for a headache. I don’t believe in medicine.i believe our bodies are our natural healers. So when I was told about essure it had no chemicals that pushes through your body like all other birth control does it seem to me to be the greatest thing they could have come up with. Now I was soo against medicine I would not or did not believe all other birth control was healthy for me, but I needed to do something,you see. I have eight kids now, my first six kids are from my first marriage of 11 years he has past.met my second husband who I was with for five years of torture, abuse and so on. I had gotten pregnant twice by him and oh lord I needed to do something fast before I give this scum Bag another child. Oh and yes I divorced that scum Bag, best day ever lol. So you see my doctor tells me all about this wonder birth control that has no chemicals and no side effects wow finally something I can take. It was either get pregnant by this jerk or fix it from happening.well I fixed it I got the great essure the wonderful birth control that now I get really bad backaches,sharp burning pains in my tubes, rashes that comes and go really bad headaches to the point I’m taking medicine. I fill like I have to puke off and on I don’t know what’s happening but all I can say is I know it’s the cause of the essure. I have never and I mean never sick before in my life people would sneeze, cough whatever around me I would never catch a cold but now I’m getting sick and body aces all the time. Would I have gotten the essure done if I knew then what I know now. No way.

  3. diana morse says:

    I have no medical now they canceled me shortly after I received the essure. I had medicaid through the state who told me as a mom of eight kids working as a waitress that I made to much money lol. And so they canceled me.

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