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Gavi’s Story

One thought on “Gavi’s Story”

  1. Marisol Roman says:

    Hi, my name is Marisol. I am 38 years old. I Had the essure done 2007. I began with loss of sexual desire, painful intercourse, then migrains, forgetting and extreame body pain. I became really depressed started with therapy. Then from one med to another nothing worked. Today I am disabled on SSDI. Why, well I have depression, angioedema ,swelling almost everyday. I isolate myself sad and stressed. I wish I could remove them so my kids could have a healthier mom. I am now going to an allergist to see why angioadema is only getting wost. I ignored the pain for many years because I thought well I have to learn to live like this but my kids are getting older and I am getting worse. It hurts just to get out of bed. Everyday feels like I spent hours at the gym. If you read this please do not get this done essure is the leading cause of making your life feel tired, week and sick just always sick!!!

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