I had essure in 2011.  It seemed very appealing since it was a simple procedure that could be done in office and too be honest it was a fairly easy procedure.  Then when I went back to make sure my tubes had closed, I found out that I still has a pin hole opening so we waited for a few months and tried again but still not completely closed.  So I’ve had to stay on the pill for the past five years and now I find out that the coil has moved and is poking into my endometrium which is causing me to bleed  and pass blood clots.  So now for something that never worked for me, I will have to have a hysterectomy.  Also, now that I’m reading about others experinces with essure, I’m not sure if some of my other problems are not caused from essure and I just never put it together so thank you for all who have shared.

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