Nicole’s Story

I had the Essure inplanted in June of 2016 after 5 babies (the last a surprise). I was originally approved for a tubal ligation during a repeat c-section, but because we opted for a VBAC, and the hospital that I was seen at is a catholic hospital, we were having issues getting the tubal approved  Because of this, it was suggested that I get the Essure…Worst decision of my life!!! From the moment the Essure was implanted, I began experiencing complicaitons. Initially I chalked it up to just having a baby, but the symptoms kept worsening over time, to where I could no longer link them to just having a baby. I have horrible cramping all of the time, migraines, hair loss, easily bruising, my circulation is horrible as my fingers turn blue on a regular basis now. My periods are extremely irregular and when I do get them, my bleeding is so heavy that I have to double protect myself and still have to change out every hour-two hours. I am always extremely tired no matter how much sleep I get and my baby sleeps 8-10 hours a night, so it is not due to her. I feel like my head is cloudy and have a hard time focusing and remembering things, I have horrible anxiety that we have not been able to get under control. My joints hurt, my stomach is so bloated that I look like I am 6-8 months pregnant. My stomach is constantly upset and I have developed IBS. Not all of these symptoms may be related to the Essure, but I do know that the only thing that has changed prior to the onset of all of these (besides having another baby), is the Essure being implanted. The thing that I think that I am the most frustrated about is that I have a nickel allergy and cannot wear any type of jewlry except gold, and yet I was not aware that the Essure was made of nickel. I guess I should have done my research, but why would they make something out of such a common allergy causing metal? I have talked with many people that have experienced the same symptoms post Essure implantation. 
I have worked with my doctor and am now scheduled for a hysterectomy (leaving my ovaries – if possible) for April 2017. I cannot wait to have them removed, I just didn’t think that I would end up having to have a hysterectomy because of it. Wish me luck!

I pray for the rest of you women and the things that you are experiencing and I hope that our stories are heard and help others to make a more informed decision and to stand against Bayer to get Essure pulled from the market. Women should not have to continue to suffer! We deserve better!

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