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Roxana’s Story

One thought on “Roxana’s Story”

  1. Sarah says:

    Good luck! please leave an update when you can. I have diabetes type 1 which as also an Autoimmune disease and was never considered an issue and my M.D. pushed for the Essure so I sadly admit to believing her and was provided with little information on adverse reactions and problems. Sold it to me as a slam dunk essentially. Fast forward to almost a year and now am experiencing extreme fatigue, extreme pain all over my body which is causing problems being a firefighter, headaches (which I never use to get) just to name a few. Saw a rheumatologist for insight and she doesn’t quite know what is wrong with me, but does believe there is something. I plan on advising her about the Essure I had put in since most M.D.s don’t really ask those questions in their investigation right away if ever. Im starting to think this all can be traced to Essure. It is so important to be your own advocate and not back down when there are problems only you can feel and have to deal with. Its sa hard to get others on board to “there may be something else” mentality. You are the boss and don’t forget it.

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