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Tricia’s Story

One thought on “Tricia’s Story”

  1. Angela says:

    Hi, I’m so glad I found this site today!!! I’m never late with my period. I’m now 5 days late. A friend joked and asked “are you pregnant”? I told her no that I had my tubes tied (L tied, R Essure, the left side wouldn’t take the coil) Then it hit me…OMG, I’M NOT CRAZY!!! I’ve been dealing with sooooo many side effects for many years and just thought it was from getting older (now 45), or heredity. I have been itchy from head to toe for over 3 years, some days its so bad I just scratch, draw blood, cry and want to jump off a cliff. My headaches are so bad that I want to chop my head off. I sweat all the time, don’t even own a winter coat. I never had allergies, and now I do. I have pain in my right hip which keeps me awake at night. I have a hard time sleeping even without the pain in my hip. I’m always tired, have zero motivation. Depressed. Stressed. Anxiety. Lack of libido. Burns when I have intercourse. The list goes on… I was up and down all day with emotions. Happy I’m not alone and then sad that I want my life back!!! Thank you for listening.

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