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Tamara’s Story

I had the essure procedure done 2 years ago after having my 4th child, my husband and I decided on NO MORE KIDS. I got the dye test done to confirm my tubes were sealed/blocked and my husband and I celebrated (seriously). I began having pelvic pain about 3 months ago, found myself in the ER because the pain was so severe…it felt like something was logged into my cervix/uterus and it was poking me. Even to the point to where it was uncomfortable to sit down. This lasted for 2 weeks, shortly after I had a missed period, but thought it was stress related. I found out a few weeks later by means of a home pregnancy test I was

Ivory’s Story

My name is Ivory I am a 35 yr old single mother of six…. I had my sixth child a in September of ’09…. I was unable to do tubal ligation due to my use of blood thinners( lovenox)…. I was introduced to the Essure procedure by my OB doctor as an alternative…. I was told they were titanium coil that would be placed to prevent pregnancy…. On November 18,2009 my life began to without my knowledge fall apart…. I was working as a taxi driver and by the sixth month of me having this product in me I had fallen Ill and had to quit my job…. At this point I hadn’t put two and two together…. Over the

Angela’s Story

I have 2 little ones and my husband and I had decided that we were done having children.  I went in to speak with my obgyn about having an ablation for my heavy periods but was told that i needed to have permanent sterilization before they would do the ablation.  My obgyn office said that they don’t do tubal anymore and instead offer the essure procedure and if for some reason they could didn’t fit that a tubal would be done. I had Eessure put on February 25, 2014.  Since then I have had constant medical issues.  My issues started 4 days after the procedure when I was out to dinner with my husband for our wedding anniversary.  It began

Cassandra’s Story

Hello my name is Cassandra I am 34 years old. I’m not sure if my problem is caused from my Essure, but I was not aware of the problems behind getting them and me and my bf asked so many questions.  After my first born in 2002  I took birth control pills. But convinced on those. Had a little boy in 2005, I also conceived a girl in 2007. I’ve always had heavy period too. After my last pregnancy in 2011 I asked to have my tubes tied my insurance did not cover it only Essure. I refused. In the past three years I’ve had 3 miscarriages so bad that I’ve almost died in the er from blood loss. I

Katie’s Story

My story, March of 2011, my fourth child was 9 months old. I’ve got this done because it was simple. Everything actually went fine for me immediately after. But strange things are happening to me. Maybe the nickel allergy. All the Drs don’t believe me. But my body itches anytime I shave no matter what I try. My vulva area and even my behind itch for no reason at all. Itching wakes me from my sleep to the point of bleeding. They tell me yeast infection even though I have no other symptoms. They have tested me for many things but find nothing..I am also depressed I don’t find joy in life like I once did. I cry for no

Dodie’s Story

I had the Essure procedure done in 2007. I was told by the doctor that it would be risky for me to have another child, that it could kill me. I had four children, my youngest being born 6 weeks before the procedure was done. I had opted for the tube tying. My doctor at Rose Medical in Denver suggested that I do the Essure. They told me it was safe, I wouldn’t have to be knocked out, and I’d be back on my feet that same day. I went for the procedure. I had to go to the hospital as an outpatient. I remember being wheeled back on the bed. I remember waking up. My tooth was broken during

Robin’s Story

In 2010 I decided to have the Essure implanted with encouragement from my doctors. After having a lot of discomfort as well as pain from it I decided to look into options to undo Essure. I was able to find a doctor who would take the Essure out and reattach my tubesc to my uterus.  The pain I went through during the surgery of having the Essure removed was quite ridiculous. I spent almost 8 thousand dollars to get these little springs removed out of my body.  Medicines and time off of work. This is a horrible suggrstion for birth control.  I feel like it was the ‘in’ thing not the best thing to do.

Jennell’s Story

I had my baby girl in 2011, my husband and I decided she would be our last. Before she turned one is when I decided to make sure there will be no more babies. I talked to my doctor (this was in Colorado when I lived there) about what was best for me. The first thing he said was the Essure. Well I decided that would be best with one in school and two little kids to take care of all day with barely any to no recovery time was totally awesome for this on the go mommy! I found a doctor who would do it and made my appointment. I went in and got out. That day and for

Dara’s Story

I’m 26 years old and a mother to three beautiful kids. Two boys, and one girl. They are my life. I conceived all of them while I was on birth control and I knew after my daughter was born, I needed to look into another form of permanent sterilization. At my 20 week check up, I told my OB that I wanted my tubes tied. She was sad for me but, knew it would be for the best. I went and filled out all of my paperwork for a traditional tubal litigation and thought that everything would be fine. She told me that after I gave birth, they would do it the following day. Turns out, I was wrong. They

Rebecca’s Story

Hi. I’m Beca & this is my story. Sept 2008: I gave birth to my youngest son. His birth was difficult yet wonderful but also meant that at 23, I had 3 children. I had also been told after child 2 that any future pregnancies would be high risk due to trauma sustained while delivering child 2; for this reason I started discussing permanent birth control with my ob/gyn. I knew I didn’t want any risk of becoming pregnant so we (my now ex-husband, doctor, & myself) decided sterilization was the way to go. I had 3 kids under the age of 6, was a full-time student & employee, & had many other things happening in my life; so when