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Laurice’s Story

I had Essure implants 6 years ago.  Shortly thereafter, I experienced strange symptoms which were never definitely diagnosed.  I had to quit running, biking and doing triathlons due to joint pain, extremely low energy, brain fog, and unexplained weight gain.  I was told I may have adrenal gland fatigue. After over a year of extensive herbal and vitamin therapy I felt a bit better for a while.  Recently, I have had recurring vaginal yeast infections (despite anti-fungals), sinus pain, joint pain, brian fog, low energy and more unexplained weight gain. The closest thing to a diagnosis so far is systemic candida.  But, that doesn’t explain why the symptoms come back as soon as the anti-fungals are stopped. A doctor today

Maria’s Story

My name is Maria Gomez, about 6 or 7 years ago I decided to not have any more babies, so the doctor recommended essure as a very safe and 0 risk method so I went ahead and got everything ready to get the procedure done.  It has been probably 2-3 years ago that I have experiencing a significant change is my health, weight gaining, my hormones have been so out of control, heavy and painful periods, breaking outs (pimples) on and off, hyper-pigmentation (very strong), fatigue, muscle  and joints pain (I feel like I am going to break when I run), loosing and gaining appetite all of a sudden, my belly has been growing like if I am carrying a

Stephanie’s Story

I had essure inserted 6 month later the pain began.I dealt e with the pain for over a year it was horrid.My OB would not help me or have anything to do with me,I even had trouble getting my records! I was told it was prolapsed bladder which was also happening. When I found OB to help me only after I got endometriosis ruled  out  (laposcopic surgery which i had to heal from)and had upper and lower GI done (on my 40th birthday) did they finally decide to do  hysterectomy with bladder sling done at same time. [Oh God The bladder sling is whole other situation and multiple surgeries .This  doctor reassured me not to worry about the mesh.The mesh

Jennifer’s Story

I had my Essure put in @5 years ago, although the result of  no longer having children was a plus, I now have miserable cramps bleed for 3 days after intercourse, feel like I have electrical shocks through my abdomen and have been told by my husband it feels like briars   are in my vagina when we do have intercourse.  I feel like there is something very wrong with me and don’t like sex because I know that afterwards I will bleed for days. Please help those of us affteced reclaim our lives.

Angela’s Story

After having three early loss miscarriages, and the heavy bleeding trouble I had with the last one, I decided that I was pretty much done trying to have a baby.  I was 39 years old and my fiance and I figured the kids we did have already (  I had one son and he had a boy and a girl from his previous marriage) were going to be enough, I contacted my obgyn to see what my options were.   My doctor recommended the essure procedure because it was an easy procedure, cost effective and with a minimal amount of downtime for recovery.  My appointment was scheduled for I believe february 10, 2011.  Got myself ‘fixed’ for my birthday….or so I thought.

Joyce’s Story

Well I don’t really know where to begin.  My husband and I had our first child 21yrs ago.  18 yrs later we were surprised to hear that our oldest son was going to have a sibling.  I had my second child when I was 42 yrs old.  He was born in Sept of 2010.  Essure was introduced to me by my Ob-Gyn in December of that same year.  I did my research at that time and there was not much out there at the time about complications.  I agreed to have it done.  It was done in Dec of 2010.  After the procedure was done, my doc told me that one was successfully implanted and the other was not. (I

Amy’s Story

I had essure done in 2009 after my 3rd child. After about a few months of the implant my periods are heavy and can last up to 2 1/2 wks. I have since been in and out of the er because heart palpitations, uncontrollable chest pains side pains along with to going in the arms and legs. Had several chest xrays, testing in gallbladder, liver and bloodbwork . got hooked up to IV for pain meds and blood work. They keep saying its panic/anxiety attacks but I know my body and never had these problems until a few months after the implant. So, only thing that makes matters worse is Dr’s won’t listen and no insurance and can’t afford to

Cynthia’s Story

I have four children and I was completely sure that I did not want anymore children. My doctor offered me this method of birth control and told me how effective it was. I had the procedure done in November of 2013 and I am really having a bleeding problem. I bled from November until March straight. Not always heavy but I feel as though i should have bought stock in pads and tampons….since I had to use so many. I contacted the doctor during this time and they kept telling me that it could have been from the depo shotI had in September. So I waited….I went to get checked in March to ensure that my tubes were closed and

Lenise’s Story

I got the essure procedure March 2009 after my third child. I did the confirmation test in June 2009. The dye test confirmed 100% blockage.  However, the tech who was doing the test noticed that the coil on my right side was protruding halfway out my Fallopian tube. I asked my obgyn at my next appointment and was told it was normal. My periods  prior to the essure procedure were regulated due to me taking birth control pills so initially when I started experiencing heavier flow than normal I attribute it to my body getting used to not having birth control pills in my system. Now, five years later I still experience a heavier flow to the point I must

Tanya’s Story

Hello  my name is Tanya and I had the ensure placed in march 2012.Shortly after I started to notice changes like sex right leg would go numb off and I.Intill 2014 my whole right side pins needles problem walking doctor after doctor no one listens.i have a 11 year old boy twin girls that are 6.i wanted my tubes out but of course the doctor forgot 3 years asking him to tie them but no, try the ensure coil.i should of changed doctor’s but you are suppose to trust them so I thought.I losted my dad so I gave in had it I’m 38years old and I’m in so much pain.