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Trisha’s Story

My story is kind of long. I will try to make it as short as possible. After my 4th child was born in Oct of 2002, I had a tubal ligation (my doc said she cut, tied, cauterized my tubes). On Feb 1, 2012 (at the age of 38), I discovered I was pregnant. Everything was ok with me and the baby. After some time and several ultrasounds, they discovered something near my ovaries. I was then sent to a high risk OB, who subsequently sent me to a vascular doctor. What they thought were cysts on my ovaries, were actually aneurysms in both my iliacs (the main arteries to my legs). When they get to a certain size (3cm)

Delma’s Story

I had the Essure procedure done five years ago . I wanted to have av tubal ligation but I was told that I had too much scar tissue from a previous cesarean.  My doctor recommended Essure as an alternative.  I was told it was painless.  Since having the procedure I have experienced cramping and excessive bleeding.  I recently had a period that lasted for 26 days.  I went to my doctor and was told that I may be pre menopausal and the only sure easy to so the bleeding would be to have a hysterectomy. I am 39 years old and have never had anything wrong with my menstrual cycle until I had the Essure procedure.  I was given progesterone


Hello everyone! I had wrote a long story earlier but I guess it didn’t go through. I had Essure done after I had my son in 2010. I recommended Essure to all my family and friends because it was such an easy and quick procedure. But today I take that back. The last 3 or 4 months has been horrible and I know it’s from the Essure. I decided to do Essure because I have diabetes and I realized I didn’t need to have anymore kids because I had complications with all my kids and could not hold any of them full term. After my third child I decided to get Essure. It was recommended to me by my doctor

Genie’s Story

Essure is a horrible procedure and I wish I never had it done. I hurt so bad. I have headaches, bloating, and the stomach pain has become unbearable. I spoke to the physician that performed the procedure and my doctor. They both stated that my body is just trying to adjust to this new procedure. I wish I was informed or read about all the side effects first because I would have never went through with it.

Jenny’s Story

I had the Essure procedure done in 2007. For the first couple years there were really no problems .other than my periods were a lil more intense. In 2009 I was getting severe back pains and was in the hospital numerous times for kidney infections. I also started getting cysts in my vag/bottom area. It is 2013 and I have now began getting severe pains in my joints. debilitating headaches, and numerous red itchy rashes. I knew something was wrong with me and the doctors look at me like I’m crazy. I recently found this website and have gone back to the clinic to where the doctor worked that installed it of course he doesnt work there anymore but have

Kimberly’s Story

My name is Kim and I have 2 girls ages 7-9. I had horrible complications after my second delivery and almost died. I knew I couldn’t have any more children and my Doctor suggested Essure. A few months later I went back to to the Doctor to talk about the procedure. I was told I would have to have it done in the hospital due to my tilted uterus and I would have to be put to sleep. I was never told anything else. Never asked if I had any allergies to nickel. I had the procedure done and when I woke up I didn’t feel to good. I was told it was from the anesthesia although I never had

Jeanne’s Story

I had the Essure devices implanted in 2006 by my gynecologist.  It was the most painful experience I have ever endured – and I gave birth to both of my daughters without pain medication.  My gynecologist had trouble getting the implants placed correctly, so, it took much longer than anticipated, and I bled a lot.  Because we were in the doctors office, I was very concious of trying to be quiet because you could hear through the walls though I would have liked to scream.  Whenever someone asked me a question, I had to work very hard to control myself from screaming or crying when I spoke.  Though it was a much bigger deal than I was initially sold on,


On March 1 2013 I had the Essure system put in. I went about after three and a half months and the doctor gave me the orders to have the test done to make sure it had worked. I did not go right away because I was breastfeeding my child whom I had givin birth to on Dec, 2012. So I wanted to do the test until I was done breastfeeding. On July 29, 2013 I had the test done almost five months after the Essure. I was told by my doctor on the second week of August 2013, that the Essure was safe to rely on. Last week I found out I am now three weeks pregnant with my

Mother of 3’s Story

Hello I am 34 years old and I had the Essure procedure done after my 3rd child back in 2011. They told me that this procedure was 100% garranted and I will not have anymore children, will I’m 27 weeks pregnant and I contacted the Essure company to get some type of explaination has to why this happened and the nurse that contacted me back stated ‘no procedure is 100%’ I stated to her that this was false advertisement and that on your website it states ‘permanent’. The baby is growing fine and the coils are still in place. My husband and I are happy about the baby however my concern is that what if you have some women that

Pamela’s Story

I had the procedure done about 4 years ago…Right after I had it done we lost our insurance coverage so I never had any follow up after implantaion..I also had to go back twice because I was a test subject for my OB he was learning how to do the procedure, His wife was first than me..I only had one implanted that first visit than went back a week later for second one…I was never told about any side effects other than what reading I was given..I was told by my doctor that I was to old and to fat to have any more kids… I kinda agreed, but right after that we found out my mother had stage 4