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Sylvia’s Story

Just went in for the three month check up after the essure procedure and one of the coils fell out.  It is now located in my lower pelveic area and I am waiting to determine what is my next step.  I was told the coil being loose would not cause any damage to any organs; however, I am very concerned now.

Aiesha’s Story

I am 32 years old I had the essure procedure performed after my 4th child was born back in 2009.  My doctor informed me of this new and very effective form of permanent birth control after my third child was born my insurance did not cover it at the time but when I became unexpectantly pregnant with my fourth child it was now a covered procedure through my medical coverage.  I had undergone 2 c-sections over the course of 2 years a normal tubal ligation wasn’t an option during my c-sections because the hospital I had my babies at did not allow permanent birth control precedures.  I informed my doctor that I didn’t want to have another surgery she began

Tonya’s Story

I wanted to let everyone know, I wasnt away of the side effects of the Essure. I have not seen a doctor for the symptons I’ve had. To let you all know, I had this surgery performed while I was in the Military.. The first thing that shoock me up, my doctor told me, ‘One of the coils is stuck in your uterus, I was unable to pull it out.’ How is this possible?? I have pain at times, it almost knocks me off my feet. When I use the bathroom, my lower abdominal area is in so much pain, I don’t want to use the bathroom. I have read so many other women’s stories and it is scary, I’m

Alisa’s Story

My story and experience with Essure is rather graphic. In March of 2012, I was a graduate student about to earning my master’s degree when I was suddenly baker acted by a Baker Act commitee at Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, FL.  I was sent to a mental hospital, held overnight, and released. The night I was there, the school officials ordered me sterilized me using Essure to block my fallopian tube. They also took off part of my cervix.  I didn’t give my consent on the consent forms.  The doctor did not even tell me that I was sterilized with Essure, but I was immediately suspicious. My gynecologist ordered the HSG test (hysterosalpingeogram) to confirm the blocked tube.  I

Kimberly’s Story

I had Essure coils placed in July of 2010 and never had the confirmation test due to my insurance not covering the cost. (It was going to cost over $400) I have since had nothing but problems (that I did not link to Essure until November 2013). Since day 1 I have had pains in my abdomen (sides at first and have since moved to lower middle abdomen.) I have had severe immune issues that have caused my lymph nodes throughout my body to swell and that have caused me to get a Staph infection multiple times. I developed debilitating migraines and am currently taking Topamax for them. I also developed joint swelling and pain that was later diagnosed as arthritis

Lori’s Story

I just learned that my niece is pregnant after having Essure implanted.  She is throwing up all day, in severe pain, headache – miserable.  She has been assured that her baby is fine and is situated in the uterus.  Not wanting to get pregnant she had this procedure performed and right now she is PREGNANT.  Worse I am scared for her.  What she is going through doesn’t seem healthy.  Now that I’ve read up on this product I’m more worried for her.  It upsets me that the ole FDA approves this stuff.  Wikipedia states that it’s made from ‘…polyethylene terephthalate fibers to induce benign fibrotic reaction…’  Even with an ingredient having a name like that I cringe.  What’s more the

Jessica’s Story

I am currently recovering from having the essure product removed from my ripped fallopian tube.  I began having problems about a year ago starting with dizziness and nausea that would re-occur on a daily basis.  About 6 months after these symptoms began I started having pain in my right side.  After many tests and scans with no results I had exploratory surgery.  While exploring the doctor found that one of my essure coils had broken through the fallopian tube and was basically injuring my uterus over and over again.  While this product was malfunctioning it was causing severe pelvic infections as well as cysts.  Since this ordeal began about a year ago I have become very weak, tired and unable

Rebeccah’s Story

I am 26 years old, and a mother of two. I had Essure implanted in May of 2013.  I went for the initial follow-up with the contrast dye in August, where I was told it needed to be exactly three months since they were implanted. So, I went a second time, this time the doctor couldn’t find my cervix, he asked if I had scar tissue covering my cervix, to which I replied ‘not that I was aware of.’ I had to go to the doctor FOUR times before the contrast dye revealed that my tubes were indeed blocked. Despite having to wait so long for confirmation, I felt good overall. I had read about this website and thought, I’m good,

Tiara’s Story

I am 2 years old I haf the essure done in apeil 2012 i have been hurting here lately i think i need to go get it checked out does anyone else have problems with theirs ?

Tabitha’s Story

Hi Erin! My name is Tabitha Pearson. Im 36 yrs old and I have 2 children. After my 2nd child, I was looking for a more permanent type of birthcontrol. My docter strongly recommended the essure. I agreed to it. Ive had my essure in since 2010. My body has changed drastically. It was ok at first but now…its changed. I am having 2 periods a month and they are very heavy. I cramp up so bad that it feels like someone is stabbing me in my sides. I have no energy anymore to do anything with my children. I at first thought that it was old age but the more I read these stories, the more I believe it