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Janette’s Story

i had the procedure done about 4 yrs a go, it was the biggest mistake of my life. ‘I am always mad or sad. i now have anger issues and cry all the time. i had a period for almost a year after i had it done and now i skip every other month.i am in excruciating pain during and after intercourse and i bleed (not spot) after everytime… marriage is on the rocks right now because he thinks i just dont want to have sex with him because im doing it  with someone else. i dont know how to what to do any more. i dont want anymore children but i want to be the person i use to

Shandy’s Story

When I was 22 yrs old I decided after my second child I din’t want anymore and was looking into birth control options. My doctor recomended several different types and we decided assure was the best suited. The surgery was fast and for the first year everything about it seemed to be okay. I did ask if the coils would cause cervical cancer and he told me no, that if anytthing I would show signs earlier and be able to take action faster to beat cancer. As time went by I began to have severe abdominal pain. The pain was so severe that I couldn’t even walk without getting shooting pains through my lower abdomin. I then began having periods

Antonica’s Story

I had the essure procedure done in 2009. What I thought was the best route to prevent pregnancy turned out as a nightmare and still is today.  For years I have been having sharp pains in my stomach, waste line, and back. The pain gets so bad I cant even stand. My arms, legs, and face get numb at times. Back and forth to the emergency room, being told over and over there is nothing wrong with me is so frustrating when I know there is something wrong. I find myself tired all the time. Stressing all the time. I cant think of anything that it could be but this essure. It has caused a drastic change in my physical

Stephanie’s Story

I got the Essure done in December 2012 after having twins. I was sure about not having anymore children.  I have never had menstrual cramps until after having my 1st son in 2009, they weren’t very painful but I didnt have them long, only a few months. Since I’ve had Essure along with the horrible menstrual cramps, I am having extremely heavy periods that I have to wear 2pads at a time. I have abdominal pain a couple days in every month on side of my menustration time. My stomach had went down tremendously after having twins, now it looks like I’m having twins again. I am always extra tired, very depressed and in some kind of pain. I thought it

Hope’s Story

My Essure Story: I had the Essure procedure done in 2009 after my 2nd child. The procedure went smoothly as I guess it could. My dr said they were difficult to insert but he was confident in its placement . After the procedure I had the most horrendous cramps a few times a month. I felt like my insides were falling out of my body. I never really put two and two together. At the end of August I realized it had been 2 mnths since my last period, I figured it was time to deal with the fact I must be hitting menopause & go to the dr. At my appt the nurse said she had to do a

Kasi’s Story

I went to my referred doctor’s appointment today to have an ultrasound because I have been having servere pelvic pain & I was informed that I will have to have a hysterectomy because the coils from the Essure procdure I had done in April 2012 contained nickel & I am extremely allegric to nickel & I had told the doctor that did my procedure in 2012 that I was allegric & he said that it did NOT contain enough nickel to have a reaction. Obviously he was wrong because I am due to have a hysterectomy on Jan.2,2014. I am 24 years old & I have two beautiful children & it isn’t the fact that I want ever be able to have

Stephanie’s Story

Hello I had this procedure done April 2012 , when I first got this done I thought wow great no more worries of getting pregnant. I should have done more research because now over the last 7 months the day before my cycle and the first day I have excruciating pain in my abdominal area and it trickles down my left leg causing my thigh on the left to feel numb . I believe something is really wrong with the placement or the coil on the left side because that the side all my pain is on, I can actually feel something feeling like sharp stabbing pain . Sorry i don’t mean to scare anyone but I do have a

Lisa’s Story

I had the Essure coils implanted in May 2009. No history of any gynecological problems prior and two uneventful pregnancies. Gradually, after Essure, my periods became heavier, more painful and went from about 7 deays (prior to Essure) to 11. Then in June 2012, I began spotting nonstop in between periods. I was cleared for endometriosis, fibroids, cancer, tumors, etc. No known cause for the spotting. So I had an endometrial ablation performed, my the same Ob/Gyn in August 2012 to stop the spotting. But it was unsuccessful and the spotting continued. (Hmmmm, was I bleeding from my fallopian tubes??) So I then scheduled a total robotic, laproscopic hysterectomy in November 2012. We agreed I was keeping my ovaries but

LaDonna’s Story

I had my last born in 2009 and like the rest of you I didn’t want to have any more kids. I didn’t want to get a tubilgation because I have known people to get that done and they still end up preggers. My doctor gave me the brochure and I looked it up on the computer and I talked it over with my husband. I got the procedure done and in the first month after my periods where like they were when I first starting my period as a teenager, painful and didn’t want to move. I also started having really bad margrains I thought it had to do something with my eye sight and I went and got

Georgina’s Story

Hello my name is Gina and on august 24 2013 I received the essure implant after my doctor told me that it was safer, less downtime and no side effects other than some minor cramping after the procedure. Guess what? I was lied to! This device has been nothing but trouble! No down time? I was down for two weeks with constant pain. Now I am really pissed cause I have constant bloating, severe gas and my cycle is now 6 days on and 3 days off, and Im not just talking about minor spotting or minor bleeding. I’m talking about, change your sanitary about every hour cause it’s soaked! My problem? My insurance was dropped after the end of