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Jennifer’s Story

I was 37 years old and my son was about to turn 18 when I decided that I didn’t want nor could I handle more children.  I talked to my doctor who told me about this ‘great’ procedure.  I knew my insurance coverage was about to run out, and he said it was for the best if I truly wanted no more children.  I had the procedure done on Christmas eve.  I woke up in the most horrible pain ever.  I felt sick, but attributed it to the meds.  I went home and it hurt to move, walk or was near imposible to get comfortable.  After a few days I thought, well, I’m still cramping but I’m getting better.  Fast

Angela’s Story

After having our fourth child we knew our family was complete so I had Essure implanted at age 30. Three months after getting Essure I was hospitalized for high blood pressure. The hospital and my Dr could not figure out why I suddenly was having issues with my blood pressure. After many tests and blood work I was put on blood pressure medication. Over time I started having all kinds of medical issues that could not be explained. I had daily headaches, severe pelvic pains, abdominal pains, severe back pain. I would become very dizzy, sometimes not knowing where I was. I would break out in rashes for no reason at all. I would pick up our youngest son and

Elaina’s Story

I had the Esure procedure done in 2010 and I wish I could go back to that day and tell my Obgyn to just put me on the IUD. At the time, I was 32 with one child. I was a single parent and was ok with only having one child. I went to my Dr and he raved about the Esure coils, stating that recovery time would be quicker then any other permermant birth control method. Being a single parent, that was my #1 concern. I have to work. Had the procedure done on a Friday….went back to work on a Tuesday. For the first 2 years….it was woman bliss! No cramping. No periods. I loved it. Today, 4

Yasman’s Story

It’s been almost a year since I have had essure.  Over this time I have had BV and YESTS infections every month since then but with in the pass two months it’s only been BV. My doctor has gave me so much meds that I feel like I don’t know what to do because it’s been going on since October 9 2013. I don’t know if anyone else is having this problem ..if u have any information let me know

Amy’s Story

hello i had my essure done in january of 2008 and every since then i have had the back pain to the point i had to go to the er to get something for the pain. i have had extremely heavy bleeding and had to be put on another contraceptive to slow my periods down and i also have severe cramping to where it makes me want to cry. i have explained to my gyno about it and he told me that the essure has nothing to do with it. he put me on the pill and that didnt relieve anything so i got put on the shot and now im bleeding again. with the essure there is nothing that

Linda’s Story

I am a 38 year old wife and mother of four.  I delivered my last baby in June of 2013 and consulted my OB about a permanent form of birth control.  At the point of the consultation I had lost all of my baby weight.  He told me the only procedure he did and that he recommended was Essure.  He made it sound like it was a quick in/out no problem procedure.  I went to my hospital for the same day procedure on September 11, 2013.  I was told that there were no issues and the procedure went smoothly.  The first month or so seemed ok, but I remember starting to feel a lot of pressure build up in my

Jill’s Story

My name is Jill Goddard, I am married with 2 children, 1 girl and 1 boy plus 2 step daughters. After my husband and I had our 2nd child, which was our boy, we decided that with 4 healthy children our family was complete.  After discussing permanent birth control ideas, I decided to get it done and decided to go with Essure.  I went to the website and read up a little bit on it and it said it was more effective than a vasectemy and an in and out office procedure so I would not have to miss more work or have a huge hospital bill from surgery if I got my tubes tied.  I had it done about 8 weeks

Antoinette’s Story

My name is Antoinette Griego I am 41 yrs old hispanic female residing in Santa Fe NM.   I had the Essure put in approximetley 2 years ago. I  Immediately began to  have  terrible health problems after the surgery.  Up until recently I did not realize that the health problems I was experiencing were related to the surgery and that  I WASNT THE ONLY ONE experienceing these issues.  My issuses started almost instantly after the procedure.  The first problem I experienced was with severe  skin irritation and sensitivity on my legs that started off the size of a dime then spread to the size of almost my whole calve the areas would become inflamed, itchy and scaley then began to

Candace’s Story

My namebis Candace.I had children at a very young age and 3 children at that..I heard about the Essure surgery through my GYN.and I decided to go thru with it because it just sounded easier and sufficient them opting for a different type of tubal..I went through the first 2years without a period and just horrible cramps and pains .After I finally got my period it was the worst I have ever dealt with.Heavy bleeding that last sometimes 7-10 days..Now the past 3 years have neem the worst in my lifemI suffer from chronic back body gets numb and tingling throughout  the day.I have a hot burning sensation that goes through my body .Hhorrible oelvic pain.Been to ER numerous

Latishia’s Story

I have 6 children , and decided I wanted a form of birth control. I’ve been on the pill and depo before,but wanted something more permanent. Talk with my doctors about getting my tubs tide, and was told it would take up to 6months for approval from my insurance company and that there was another permanent option, I was told about essure and that tgis procedure took place inside the doctor office and as long as I wasn’t allergic to nickel there would be no issues.  I was also told they never had any problems with the procedure,  no complaints from other women. I knew I couldn’t wait 6 months for my insurance company,  because I didn’t want to become