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Christina’s Story

In 2009 I was going through a divorce and having three children I didn’t need more. I use to be on the depo shot. I knew the longer you were on this the worse your bones would get. I heard about the Essure Procedure and thought it was a great form of birth control. During the procedure the doctor poked a hole in my uterus and my bladder causing internal bleeding. So something that was suppose to take 20 to 30 minutes, ended up lasting an hour. The stay after also was only meant to be for 25 minutes, I was there all day making sure the bleeding had stopped. he worse part was I wasn’t even allowed to stay

Claudia’s Story

These Essure Coils have change my life forever and for the worst. I decided that I didn’t want to have anymore babies and that I wanted to have my tubes tied, nevertheless my OB/GYN told me about this new miracle less invasive procedure call ‘Essure’ and how easy it was. I was like, no I want to get my tubes tied the ‘old fashion way’. The Doctor was just very negative about it even to the point were I felt uncomfortable to be in the same room with her!! I told her I was gonna wait and think, so after her calling me several times and being pushy I scheduled the appointment to have the Essure procedure in July 2012,

Angela’s Story

I had the Essure procedure done in June 2011. My problems were weight gain, bloating, tiredness, irregular cycles, and bleeding after sex until this past fall. In September 2012 I had my last period (or so I thought). In October 2012 I was having excruciating lower left back pain and went to GP (2Xs) and was given NSAIDS and muscle relaxers. These did not work. January 2013, I begin bleeding, nonstop, with worse lower left back pain. Was this a miscarriage??? Called my OBGYN when I had 2 large clots the size of apples. OBGYN did a vaginal sonogram and said I had cysts on my ovaries, but was not worried about those and I had thickening of the uterus

Carrie’s Story

After having problems with my cycle for a while, my doctor suggested endometrial ablation (NovaSure), but in order to the ablation, he required I be sterilized as he said that was the FDA recommendation.  He said Essure was the safest product, that it had no side effects, quickest recovery time, etc. So, after seeking a second opinion from another doctor who agreed with him, I went back to my doctor to have Essure done. The procedure was performed in his office with only shots in the cervix for numbing.  It was incredibly painful.  By the time we were finished, I was hurting so badly, my entire body was shaking. The pain did not get better, so I went back to

Jenny’s Story

I had Essure placed in May 12,2011. I decided to get the Essure because it was non-invasive, non-hormonal, and no cutting involved with very few side effects . This is why I chose it over a tubal ligation or the pill. I didn’t have any side effects of Essure until a year after I had it placed. The first thing I noticed was my stomach protruded and I couldn’t completely tuck it in. I also became allergic to my rings, allergic to band aids, and had a bald spot on my head.  So I had the doctor test me for fibroid tumors, polyps, and cysts via two vaginal ultrasounds. The tests were negative. The doctor suggested me see a gastroentologist

Amber’s Story

I have had the Essure implants  for five years now. The pain is horrible. Not only do I feel massive amounts of pain two days before my period but as well as all the way through my ten days of non-stop bleeding. I also feel it for days every time I ovulate. It is the worse pain I have ever experienced. I can feel the implant inside of my tubes and it almost feels like they are vibrating. I am going tomorrow to the ob to see what I can do about it because I can not take the pain anymore. Years of misery! I have also suffered from migraines, long extensive periods, bloating, loss of energy, weight gain, back

Anna’s Story

Hello! My name is Anna. I have four kids. In February 2011 I have done Essure procedure. After three months later, I have done X-Ray HSG .The report said that a Fallopian tubes are 100% blocked . After I had done Essure, my periods start  acting not normal such as heavy bleeding, missing periods, and abdominal pain. Guess what? In September 2012, I have had a heavy miscarriage while traveling to different country. I don’t want to describe all details of my frustration, mixed feeling,pain and fear at that time. When I came back to my OB, he did ultrasound and a blood test showing I was three month pregnant. Now, I have to face hysteroscopy and laprascopy  surgery to

Keri’s Story

I had the Essure and Novasure (ablation) done at the same time five years ago this fall. Originally I had gone to the doctor to seek out a hysterectomy due to some serious bleeding issues. I was on State aid at the time and I was told that they wouldn’t pay for it, I would have to try this route first and that I would be part of a study of women who had both procedures done at the same time. Feeling I had no other option and believing that it would solve my bleeding issues, I agreed, even being made to wait a month by law to make sure I was ok with being sterilized. I was put under

Sonya’s Story

First, my doctor lied about how ‘simple’ the procedure was and how much pain I would experience. I don’t think he’s had a refresher course in a while for this (they should make them prove competency every so often) and the Conceptus rep had only 5 weeks of experience and was trying to help/proctor him, I’m not sure which. During the procedure I experienced so much pain it felt like torture and I screamed almost the entire time!! The doctor kept jabbing me in the uterus with the hysteroscope constantly. I almost passed out from the pain a few times and vomited. I think my doctor should have stopped the procedure since this is supposed to be only relatively uncomfortable

Ryan’s Story

I am a 34-year-old mother of three beautiful children and my husband and I decided to have the Essure procedure done in 2006. The procedure itself went good, but after three months and I had to go for the iodine check up with the radiologist. He found that the left Essure implant was missing. I spoke with my doctor right away after surgery and he said he placed both implants in my tubes and there was no evidence of scar tissue in either one. The radiologist informed me the device was only on my right side and my left was blocked even though the device was not there. In 2010 I was having severe back pain, and went to my