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Danielle’s Story

I had the essure procedure done this past July and I wish I would have never had it done. Since then I have a period almost every two weeks that lady longer and are heavier than ever before. I get constant migraines and sex is painful most of the time.  I have three beautiful little girls so I don’t want any more kids and I am in a polyamorous relationship so I definitely don’t want to get pregnant (which I have read thousands of stories of women still getting pregnant with essure). I don’t have insurance right now but I am planning on getting it just to have a hysterectomy to get these coils out of me.  I would never

Elizabeth’s Story

I am a 25 year old mother of two. Luckily, one boy and one girl. After my son, who was born on April 10th, of 2014, I decided for personal reasons to not have any more children. I was on Medical at the time, and my Dr, who mind you, was a WONDERFUL OB and did an amazing job delivering my son, insisted on getting the Essure because it was a less invasive procedure than me having my tubes tied. I begged him to just let me have the surgery, as I did not want anything foreign going into my body. That procedure was not approved for me, so on with the Essure I went. I had complications during my

Terri’s Story

Had my essure placed in March 2010! Some of the problems I’m experiencing!  weight gain, severe bloating and my stomach is always swollen, at times looks like I am about four months pregnant!  Severe hot flashes, hair loss, severe back/hip pain, joint pain heavy bleeding with big blood clot, then go months with no bleeding! Bad stomach cramps feels like contractions!  Tired, depressed and mood swings! I would love to have these things out but can’t afford it have no insurance! I hate it!! A girls number one enemy essure!!! I’m only 39  ????

Spring’s Story

I received Essure implants in 2010. I have nothing but severe pain, hot flashes, fatigue , and joint pain since getting Essure. I am having to take time off school because of this and not to mention that I can barely get off the couch to do things with my seven year old daughter. I feel like a horrible mom because I’m always tired and in pain. I am having surgery soon to have my Fallopian tubes and possibly my ovaries removed to get the implants out. Had I known the side effects I would have never done the procedure.

Sheri’s Story

I had the procedure in 2006. Since I have had chronic pain, headaches,& very painful menstruation. I’ve been to the Dr numerous times to complain and have been told I have fibromyalgia. I told them I do not, I don’t believe it, but that is my diagnosis. My gynecologist that performed the essure procedure even put me back on birth control pills last month to help alleviate the pain! I need these coils removed but can’t afford the surgery to do so!

Kayla’s Story

My name is Kayla,I had the essure coils put in  July 2010 after my youngest son was was Okay for the. first four months then i started to have really unusual menstrual cycles lasting a month at a time. Not to mention the horrible abdominal pain and cramping, along with the outbreaks of hives for no reason… after two an a half long years my doctors finally noticed that there right coil went through my uterus an they said that the left coil extracted itself from my body without me noticing… I don’t think so… since I got the surgery to have them removed in August 2013 i have still had abnormal bleeding an horrible cramping…I have gotten pregnant

Ashton’s Story

Hi my name is ashton steele4 1/2 years ago I lost my husband I was only 27 I was sad depressed I didn’t think I wanted kids with any body else I went to my doctor ask for a tubal and she pushed essure  that’s when everything went down hill I bleed for months I pass clots the size of golf ball my hair is falling out im bloated I have pain in my pelvic leg cramps I had to get novasure I still bleed my teeth are loose I’ve gained so much weight I go to a doctor next month hopefully the essure can be removed.

Janet’s Story

If you are done having babies, just get your tubes tied and be done with it. That way you won’t have any OOPS babies you hadn’t planned on. I had to have my tubes tied when I was 21 and fighting thyroid cancer back in 1980, because I had too much radiation and getting pregnant could also kill me. It’s quick and done laproscopically today, not a big deal at all.

Jennifer’s Story

If i could go back in time , I’d never had essure done. it has been the worst thing I’ve ever done to my body. I have horrible menstrual pains , I bleed through tampons every 20 minutes , I feel like my insides are being stabbed and falling out of me. I suffer from low iron , stabbing pains in my left abdominal area , lower back pains  that shoot down my butt to my thighs , I bleed after every sexual encounter , it makes me not want to even have sex anymore. I feel exhausted and tired 24/7, coffee , energy drinks and pills don’t even help me. I wish that I felt normal , I keep

Shelly’s Story

I just happened to stumble on a Facebook post about the dangers of Essure yesterday.  I could barely finish the story, as I was overcome by so many emotions. I don’t even know where to start, as the last 6 years of my life have been a living hell.  The first four years I started having symptoms, doctors treated me like I was out of my mind.  Everything I was experiencing, didn’t fit into any of their text book diagnosis’s, so I was just told they couldn’t help me.  It wasn’t until 2 years ago, that I was so sick, and my symptoms were so severe, I was put on an auto immune medication.  I had three small children at