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Amy’s Story

I am a 38 year old single professional.  I have fought with gynecological issues for most of my life.  I suffered from irregular periods that would last from two weeks to several months at a time.  After exhausting many of my options I made the difficult decision to go forward with an ablation procedure in February of 2012.  I knew that in order to have that procedure I would need to undergo a sterilization process first.  I was only given the option of Essure and was assured by my doctor that it was the safest and only way to go.  I did some research, but did not find much out about it.  I went forward with the procedures; however, my

Kelly’s Story

I had the Essure coils placed in June of 2013.  I had the HSG test in November 2013 and it showed one coil was on the fallopian tube as it should be however the second one is embedded in a muscle and not on the tube.    I am now scheduled to have my tubes removed in December and to remove the coils.  I actually consider myself lucky though as I have not had any adverse physical effects.   I wish I would have had my tubes tied instead of Essure.  The most frustrating part is the financial expense of the surgery.

Jennifer’s Story

I am a 31 year old mother of 6.I was implanted January 2012.So heres a quick story.After my 6th child my husband I decided that ‘we were finished’with having children.So I was interested in tubal ligation but my Dr.reccomended Essure due to the advantages of recover.Knowing I had small ones at home and my spouse was the only one working , I thought this was best.Boy was I wrong.A few hours after my procedure I was in severe pain and had swelling to my body and face.Swelling was so bad my eyes were nearly closed shut.Went to emergency room, to be admitted .When I was seen by my Dr.he said that during procedure an air pocket must had formed.He said’

Shalia’s Story

My name is Shalia I am 30, but I was 22 at the time I got the Essure. I had just had my 2nd child and made the decision that 2 was enough for me so I began speaking with my doctor about a tubal. He told me to wait until my 2nd child turned 1 and if I still wanted to have a tubal that he would do it. One year later I returned to get my tubal once again he refused this time due to the fact that I wasn’t married so I began seeking a different doctor that is when I found Dr. Mclurkin. I met with him that week and discussed my desire to get my

Melanie’s Story

Hi! My name is Melanie and I and my husband decided on the essure procedure after our 4th child in 2012. The Doctor made the procedure sound wonderful and it was great there was no down time. I wouldn’t have to miss any more work or not be able to help with our kids. My husband did a little research but there wasn’t much out about essure yet so we talked to the Dr. again and she assured us that this was a great procedure. I had the procedure done in Aug and went back 3 months later to make sure that they we blocked and they were. My husband and I were exited that everything worked out so well but then my

Hilda’s Story

My name is Hilda Jimenez,I 41 years old,I had the essure procedure done two years ago,everything was fine until this year,I started to get some pain on my right side lower abdomen,the pain would go the the back on the same side I was so uncomfortable either way I would sit,lie down,or even standing,went to my doctor she sent me to do an ultrasound,four days later,results are a big mass on one of my ovaries,don’t know if it is related to the  essure procedure,I still have to talk to my doctor,she wants me to do more tests,this pain is so uncomfortable,I will keep you posted on my story.thank you.

Georgina’s Story

Hello my name is Gina and on august 24 2013 I received the essure implant after my doctor told me that it was safer, less downtime and no side effects other than some minor cramping after the procedure. Guess what? I was lied to! This device has been nothing but trouble! No down time? I was down for two weeks with constant pain. Now I am really pissed cause I have constant bloating, severe gas and my cycle is now 6 days on and 3 days off, and Im not just talking about minor spotting or minor bleeding. I’m talking about, change your sanitary about every hour cause it’s soaked! My problem? My insurance was dropped after the end of

Nia’s Story

After reading some of the stories online, I realize that first, my story begins a lot earlier than most and second, it isn’t nearly as bad as what other women have gone through, but it’s my experience and I would hope someone can relate. I was the second patient in my city to recieve the essure proceure in 2003, I could have been the first, but I told my doctor I wanted him to practice first. Little did I know…as he goes on to have many malpratice lawsuits brought up against him and recently, just last month, was found liable and ordered to pay a patient compensation. I was just 22 years old at the time and already had my

MARIE’s Story

I am crying with both relief that I am not crazy and fear for what I now have to do.  I had Essure done about 8 years ago, my doctor did not mention any side effects or problems with the device. He did not check the shape of my uterus or size of my fallopian tubes to determine suitability for the procedure. I was fine for years.  I have IBS and blamed any abdominal discomfort on that. I went back to school 2 years ago, while working full time and when all the symptoms got bad I blamed everything on stress and IBS.  Then my period got irregular and heavy. Clotting clumps of blood and pain on both sides of my lower pelvis. I

LaKeisha’s Story

I chose to get the essure due to the circumstances of my life. I am only 23 years old but have 4 children. I thought I wouldnt want anymore children, didnt realize I would regret the choice of having the procedure done. The day of my procedure i was told that it would only be a quick procedure. Well the procedure lasted quite a long time and i was in extreme pain through the entire procedure, it took them at least an hour or longer. I was on bed rest for weeks i couldnt move or anything. It has been well over a year and i still have sever abdominal pain and pelvic pain. It is extremely difficult to be