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Patricia’s Story

My name is Patricia Knight. I’m 33 years old, a wife ,and a mother of 7 boys and co owner of our company. After I had my 3 year old in Feb 2011 I had the essure inserted about 9 weeks after he was born. I was doing good I thought for about 2 years. But how ever. I did notice I had to start taking pain pills durning the 2 years because after 6 years of no migrains they started back up. I gained 30 pounds with only forcing myself to eat at least once a day. I wasn’t having my time of the month when I was suppose to. They started about every 3-6 months and very painful

Aretha’s Story

Hello my name is Aretha Washington and i have two kids. I decided that I wanted no more kids at the age of 30. So my primary doctor told me about the Essure implant in 2008. It was the worst decision that I’ve ever made in my life. I stayed in pain everyday for three years. I was going back and fourth to the doctor. I was on pain medication everyday where to the point my body got used to the pain medication that I was on. So after three years of dealing with daily chronic pain I told my doctor something has to give I can’t continue to live like this everyday. So she suggested to have a partial

Sascha’s Story

I thought getting the essure was the best birth control for me. I had three children and knew I was not wanting any more it was a newer form out I thought I would give it a go. Sad thing is starting from the appointment to have this done, an procedure I was told was fast and pain less took 2 hours and very painful,since this I have had major headaches, lower back and hip cramping,weight gain and bloated looks like I’m 5 months pregnant. So in November 2012 I went to a new doctor who could not find anything wrong with the essure but did find large ovarian cysts mind you I never had this issue in my life.

Jerri Lynn’s Story

I am so glad to hear that other women are having problems with this device!  After my procedure,  I had two months where I couldn’t sit up for more than a few  minutes at a time.  Then,  slowly I started having severe abdominal pain, that got worse and worse.  Intercourse also became impossible,  due to a ripping, tearing pain in my belly.   I have since had the coils, along with my fallopian tubes,  removed.   My pain seems to have remained,  along with menopausal type symptoms and a worsening of my fibromyalgia.  Please don’t chance the bad side effects!

Brandi’s Story

I had the procedure done in February 2010 and I’m mad cause I didn’t research it properly.  I have bad cramps during ovulation and bad pus now. I have ovarian cysts all the time now which made me gain a lot of weight. My hormone are unbalanced because of the cyst.  My bills moment haven’t been normal. I have had problems out of my intestine since had this. On top of all that I miscarriage in 2012

Linda’s Story

I got implanted with these horrible things on January 14th 2013 and it was the worst mistake of my life. Shortly after it was done I started to taste metal, my period wouldn’t stop. It was heavy and full of clots. Bloating has just been crazy. Cramps that make me swear I had barbed wire placed inside of me. My doctor didn’t tell me anything about it. I asked what side effects and risks were and she just said none and you don’t have to have surgery. Didn’t tell me I would have to have a hysterectomy to take these out. The headaches are horrible. My kids see me in pain all the time. They told me that their Christmas

Samantha’s Story

Hi Erin I’m Samantha and I’m from ky. I had the essure procedure done in 2013. After having it done I bled heavy for three months straight. Loosing clots and excruciating pelvic pain. But it didn’t stop there. I have had three miscarriages, bloating, migraines, and memory loss. I can be driving and forget where I am at or where I’m going. I have horrible pain in my pelvic to the point of where I’m crying after intercourse. Essure has absolutely ruined my life. Not only for me but for my family. I have four children and the oldest is five. Its heart breaking because I’ve not been able to be the mother they deserve. I have horrid back pain

Cynthia’s Story

I chose the Essure procedure on my Doctor’s advice over tubal ligation when my son was born in 2008, for the following 4.5 years I struggled with mysterious abdominal pain, headache, and fatigue. I went to the Em we rgency department, Doctor visits, used heating pads, hot baths, midol, and every energy supplement I could to find a balance and try to live my life. The answers I kept getting made me feel like I was losing my mind. They would tell me that a cyst had ruptured or that it was mentrual cramps, or simply they couldn’t see any thing wrong. They wrote pain prescription after pain prescription as if that would pacify me. In April of 2014 I

Rachel’s Story

I got my essure implant in 2009.  I only have one ovary, because I had an infection in my ovary and had it removed in 2001.  It went alright at 1st, but about 6 months later I developed a full body rash. I began to sweat profusely from my forehead on a regular basis and was starting to have more period fluctuations. I had told my dr I’m allergic to nickel, and he said it wasn’t a contraindication.  I had the full body rash for a month or so before it settled into my upper arms.  I’ve had a rash on my upper arms for 5 years now.  I have regular and severe ovary pain and hot flashes as well.

Emily’s Story

I had the essure procedure done back on my 27th Birthday July 16th 2008 in NY, 10 months exactly after having my twins, since it was already my 3rd pregnancy, I decided to get a permanent ‘nonsurgical’ procedure done, thinking this was the best idea, and not seeing the Warning sign in the moment after I had to go a 2nd time in Oct of same year to get my left side redone because it was to painful the first try, but, since I was so determined not to have anymore kids and didn’t want to undergo the knife again after 2 c-sections and my gallbladder removal, I went ahead and did it not thinking that 1 or 2yrs later