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Nicole’s Story

Hi my name is Nicole and i have been on the essure for almost 5 years and i hate it. it has made my life so painful my head  hurts so bad sometimes i have to go to the doctors to get meds my back hurts i fill sick all the time some days i dont want to get out of bed. my bully gets bigger at time  fills like i am about to blow. i have not felt like myself in a long time i just wont these painful things remove i hate being in pain all the time.

Jessica’s Story

On the advice of my OB/GYN due to my medical history of Lupus and Fibromyalgia I decided to have the Essure procedure in 2013.  Since then I have had issues with my bowel and bladder.  It seems like I have more bladder issues and have to wear at least a liner in my underpants everyday in fear of wetting myself.  I don’t know if this is what has caused this issue.  I know that I did not have this issue before I had the procedure.  I have had headaches, cramping in my stomach area, irritable and mood swings. Thank you for reading my story and I hope everyone finds relief from any pain and suffering they are having.

Jennifer’s Story

I have had issues with my heart since I was 22 years old. My heart issues were major issues and were congenital. I was not allowed to have children becuse my heart would not handle it. My cardiologist gave me a letter stating to the obgyn that I could not have children and needed to have a lap tubal ligation. The OB/GYN talked me into having the essure done instead. She stated that the procedure was less invasive and better for me due to the cardiology issues. I had the essure procedure done 11-15-07. The OB/GYN denied me the right to have the hysterosalpingography done after the procedure stating to me that my insurance would not pay for it. At

Meredith’s Story

Hi. My name is Meredith (from Australia) I had the Essure device implanted in approx 2003 at age 37 via a hysteroscopy in which i was not under general anaesethic.  The procedure I was told by my gynecologist would feel similar to a pap test. I was interested in this procedure as it was quick and unlike tubal ligation i liked the idea that the blood supply to the ovaries would not be cut or compromised.  Let me tell you the placement was very painful and nothing like a pap smear. I watched the whole procedure while groaning in considerable pain on a monitor as it was being done.  One device went into my tube perfectly with no problem at all, however the

Victoria’s Story

Hello, My name is Victoria Latimore, I am a 29 year old mom of four beautiful children (two boys and two girls) ages 3, 6, 8, and 9 from Cleveland, Ohio. After I had my youngest child, I asked my doctor about birth control that would last for a long time until I decided that I was ready to have another child or if I was done. I was told about the Nuva ring, the Mirena, and even a device that could be surgically put into your arm. I told my doctor that I didn’t want to have surgery because I was scared about going under a knife and also that I didn’t trust a rubber ring inside of me

CJ’s Story

The Essure coil implants impacted me tremendously and have been the worst experience of my life. Initially, I was told to insert the coil implants would be a quick procedure and would only cause slight discomfort and would need to be followed up with a contrast HSG to view the device and confirm it was placed correctly and tubes were sealed. The entire ordeal was devastating, I was out of work for weeks and experienced a great deal of pain and discomfort during this time. After the contrast was verified and the fallopian tubes were correctly sealed the following six months proved challenging. I continued to push through each day taking care of my son and going to work with

Robin’s Story

In 2010 I gave birth to my 5th child at the age of 24.. Needless to say I was done!! My Doctor had spoken with me about Essure  in the months leading up to delivery and because I only had one tube intact (the other was removed in 2006 due to an ectopic pregnancy) and I didn’t really want to be put to sleep (which happened anyway.. And I was not happy when I woke up BTW) she thought Essure would be the best thing for me. So six weeks after my little Ellie was born, I went in and had the procedure done.. The pain I had after was NOTHING like they had described it would be. And they

Claudia’s Story

Hello I’m 35 years old and have 3 children. Due to high risk and premature deliveries, my OB and I agreed that 3rd baby was the last. Due to her arriving 2 months early I didn’t get to sign or discuss the possibility of cutting and burning my tubes. My daughter was born in 12/2011. January 2012 my OB explained about Essure and since I found it to be an easy procedure and wouldn’t leave my preemie for long hours, I got it done. Now 2 years later I started getting episodes of depression anxiety and panic attacks. I have gone to see doctors so they could tell me what is causing this and they all tell me it’s either

Amanda’s Story

On December 19, 2013, I made the worst decision of my life. My husband and I decided we were done having children, my doctor told me Essure was quick, painless, surgery free, permanent birth control, it sounded perfect! Some decided Togo through with me having the procedure done at 26 years old, I had just had our third baby who was premature (8 weeks prior). During insertion my dr had trouble inserting one could but continued to force it into my tube, I passed out on the table,my Bp Dropped and was very ill. My dr sent me home with Percocet and my husband basically carried my out of the office. this was a Thursday, by Friday night I was

Daneen’s Story

I had the procedure done about 10 years ago. Over the past 8 years, my  life has been hell. Between the pain, the extremely heavy bleeding, the headaches, the hair loss and many other issues, it is sometimes hard to just deal with every day life.  Recently I found a news story on line about this and started doing some research. I was glad to find out that I was not the only going through this, not that I am happy that anyone is going through this. I have contacted Bayer and was told that the issues I am having could not have anything to do with the implants and everything was due to my age,  I am only 35