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Wanda’s Story

I was told that I was the perfect candidate for this since my tubes were tied so my doctor insisted that since I was losing alot of blood in my menstrual that this would help my menstrual cycle but since I had this procedure in 2008 I been having pain in my stomach and sde and the doctors don’t know why maybe this is my problem help!

Shanna’s Story

Hello, I had my essure put in on 11-10-09  acouple months after having my 4th child. I was healthy as could be until after essure was done, some time afterwards i started having really horrible lower stmoach pains after eating certain foods which i’d never had a problem with before essure. Three years later they just got worse in 2013 i finally had enough well doctor after doctor trying to figure what in the world was going on and yes spealist too but nothing. Finally before giving up i went to an allergy doctor and learned that foods i use to love to eat before essure , i can no longer eat because of essure doing whatever it did to

Stella’s Story

My aunt came across this story and she sent the information to me immediately.  She wanted to let me know that there were others out there and I was not just that .01% the doctors tried to make it seem.  I almost lost my family because of the ESSURE procedure.  I was so depressed I sometimes could not care for my children.  If it wasn’t for my husband truly standing by me, my mother and my sister.  I don’t know what I may have done.  My husband and I had 2 kids already.  We had decided we did not want anymore.  So I discuss my options with my OBGYN.  She was so confident in the procedure that I went ahead

Melissa’s Story

Hello my name is Melissa and I am 34 years old. Two years ago I decided to get a permanent birth control due to the fact that I have four kids and I stop breathing doing birth. My doctor then talked me into getting the essure simply because it was a reiable birth control. She told me it was an inoffice procedure and that I would feel hardly anything ! She told me it was less down time verses an hysterectomy! Well the day of my procedure, I felt everything! The pain was so unbearable! I screamed and cried cuz it hurt so bad! My husband picked me up and I was givin pain meds! It didn’t even touch it!

Brooke’s Story

I thought it was just me with issues. There are times I stand up and can’t straighten out my body because I have such a cramping and pulling sensation. It hurts so bad.

DeAnn’s Story

My name is DeAnn & I was the first of 2 in the state of Indiana to have the essure procedure to replace birth control pills ….it was new on the market and recommend at age 30-40.   Within a matter of months I had severe bleeding and excruciating pain all the while continuing to work as a realtor, showing homes & constantly excusing myself to get to a bathroom. I am not sure if exact time frame until my gynecologist said I had a small fibroid tumor (that was causing my pain & severe bleeding)that she would remove laparoscopicly through my navel which turned into a FOUR HOUR MAJOR EMERGENCY SURGERY! My ovaries had ruptured to 7+cm and GREW

Christian’s Story

I had more than one Dr. tell me I would be fine the next day and I would just feel cramping during the procedure. Painful procedure and I couldn’t work for a week and partially another week. I’m self employed so I chose the Esure over the surgery, less down time. They also told me to take Ibuprofen. Thank god I had a bottle of Nordco from a past back surgery. I took the whole bottle that week. I was in 24/7 pain. I couldnt stand for a week and it hurt to sit for another if I slouched at all. Since then there’s pain off and on in the area where it is. I cant have sex because of

Kelly’s Story

Well were do i begin? I had essure put in in june of 2007 got pregnant soon after even on other birth control and had my son at 28 weeks had emergency csection because of complications he fought for 9 whole months and passed away.since him had horrible periods and horrible pain .now in 2014. Pregent again im now 17 weeks and im praying nothing goes wrong .Talk to a lawyer and he said he can do nothing for me inless something goes wrong .Im lost and confused.

Yadira’s Story

Ok so im 34 years old and i  had the Essure procedure done in 2010 i tlaked with my doctor and told her i didnt want more kids and i was ready for a tubal ligation she then recomended  Essure she said it was really efficient and pain less also that i could go back to work that same day. So i went ahead and scheduled my appointment well i was a little nervous but she assured me it was not going to hurt and it was going to be quick well to my surprise it was very very painful i was so glad she was done. When i got home i layed in bed to rest a little but

Marina’s Story

hi I have five children and thought the essure was the best thing for me I got it done in February of this year and from May I have been in constant pain and maybe get 10 days out of the month where I’m not bleeding the pain is so severe it wakes me from my sleep my stomach is so bloated at times I can barely move my scalp is constataly itching and all I want to do is sleep im taking brain freeze’s and bouts of confusion I wasn’t told about any of this before I got it done I was made to believe it was the best thing for me and I would never look back it