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Wendy’s Story

I had Essure in September 2009. I had cramping that did not go away for weeks. One week after implantation, I experienced a feeling of numbness where my right tube is. I went back to the Ob/gyn that did the procedure and was told that Essure could not cause this. Since that time I have horrible periods and pain on my right side. Over the years I experienced more and more symptoms. I had bloating, fatigue, dizziness, trouble sleeping, joint pain, nausea, back pain, and weight gain. I chose to have them removed in January 2013 after doing some research and finding a doctor that did removal. Best decision I ever made. It has been 4 months since removal and

Shari’s Story

I just had the Essure procedure done recently. This has been the most painful thing I’ve been through since childbirth.  Two shots into the uterus had no effect. The doctor said my tubes has spasm from the pain and has having trouble getting them in. After a while she said she would have to stop because the tubes would not open and my pain was to terrible. The procedure was completed, though. When it was over she said she decided to keep going because she felt she was so close. That evening I just wanted to go to the emergency room and ask them to rip everything inside me out. I took Tylenol, Ibuprofen, and Vicoden all in a thirty

Ariel’s Story

My name is Ariel. I had the Essure done July 30, 2012 and since then I am constantly in pain! I’m always cramping even when I am not on my period. It is more painful on my right side than left. I have constant back/hip pain that is too painful to sit/stand for long periods of time. I also have horrible rash that I think may be from the Nickel in the coils, and migraines that are more intense than ever before. Occasionally I get this painful burning sensation in my uterus that feels like I am being stabbed with a hot knife, definitely not UTI. My periods are normal, as they are only lasting for 4 days and semi

Nancy’ Story

I am horrified to read these stories! I stumbled upon this page looking for answers about some symptoms I have been having that continue to baffle me. After having baby #4 my husband and I decided we were happy and complete, my OB suggested ‘this great non invasive procedure’ Essure. He explained what would happen during the procedure and seemed simple enough. I had my coils put in September of 2009 and everything went well mild spotting and cramping but I felt fine. Fast forward one year later and I have been suffering of excruciating migraines something that I never had before. I also break out in hives for no reason as if I am allergic to something that I

Amber’s Story

I had the Essure Procedure done in December 2012.  Since then I have had two positive home pregnancy tests, but the tests were negative at the doctor’s office.  With both, I experienced the most painful ‘period’ of my life shortly after the doctor visit.  I went to the ER both times to discover that I had miscarriages.  I was told that I could not get pregnant with the Essure procedure.  Additional to this, my cycles have changes from 29 days on the dot to 35-37 day cycles.  I am also having continuous back pain and discomfort during intercourse.  With all of this issues, I prefer to have the coils removed and experience the chances of pregnancy then go through all

Moranda’s Story

I had the Essure done in September of  2009, three months after my daughter was born. I had stabbing pains in my right side when I went to the doctor and told him about these pains. The doctor said it was nothing to worry about and could have just been a cyst that tends to develop around the time of ovulation and bursts right before or during your period. When I had the x-ray done in December 2009, the coil placed inside my right tube looked like it migrated. While I was waiting for the results from the x-ray I had to call every week to get answers. When I finally got in touch with my doctor in March 2010,

Brandy’s Story

I’m 36 and a mother of 2.  I had my first at 29 and my second at 35.  I knew my daughter would be the last, so I opted for a tubal.  My doctor talked me out of the tubal and recommended Essure.  I trusted the doctor and had the procedure done in May 2013.  It’s now August and I’m 5 weeks pregnant.  I’m terrified of possible complications with the pregnancy due to the coils, but more so in shock because I thought I was done.  I have had no pain or problems since having the procedure.  I do feel a stabbing during ovulation, but nothing unbearable.  I go to the doctor today to be evaluated and hopefully get more

Carly’s Story

Dear Erin,  I am writting to you from Saskatchewan Canada. I would like to share a bit of my storry with you and all ladies who are suffering through the horribble effects of the Essure implants.  Back in December of 2010 i was reffered to a gyny who does sterilizations.  I asked her to please tie my tubes. At wich point she told me flat out that they dont tie tubes anymore because it was to evasive of a procedure and now the implant what is call essure coils. These coils are inserted into your filopion tubes and create total scaring of the tubes in which case the egg cannot come down. Quick and painless proceddure. With no side affects!!! On

Laura’s Story

My name is Laura and I am 45 years old.  I have 3 beautiful, healthy children.  I am very conscious of what I eat and drink because I believe that it is the first line of defense against illness and assists in the body’s ability to heal. I will mention that I have other medical issues but they have been brought about by more recent events and affect me in completely different ways.  That being said; I have had the Essure device since 2009 and I’ve experienced more intense abdominal pain, nausea, headaches, loss of appetite, bloating and fatigue since the procedure.  I began to notice specific problems soon after the Essure device was implanted.  The doctor insisted that I have

Melissa’s Story

As I type this…I am in agony with tears rolling down my face.  I am going on 3 solid months of livng with pain that will not subside and my life, my job, and my kids are suffering because of it.  A year and a half ago I went to my OB to request a tubal ligation.  Instead, I was handed pamplets on Essure.  He told me that nobody really did tubals anymore now that there were less invasive procedures such as this.  I told him I didn’t feel comfortable putting metal coils inside my body, but he told me if it were his daugther or wife, that this is what he would do for them.  I took the literature