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Kay’s Story

Constant problems with this device include but not limited to : 1. stomach feeling bloated 2. side pain 3. essure moved to my intestinal tract ( xrays ) 4. Pain with bowels 5. sharp pain in intestinal tract. 6. Dizzy 7. Light headed. 8. Feeling hungry 9. Constant strange smell etc….

Cassie’s Story

Hi my name is Cassie. I am 24 years old and a mother to a beautiful little girl and a baby boy. My husbandand I knew after we had our son that we didn’t want any more children. I discussed this with my doctor soon after giving birth to my son. She suggested Essure.  She said it’s what doctors are steering towards over having a tubal ligation, because that is a major surgery and with Essure there is almost no recovery time, it’s preformed in the office and it’s cheaper. So I opted for this procedure BECAUSE I really didn’t want to have surgery and be down, especially with two young children to care for.  I had my coils inserted in July of 2013. During

Susan’s Story

My Story well My name is Susan. I have a four year old son. He’s what keeps me going! I had the essure done May 2013. I have had problems with essure ever since I woke up from having them implanted. I went to my ob and told them that I wanted to have my tubes tied. I discussed it with the nurse and she told me about essure. I wasn’t sold on it but she told me that the office only did essure that they no longer did tubal ligations. I was so desperate to have my tubes tied that I didn’t care I just wanted it done. I agreed but I shouldn’t have. The first time they tried

Jennifer’s Story

hello I am 26 years old had the easy reprocessed done in 2011 after my 2 child was born…come to find out about 2 months later I was pregnant with now my 3 rd child….dr said would look after baby was born to see wat caused my pregnancy well after child was born he did an ultrasound and come to find out he had totally missed my right tube so the coil was just floating around belly for 9 months while pregnant….ran dye and left tube closed completly…..dr decided to do a tubal so no I have a tubal and a easier coil still in my left tube…..but I have problems don’t have money for dr apt but I severely

Christina’s Story

Hi I’m 27 with two kids. I have this form of birth control and just this weekend one of the coils came out. I feel pain here and there in my tubes and its been almost 3 months since I got them put in. I also been bleeding non stop since they was put in. Went to my doctor yesterday and all I get is an apology and have to wait til May to get X-rays to see what’s going on. If I knew I was going to have this problem I would of just did the surgery at least I wouldn’t have to worry about anything coming out. This product needs to be taken off the market. We should

Jessica’s Story

I have had essure sine December 18,2013 since then I have had pain thats unbearable in my abdomen terrible headaches and been very fatigued I want this DEVIL of a device out of me so I can be the mom I want to be to my kids so I can play with them and not tire easily.

Tina’s Story

I am 29 years old, and have had Essure for 2 years, now. I chose this option over the traditional tubal ligation because it was less invasive, and the healing time was much less than with the traditional way. The procedure went well, I felt a bit of pain, but generally, it went about as I had expected. Fast forward a few months (I assume after the Depo wore off from the 3 month period to check placement, etc.), I began experiencing severe abdominal pain, very heavy, bright red bleeding with very large clots. I get very dizzy and faint during my period, every single month. I am a full-time student, and often miss lecture/class during the first day or

Jamie’s Story

I had the Essure placed on April 17, 2014. I only had one side done, because they couldn’t place the other side. After about two weeks, I developed an infection. Like many others, I was tested for STD’s (all came back negative). After a course of heavy duty antibiotics, the infection subsides, but the pain where the coil was placed continued. It hurts a lot…Plus, add to that a whole lot of side pain…Thankfully, my doctor listened to me and agreed to remove the Essure; however, I have to get both of my fallopian tubes removed this Friday, so I can be Essure free.  I didn’t have any real female issues prior to this procedure. I feel tremendous sympathy for

Tasha’s Story

First of all thanks to the brave women that were able to connect the dots. I am a daughter/wife/sister/mother and victim of this mess. I have a clotting disorder Antiphosphate Lipid Syndrome I had two children and became pregnant with my 3rd in 2008…I developed HEELP syndrome and had to deliver a fetus at 19 weeks. This of course is non-viable it was delved tasting for me and my husband. The following year I was being managed well and doing fine, I was pregnant and taking lovenox a blood thinner..I was so afraid of delivering early that it consumed me.. 27 weeks into the pregnancy I developed preeclampsia, pneumonia, and a pulmonary emboli I was pretty sick..however my little guy

Maricela’s Story

Hello,my name is MARICELA , I’am 39 years old ,i have 4 children.I had essure performed on may 15  of 2014  a week after that i start bleeding and i have headaches back pain ,cramps very painful,i go to the doctor and he only say is normal. i ask about the bleeding the doctor say is your hormones he want to take birth control pills or put a pach ,I try the pachs dont hepl and i still have all the complications on my body . So know on july 6 2014 one of the coils just left my body i felt come out went i went to the bathroom I scare I went to see the doctor he toll me is