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Donna’s Story

I am currently a petmanent resident near mexico city mx i am origanly from NE TENNESSEE i had my labor induced due to preaclampsia it was my 4th pregnancy and live birth im now 26 the doctors recomended i not concieve again due to the major health risks so i decided esure was best for me sounded quik simple and almost pain free i could be back home with my kids imiediatly and fine. Well that wasnt the case i was givin no medication what so ever the  doctor placed the first coil in the left side it was excrutiating so they ask me if i could handle getting the other i told them to go ahead it had to

Betsy’s Story

I put the essure in and I became pregnant after a few months. I was having severe abdominal pain so I went to the doctor after so many test where completed  it was the essure it was floating some where in my uterus the doctor says I have to have a hysterectomy to have it remove if its bothering me. I bleed every month very heavy with strong cramps. I also have lots pain during intercourse.

Kellie’s Story

I had the Essure implants inserted in 2005, when it was still a very new procedure. I opted for this form of permanent birth control due to having Crohn’s Disease and having already undergone two major abdominal surgeries. I also struggled with taking any type of birth control due to experiencing every side effect no matter what the dose. I did not seem to have any unusual problems for several years. Sure the menstrual cramping was a bit worse, which I had been warned about, but nothing a couple of OTC pills and/or a heating pad for a couple of days couldn’t get under control. However, in 2012, I started to experience more chronic symptoms. It took six months of

Jeannie’s Story

I sit here and write this story in tears, because since last year that I had my Essure implants inserted, my life has been miserable and pain filled. I got tired of going to the Dr and getting brushed off . I can not even go to diet a second opinion because I have no one to care for my 2 young children to evn make moves to get a second opinion. The reason my implants were recommended was because I had Gastric Bypass done and I also had a bout with Cervical Cancer where a portion of my cervix was removed. The Drs felt I may have had too many lesions to have a regular tubal ligation and recommended

Amy’s Story

In Jan,2007 I gave birth to my second child Sammi.  Befor giving birth my doctor and I had disscused doing the Essure producre  at my 6 week check up. For some reason or another I had to reschedule the appointment twice. When I finally made it in to have it done I was told it could not be done because I was again pregnant.  Shortly after we did a military move to a small town in New York, There we lost our Sammi to what is called a dry drowning, I was told she had acid reflex and it looked at if she was trying to spit up and she couldn’t. She drowned on her own spit up.  In Dec

Crystal’s Story

hi my name is crystal.. after four c-section and three luvin children i was advised my my obgyn thay essure was the best option for me..that way i would not gave any more invasive surgery due to my risks…i went for all my procedures and was told everything is blocked..did i want to tie my tubes NO bit my obgyn said i had no choice because if i had another child iwould die from bleeding to death from scare tissue..ever since ive hadthis procedure i had had sharp pains n my lower areas down my legs and back, migrianes, spotting during intercourse and pain, peroids are very irregular, flu like symptoms, and unknown breakouts, fatigue, and confusion out of no

Seana’s Story

I had the Essure procedure about a year ago because I no longer wanted to take the Depo Provera injections due to an history of  breast cancer in my family.  I did like this mode of birth control because I never had a period. The best 2 years of my life! Well not really but close. Since the Essure implants I have experienced: major PMS symptoms, intense cramping, severe hemorrhaging during my cycle, forgive me for the graphic details but I think it’s important for people to be aware of what to expect.  I have had to switch from regular tampons to super plus tampons  changed  hourly and since I had my child via caesarean section I don’t think it’s due to

Jessica’s Story

My name is jessica i am 25 now! I had essure implanted in october 2013at 24 the essure product my woman hood at 25 on July 11,2014 i had to have a total hysterectomy beacuse of all of the pain in my tummy! Having sex with my partner was never an option it hurt so bad it was like ripping a butch knife out of me! And durning my pelvic exams i would cry in pain every time! The teaste of metal in my mouth, my vagina smelt and was gray in color!the every day puking. i always had brain fog! Rash on my inner thighs had to take out all body jewlery beacuse it hurt to have it in.

Misty’s Story

I had my essure removed July 4th, 2014. I just had it put in Wednesday, July 2, 2014 and have had so many complications. First I had it done in office not under anesthesia. He numbed my cervix with lidocaine and then dialted my cervix, which I felt every minute of. When the doctor did procedure he kept pushing fluids through my uterus to open it up and find the tubes…this was the worst pain I’ve ever felt. This procedure was supposed to be a 20 minute ordeal, well it went on for an hour and 15 minutes. I left vomiting and crying uncontrollably it felt as those I’d been violated. Well a few hours later I felt as if

Salina’s Story

My name is Salina, I’m 31, and this is my Essure Story.  I had the Essure device implanted about 3 years ago, as a means of sterilization.  I was a single mother to an extra special boy in my late twenties, and because of all of the issues my son already had, I thought it to be most fair to myself and my boy to get sterilized; so that I could put all my focus on him.  My son is 9 now, and still requires a lot of extra attention; he has some developmental delays–which isn’t easy for a single parent or even a parent in a committed relationship to handle at times.  Especially not when they’re not feeling well;