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Megan’s Story

My name is Megan, After I had my last daughter on April 29th 2012 I asked about getting my tubes tied. I was advised because I have a blood disorder Vonwilderbrands I should probably try to do another type of birth control. They advised me to go to Stephanie Ring to have a procedure done in her office. She told me on the first visit everything about doing the procedure and what I have to do to have it done. I had a complete work up. She said that my tubes seem great and ready to put the Essure in. I came back with my mother took the pain pill as advised. What was supposed to be a 15 minute

Claudia’s Story

I just saw this posting, something just came to me…I got a gut feeling  something told me to look up essure side effects which I hadnt looked up completely before…I am due to get the essure implants this Tuesday 3/25…but now after seeing this I am not so sure….I am scared now n dont know whether I should have them…someone please help with advice

Romy’s Story

Hi, I have my Essure implants October 2013, the same day I knew that something happen to me, the left size start with pain, but the Right size was ok, I couldn’t get out if bed for 3 days and Dr. Office said that is normal because is something new in your body, the pain continue, I always have fatigue, bleeding, brain fog, etc. So I went to do the ultrasond, I they find that the left coil never get the position, instance get an # 8 position, so they said you have to go to OB 911, and my OB said to me, we have to take the coil out, so I end doing hysterectomy.

Kendra’s Story

Hello. My name is Kendra Harris and i had Essure done March 12, 2014. I’m married with 4 children. Other forms of birth control did not work for me and with each pregnancy my babies came earlier and earlier. I originally wanted a tubal but my Dr insisted i get Essure since I was done having children and they were complicated pregnancies. I did my research on Essure and to be honest saw no negative reports. I also noticed it was made of nickel which I’m highly allergic to. I brought this to my Dr attention months before the procedure and the day of. He assured me the coils was made of silicone. The day after the procedure I noticed

Dawn’s Story

I had the Essure devices implanted in February 2011. In May 2011 I had my HSG test to confirm both tubes were blocked, as ordered. Also in May 2011 I started experiencing multiple neurologic symptoms. Moderate to severe tingling in both arms and legs, extreme dizziness, headaches and fatigue. I saw a Neurologist for suspected MS. Turns out my serum vitamin b12 level was dangerously low at 150. My Neurologist said I could have suffered permanent neurologic damage from my level being so low.  I had to start taking vitamin b12 injections daily, and an oral vitamin b12 supplement daily also, just to keep my levels within normal range as I was not absorbing it. In the late summer 2011 I

Sahlae’s Story

I had the procedure done about a 1 1/2 ago shortly after an abortion ever since the procedure my body has not been right, I have the worst periods ever before the procedure I would have normal periods now they are debiliatating I cant even get out of bed for days, I have always been able to loose weight now no matter what I do the weight remains its like my horm0nes are all out of wack the week of my period I gain 10lbs every month……..I no its normal to put on water weight the week of your period but a whooping 10 lbs?! I dont want to have anymore children but what I wondering is this worth it?

Jennifer’s Story

I went in to my OBs office in Nov 2013 and asked what we can do to stop me from having any more children…..My doc told me about the essure and I thought that was just the greatest thing….Dec 12 2013 I had the essure done, the very next day my right ear started to plug up and next thing you know I have ringing in my ears and still have till this day…..That was just the start…In Jan 2014 I started to get pain in my right side , under my right rib, well it turns out that my gallbladder was inflamed, and I had to get it removed in Feb 2014……I get pains in my back, my sides

Renee’s Story

My name is Renee and I’m 43yrs old I’ve had my essure for a lot over 7 years. Currently I am looking to have hysorectomy , due to debilating pain clotting and constant hormone embalance. Because I’m  African american doctors looked for fibroids after 4 doctors and MRI I was told fibroids were not big enough to cause such a issue. After getting an  anonymous call regarding my essure and a class action suit did I consider essure. My life is scheduled around my cycle due to being bed bound and forced to wear depends because no maxi pad works during my cycle.

Samantha’s Story

hello my name is samantha feltner, i am 22 years old and i have four children. i got the essure implantation in 2012. when i went in to get the procedure done, my doctor never really explained alot about it, but the fact that he said it was fast recovery and everything sounded perfect so i went along with it. i later found out that the devices were made of nickel in which i am allergic to. my doc also told me that i would only bleed for a couple days. i bled for a month straight with very heavy bleeding, losing clots and alot of pain. i went back in to my obgyn and explained everything and he said

Samantha’s Story

I’m 33 and now have 5 kids. I got easier done Nov.27,2013 a ten min procedure turned into two hours. The instruments used punctured my uterus and I almost bleed out. Many problems later in June 6,2014 I start bleeding so in July I finally go to hospital and they tell me they only see one rod and send me Home still bleeding and No solution.  I’m depressed,tired and I can’t go on living like this. Life is not meaningful anymore.