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Sheri’s Story

I am 38 and had Essure installed about 3 years ago. In that time, I have started having migraines, worsening anemia, uncontrolled blood sugar that I had always been able to control with oral meds, I am now insulin dependant.  I have also had severe breast pains, back & pelvic pain.  I had no idea until I saw Erin’s interview on FB did I realize all of the above symptoms and even more can be linked directly back to having Essure put in. It is very sad a big drug company & the FDA do not seem to have any problem with the health of a quarter million women.  Have to say I surly hope my ob/gyn was not aware

Mandy’s Story

I’m 39 years old.  My husband and I decided that we were done having children.  I had a very bad reaction to the depo provera shot.  I didn’t like the side effects to bc pills so I was told about Essure.  I read all the pamplets and the ONLY side effects I was told about was that my periods may or my not stop or may get heavier and that there was no gaurantee that it would work.  It’s bad enough going through this procedure once but I went through it TWICE!   The first time was April 2013.  The doctor had a hard time seeing anything but deployed the springs anyway.  Well, said she deployed them.  No problems at

Tanette’s Story

Ive had the essure for 6 almost 7 years now pain in my side and butt. I just want it to be removed. I rather have more children then to go through is pain for any longer 6 years is long enough.

Lucy’s Story

I had the esure done in June of 2011. Shortly after having it I had a little bit of pain and then it went away for 3 years. Well for the past almost 4 months I got the pain back and it was worse then ever so I went to my doctor and he ran a bunch of test in me. Well I just went last week back to get my test back from my doctor and found out it’s the essure that’s causeing all my pain. Well my doctor told me that if he took them oit it would stop the pain and that he had done it to a few women and it didn’t help them well now

MIMI’s Story

Hi there, I am a mother of a 15 yr old and underwent the Essure procedure 3 days ago. My gynocologist explained it was easy and non painful. He was wrong. I was in the worst pain while the procedure was being done and felt the worst pressure in my pelvic area. I was in tears and he didn’t understand why I was hurting as bad as I was. When it was over I got up and felt a wave of heat in my entire body and felt like fainting & vomiting. Its winter and I walked out of the office in my camisole because I was so hot. I have had pelvic pain since that are like random burst

Amanda’s Story

My name is Amanda, and I had the essure procedure done in January 2005 after my third child was born. My doctor sold it to me as a great new, non-surgical method of sterilization. I wish so badly that I had researched it more before I did it. I’ve since ended up getting pregnant two more times, and finally had the tubal ligation I should have had instead. I have unexplained abdominal pain, headaches, and heart palpitations I never had before. If I had the money, I would get them removed today. I want it out!

Kristyna’s Story

After having my third child my husband and I decided our family was complete. We had two beautiful little girls, and we finally got out little boy. =)  I was not able to take birth control with hormones in it so after a short conversation with my gynecologist at the time he suggest essure. He made it sound wonderful! He talked me out of having my tubes tide (which is what I REALLY wanted!) I had the essure placed in August 2011. It’s been the worst decision I’ve ever made! By 3013 I was always tired, having back problems, my periods became very heavy and abdnormal (I had always been lucky with 4 day/ mild periods), heart palpitations, stomach cramps,

Jessica’s Story

I had the Essure procedure done June 2012 because our family was complete and the thought of not undergoing surgery to have a permanent birth control option was alluring. My doctor had a hard time placing the right side coil but did finally achieve placement after some time. The doctor even had to open a new Essure packet to get another coil because the first one had cinked or bent a little, so she thought that was impeding it going into my tube. My opening to the tube was spasming as well, which she said contributed to the difficult placement. So I was expecting some cramping after the procedure, which was there. I also had sharp pains in my right

Kristina’s Story

I have had surgery about 5 to 6 months ago I am taking a guess anyhow ever since I’ve had the procedure done they told me I had to have a second form of birth control so I did the Depo Provera including the Essure procedure well at first I thought it was just the Depo Provera shot because it has a lot of the same symptoms but now that I’m looking this up which I don’t know why I was never informed of all these symptoms and all these problems that are possibly forever until you remove these coils from your body however I am very upset that nobody told me of the side effects and I feel kind of

Tiffany’s Story

I got the Essure surgery in December 2011. I was told I would never feel it again. The depo shot that I had received to thin the lining of my uterus didn’t help my healing process. I spent months constantly bleeding. My bleeding prevented the scheduling of my follow up to see if the procedure worked. I have to avoid sitting in certain positions to avoid the excruciating pain. I can still feel the spots where the springs were placed. I hurt there sometimes. Some days it feels as though my cervix and belly button are being clamped together and pulled down and out. I have to stretch in certain ways and do pregnancy breathing to get the muscles to