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Michelle’s Story

My name is Michelle and I’m from Michigan. I had Essure procedure done in april of 2014. Had nothing but issues from the day after the procedure. Heavy nonstop bleeding pain cramps and just all around being uncomfortable. In July I went to have the test done to see if the coils were where they were suppose to be and doing what they were suppose to be doing. The procedure was so uncomfortable and painful, the doctor said to the nurse in the room that the one tube is closed but the other one isn’t. He then preceded to tell me that the coil wasn’t even in my tube it was outside the tube. So I went for my followup

Tonya’s Story

After the birth of my 2nd child had the scare of a thinking I was pregnant again with # 3 now even before she was 5 months old and the hubster at the time didn’t want anymore kids.  Birth control was a no go since both kids were pill babies.  So doc recommended Essure so we both hoped on that wagon.  While I was on the table, nervous as all get out (didn’t like the fact of being awake while he did the procedure.), he went to insert the first stent and I should have up and left then. The stent wouldn’t go in the left side, he kept trying to force it in, even with me crying on the

Crystal’s Story

I got the Essure after I had multiple pregnancies  and I got tired of having abortions cause doctors kept telling me I was too young to have my tube tide I received Essure September 9, 2011 and found out I was 6 weeks pregnant on May 4, 2015 I’m 32 with two teens I was done having babies and killing babies but thanks to Essure I’m under going an unwanted  procedure Monday and it hurts my heart by body is hurting from these coils while being pregnant  I don’t recommend  this procedure for none it’s not reliable  not even for the percentage it’s rated as if I could file a complaint  against Essure I hate what I have to do

Tiffany’s Story

I had the essure device implanted last year and I have been having serious bleeding and uncontrollable pain and i advise any women planning on getting the device implanted, just don’t get the procedure done

Jodi’s Story

I am 41 years old. For the last 3 years I have been in and out of hospital and back and forth to doctors and specialists.I have had liver failure,severe chest pains,stomach pains pelvic pains severe headaches and migraines. I have had many investigative procedures. I suffer Joint pains and pain in my glands and lymph nodes constantly. I have had just about every  test I could think of for every ailment I could research and have been put on every medication to help with these ailments but the underlying cause has never been determined. I have allergies that never existed before and my blood tests are always abnormal. I have suffered with severe depression and mood swings. I know

Christy’s Story

  I had the Essure procedure in August 2010. When I had the procedure, I had extreme pain when my doctor was inserting the coils, especially on one side. I thought I was going to come off the bed and punch the doctor in his face. And, this was after having a local anesthetic injected into my butt. The three shots injected into my cervix and uterus really hurt as well. Essure fails to tell you about these.   After the procedure, I drove myself home; no one was required to drive me to and from this “in-office procedure.” I was in a lot of pain. My pain was so bad that I went back to see my doctor. He

Melissa’s Story

I received the essure in 2014.  Since having the essure my periods have become increasingly heavier.  I can deal with the bleeding, although I do not think it’s fair to bleed through your clothes at work at least once a month.  What I cannot deal with is the migraines that have come since receiving the Essure.  They have almost dibilitating.  I have also changed my eye glass presecription 3 times since 2014.  Now lets get started on the weight gain…40 lbs..  What the heck??  I am a healthy eater and I have gained 40 lbs.   I have recently went to dr’s for the heavy bleeding and the headaches.  We decided to do an novasure procedure.  Basically buring out the

Brenda’s Story

After many years of using different types of birth control, I was ready for something permanant.   I spoke with my Gyno and he recommanded the essure, I explained that I was more interested in the old fashion techique of getting my tubes tied.   He immedaitely dismissed this option and stated that the essure would be the best option for me.  Newer technology, no need to be out of work for 6 weeks, and  its a out patient procedure.   On july 14, 2015, I had the procedure to have the Essure implanted.   I felt fine once I got home.   Did not have any side effects at all in the beginning so I thought.   I am diabetic, so I thought that a

Erica’s Story

  My daughter was born 3 weeks early (February 2016), so I did not have enough time to sign a concent for a tubal, and unfortunately my OB was out of town and did not do my c-section, so I did not get the tubal.  My husband and I decided that we were ok with three kids and after having lost two other babies, we could not risk going through that pain again and that our family was complete.  When my OB went to see me the day after I had my daughter (c-Section) I asked about getting a tubal, she asked if I wanted something permanent and I said yes.  She said ok, we can now do the procedure

Aurelia’s Story

I had my essure procedure done in 2010. I did not have any side effects right away, all had been well. Until recently,this past year I have noticed and researched some problems that I have been having and it led me to the essure. I have lower back pain, my menstrual cycle has become more painful and achy. I get aches in my legs before and/or after. I do feel bloated all the time, which is not normal for me. Now I am experiencing abominal pains  (cramping) that come and go all the time and a constant pain in my left shoulder. Oh and I’m going on 2 months of not having period, only light spotting. I took 2 pregnancy