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Yolane’s Story

In 2008 I went to the doctor saying I wanted a safe birth control that was 100% effective.  The doctor told me about essure, saying it was permanent and safe with no side effects and no surgery. I was happily married at the time and had my two beautiful boys.  Little did I know that I would be divorce four years later, and the doctor never mentioned side effects with the Essure device.   I had more painful periods, severe headaches, backpain, and fatigue so bad I could not function, and to top it all off depression. Something that was promised to be safe now made my life hell, and all the doctors I went to see over the past

Tiffany’s Story

My name is Tiffany and I am 32 years old. Here is my Essure story. I have three kids. A 9 year old daughter, a 7 year old son, and a 2 year old daughter. I am a Marine Corps veteran and have worked in Federal Law Enforcement for over 9 years. After my last daughter was born, my husband and I were certain we did not want any more children. I spoke to my doctor about my options for sterilization just before I was due to deliver.  I trusted him and respected his opinion. I really wanted my tube tied but he insisted I read the literature on this new procedure called Essure.  He intrigued me with the fact

Nara’s Story

I’m looking for understand my pain in the pelvic area for few years. I’m leaving in pain after the essure procedure.  And the doctor which have done the procedure said it is cause by c-section scars. I though I have to leave with this pain for the rest of my life. But I moved for another state and the pain got worst. I decide to go a specialist gyn and today he told the coils were misplaced. Now I will to another procedure to take the tails of the coils out of my body because they almost perforated my uterus. Thank you for create this page.   Nara

Garth’s Story

Hi, A few months ago,  my wife had this procedure performed on her and it has been a garish nightmare ever since. My wife has been in a state of constant pain in her pelvic region and it’s become a drain on her and a banality to me because as it sits,  there doesn’t seem to be a working solution. This procedure has affected us on an intimate level because there are times when we are trying to be intimate but the act is painful for her post procedure.  Before the procedure she wasn’t in pain. The doctors also failed to provide a detailed synopsis of the procedure and what it entailed,  they left out the part about PET Fibers

Laura’s Story

I am from liverpool in the North west of England. I had essure fitted on June 13th 2013 by the nhs after being told by hospital staff that the procedure was quick virtually painless and more effective than tubal litigation. Thinking my family was complete we have 2 sons 13 and 9 at the time my husband and I decided it was the best option for us as a family. So I was booked in really quickly and had a date for the procedure within weeks having been pre-oped the same day as deciding to go ahead with sterilisation. I went in the morning of my procedure with no doubts this was best for us looking forward to being pill

Karmen’s Story

Well it started with LIES. I was told it was SAFE and better than getting my tubes tied. Then they said it was so safe that it would be done in the doctors office, but that wasn’t true either. I was sent to an operation floor where I was etherized, SO KNOW TELING WHAT ELSE THEY DID TO ME. After the ESSURE PROCEEDURE I experienced horrific CRAMPS, VOMITTING and BLEEDING. When I called they continued to tell me this was NORMAL yet the brochure and doctor told me differently. When the bleeding stopped SEVERAL weeks later, the BACK PAIN started. It was SO EXCRUCIATING. I had problems sitting, standing, laying, walking, just pretty much living. I STILL GET THE HORRIBLE BACK PAIN FROM

Jill’s Story

I had the Essure device placed in 2007.  Since that time I have experienced heart palpitations for the first time in my life and weird skin rashes that no one can seem to explain or find a cure for.  I finally had a health professional suggest that my symptoms sounded like reaction to metal and that made me remember the Essure implant and connect the dots.  I then realized that my strange illnesses began months after the Essure was implanted in my body.  

Keeva’s Story

I received the essure in 2009, after the procedure I wouldn’t stop bleeding.The doctor who did my procedure told me it was normal.  I bleed about 14 days. I went to my pcp doctor who prescribed me meds to stop the bleeding, also prescribed me meds for anemic. I went to my appointment for the dye test, went to the checkup to doctor who did essure. He told me they are blocked and don’t have to see him anymore. After the essure ,when I am on my cycle I would bleed blood clots the size of golf balls,bleed heavy and long with alot of pain. In 2011 I was rush to the ER, due to me having very bad sharp

Monica’s Story

I got essure in late 2012, after 4 kids and wanting something permanent my gyno suggested that was the best option,  oh how betrayed I feel.  Things have changed for me as well as for my family, drastically and dramatically, 3 days later I ended up in the ER only one hour away from a blood transfusion, I had a horrible hemorrhage,  my heart rate was rising 30bpm just by me standing up, Doctors said it was because of  the hormones left from the birth control pill before essure and the depo shot I was given after the procedure to avoid pregnancy while I healed. Ever since,  I suffer from chronic migraines, chronic back pain, severe mood swings, I have

Lisa’s Story

I had the essure procedure.  I thought everything was going okay for my right tube, but then when my doctor inserted the coil in my left side it took him a long time and I was in immense pain.  I wasn’t sure what was going on.  Finally after I couldn’t stand anymore he stopped.  He told me the procedure didn’t go well and that he would have to contact the company that makes the device.  He didn’t explain anything else and left the room.  It was a week before I found out that what was suppose to release the coil into my tube had broke off in my tube and my doctor was trying to retrieve it.  I had two