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Erica’s Story

I had the procedure in 2008 sunce the first  day i had problems i was bleeding for 3 weeks with extreme pelvic pain  the doctor told me i had a cyst that burst that’s why i had pain  but up to this day my periods are very painful my left leg hurts a week before i get really  bad cramps back pain  my joints hurt before i got this procedure the doctor told me it’s a very safe procedure  it’s  a lie i don’t recommend nobody to get this procedure  

Alana’s Story

I had Essure done on September 17th, 2012 at 4 weeks postpartum. It Went horrible. I was not given anesthesia and wasn’t given valium. Absolutely nothing except for motrin. The shots in my cervix hurt so bad. While the camera was being inserted I started getting horrible pain in my neck my lower back. It was spasming. It felt like my neck and back were going to pop and I could not stop shaking. Doctor had to pull everything backed out of the cervix. He then asked if I was ever in a car accident. I said I was around 10 to 12 years ago. He said he never seen anything like that happen to a patient before. He was

Michelle’s Story

Hi I had essure implanted in Oct. 2013,  after the implant I experienced heavy bleeding that lasted longer than a normal menstrual cycle.  There were large blood clot and the worst cramping imaginable.  Then about a month after my periods stopped.  Upon recheck to make sure the Essure was effective my obgyn informed me she could see the coils but no dye came through my tubes and informed me that she couldn’t guarantee I couldn’t get pregnant. As the days went by I began experiencing fatigue, headaches, dizziness and a lot of lower abdominal pain. I am still living day to day with pain and will be seeking a hysterectomy at my obgyn appointment on Nov.  13th 2014 that’s one

Jeanifer’s Story

I’m 38 years old and had a hysterectomy 5 years ago this week. I had the Essure put in and was excited because I had a hard time with traditional hormone birth control. In less than a year after I had the coils put in I began having cramps, and they got worse and worse. My OB/GYN ordered a CT scan. We found out one of the coils was halfway out of my Fallopian tube into my uterus and surrounded by scar tissue. She referred me to a specialist at Swedish Hospital in Seattle, and she saw me a month later. By then the pain was excruciating, she did a CT scan and told me the coil was nearly completely

Brianne’s Story

I had this same procedure done in Dec. 2010. This is what I have experienced is the ability to loose weight like it is working against the bariatric surgery I had a few months after this. I’ve also experienced extreme cramping and heavy flow with 50 cent piece size clots. And have experienced more headaches more often than before.  Though I have missed 2 periods in the 4 years I’ve had this done, I never realized the issues or side effects.

Michelle’s Story

My story starts in 2010 after my third child was born.  I decided to get a Essure placement for birth control. My body immediately rejected the Essure coils. I have never had women issues like this until the Essure placement.  Before my pregnancy and placement of coils I was a healthy woman running 2 miles a day. About 3 weeks after placement I had to go to ER with massive cramping.  I was diagnosed with a PID infection from the implantation of coils.  I have not been out of pain since, especially the left side pain.  I started experiencing the following. Periods every two weeks or skipped periods, excessive pain in left side like a knife sticking you, cramps so

Wendy’s Story

my story starts out that my 2nd husband and i did not want any children because we saw the damage my divorce was doing to my son from my first. I went to my PCP and told her i wanted to see an OBGYN who would be willing to tie my tubes, like my mother had done in her day. She mentioned a new procedure (didn’t know it was Essure until i went to get o 2nd opinion, so at this new ObGyn’s i told him again what i wanted, and was informed he could do Essure right there, right now, I told him ‘NO’ I wanted to be sterilized the way my mother had been, he said most insurances,

Rhonda’s Story

I had this procedure done only right days ago…. In the last week since the procedure I have experienced excruciating abdominal cramps, hot flashes, very heavy bleeding, headaches and to top it off when I stand up it feels like my muscles are ripping. The thing that bothers me most is the fact that I had no clue until today when I got my ESSURE  card in the mail with the product number on it that that was in fact the procedure that I had done. When I went to the OB I simply asked for a tubal, I signed consent for sterilization and never once before the procedure was I told what they were actually gonna do. I went

Chantel’s Story

In 2007 I was convinced to get essure over an inplant style birth control. I was told they are made from stainless steel and so never took a copper alergy test. I am a fertile person and didn’t want to become pregnant again until I was ready. My doctor swore to me I could simply have the coils removed if I wanted another child which I very much did want one more child in my life time, I just didnt want one too soon. I was awake for the procedure which was fairly painful and felt like it took forever to complete. I was told I would spot for a few days and my first few period would be ‘harder’

Chandra’s Story

Hi I got the essure procedure done 2 yrs ago and ever since then I have had so many problem I have abdominal pain all the time and it’s worse on my period and before I had the procedure my periods only lasted 3 days now they r heavy for 7 days I have night sweats I keep gaining weight and can’t lose it no matter what I do I have headaches I want to get it removed but I have no health insurance and I want it removed to get rid of my problems not to have a baby but I also do not want to wait so long that they make me have a hysterectomy I am only