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Venessa’s Story

I’m 26 years old and a mother of 2. I had my procedure done in March 2012. The day I got it done I had excruciating pain. I called my obgyn & told them I was hurting worse than after having my son. They put me on pain medicine. It helped the pain but I was always sleeping from the medication & wasn’t there for my family. Since getting the Essure I have had stabbing pain in my pelvic area. My periods are irregular and painful. I feel like I’m in labor for 2-3 weeks. My periods are heavy & I stay in bed for most of my period. I have non-stop headaches, at times migraine headaches. Severe joint pain

Jeannie’s Story

I got the Essure done in October of 2013 since than it has not been checked on I have pains in my pelvic area it feels like I’m in labor again when my cycle starts. When I’m not on my cycle I still get bad pains in my woman hood and sides. Docs told me I had to get it checked first day of my cycle. When I went for my follow up appointment I told doc I was losing my insurance never had a chance for that follow up. Now almost two years later I’m going through a lot of pain. My cramps are sometimes unbearable. I bleed heavy with heavy clots. I have hot flashes all the time.

Lora’s Story

I CAN’T BELIEVE I FELL FOR THIS!!! In 2014 I had my IUD removed and was looking for a different type of birth control.  My doctor recommended Essure.  She said it was a simple and painless procedure that would be permanent birth control.  I agreed to the procedure.  What a mistake. I have been in pain since the day the procedure was done.  I went back to her and she said that after the inflammation went down I should be OK.  Since then I have been experiencing night sweats like crazy.  I still have pain and my lower back hurts.  When I wake in the morning, after a restless night of sweating, it takes a second before I can move. 

Patricia’s Story

I am a 33 year old women w/ 3 healthy kids who decided I was happy with my family 9 years ago (2006) and decided I was done having kids. I went to my Obgyn who I had trusted w the life of all 3 of my children and asked to have my tubes tied. She refused to do it any other way than ‘ensure’ due to my age at the time.  I trusted her! I was told it was quick, no surgery needed, speedy recovery, very effective and safe, with the only side effect being a very small chance for early menopause. & after the dye test it was confirmed i was 100% blocked and no chance for pregnancy.ever

Haley’s Story

My name is Haley.  I am the mother of three kids.  After my youngest was born in 2008, I let my ex talk me into getting birth control.  We couldn’t afford the IUD because my insurance wouldn’t cover it, so I talked to my OB about getting my tubes tied.  They told me about this amazing procedure called Essure.  They told me it was only moderately painful and it was a great alternative to surgically getting your tubes tied because you don’t have to stay in a hospital, they do it right in the office and I would go home that day.  None of the brochures said anything about side effects and after talking about it to my ex, who

Suzanne’s Story

I was 46 and looking for a simple form of birth control. I assumed my doctor would prescribe the pill in one form or another.  After a lengthy discussion he brought up the Essure procedure, saying it was a no brainer.  It all sounded so easy, simple and permanent with 100% effectiveness!     After a little thought and cursory research I scheduled the procedure.  It was quick and simple in mmy doctors office.  The fact that it was done in his office really put me at ease!  It was relatively painless and I only had some bleeding for a day or two.  Then all systems go.  No pain no worry for the rest of my life right?!     

Amy’s Story

I was in a ‘clinical trial’ for a similar procedure invented by an MD in Australia.  Essure sounds almost exactly like what I had done.  I had 2 children at the time and couldn’t afford tubal ligation so I opted for this procedure.  I believe they were supposed to insert what they called a ‘matrix’ which I was told was a plastic device about the size of a grain of rice. After placement this would be ‘surrounded by scar tissue’.   After several appointments with the MD they finally cleared me to have the procedure.  The whole thing was a total debacle.  The ‘inventor’ was present in the OR, holding my hand, they inserted a scope into my fallopian tube, heated it and  attepted

Cassondra’s Story

I had the essure procedure done Nov.2008. I was never told about any side effects. I was only told that it had 0% failure rate and all the ‘good things’ about it. Ever since having the essure done my menstrual periods have been very heavy and the cramping is unbearable to deal with at times. Before essure I never had to take any type of menstrual relief. Now I have to keep it in my system even though it only takes the edge off of the pain. 

Susan’s Story

I had the Essure procedure done a few years ago. Every since the procedure I have bleed 2-3 weeks out of the month and suffer from nausea and horrible headaches! My bleeding is extremely heavy and often accompanied with pain. It was the worst decision I have ever made but there were no known side effects and was approved by the FDA so I felt like it was safe. There have been occasions where I have bled for the entire month. I need relief! I do NOT recommend this procedure to anyone!

Shanon’s Story

My name is Shanon and I had the Essure procedure after the birth of my 3rd child, he is now 8.  At first, I thought this was wonderful I knew I was done having children.  Maybe 6 months later, I kept having abdonimal pain, headaches, lost of memory and sharp pain in my vagina.  I went to the Doctor they ran test but nothing was found but I NEVER thought to associate it with the Essure procedure.  I saw a commercial from a law firm showing that the FDA had prematruely approved this device and I thought, THAT’S IT!  I can be at work sitting at my desk and a sharp pain that makes me scream, I feel in my