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Tiffany’s Story

I have had essure for five or six years, and I can’t begin to tell you the problems I have experience since then. At first you think your just having normal health problems, but when you have been a healthy person like me you start to wonder. When the first problem hit me I thought it had to do with age, but when I started to have issues after issues that’s when I knew something was VERY WRONG. I have tried to tell my doctors it’s essure that’s causing my problems. I always get a different respone ‘I’ts not essure let try this,’ they say. My family have noticed a difference, if i could go back in time I would

Marla’s Story

Well, I just had my xray and it confirmed my fear about the Essure coils. They have moved. There is some relief as it now explains the weird pains in my lower abdomen, the ridiculously heavy and painful periods with blood clots the size of golf balls and the pain that shoots down my left leg. All these things I have seen my doctor for and it was brushed off and I am just given a different birth control pill to try and make my periods better. Pills. I got this done so I wouldn’t have to take any more pills. Why is it that women are so easily shushed when it comes to pain in the reproductive area? I

Melissa’s Story

I had my third daugher in february of 207, shor5ly after she was born I discussed possible long term birth control options. I was undecided if I wanted more children because I always wanted a little boy. My dooctor suggusted essure, because it was reversible should I ever decide I wanted children again. I went through all the leak testing nd everything went well, according to the doctors. about 1 year after mt proceedure I ended up having exrutiating pain in my abdomen.i went to the emergency room wher they proceeded to tell me I had a tubal pregnancy and 2 cists that that had burst alng wth the tube my implant was in, I hadd internal bleeding up to

Toni’s Story

I got the Essure a month after having my 2nd son in January 2010. I was married and we didn’t want any more children. I foun out that I was pregnant in Sept of 2012. At the time my husband and I were separated but trying to make things work.  After I told him that I was pregnant he got very angry and I got divorce papers 2 weeks later. This baby was unexpected but was my silver lining. I started to buy things because this baby was a gift to me. I worked for a hospital so the lab and I knew that I had to be careful. My doctorson were great and even performed my 1st sonogram on

Judy’s Story

I am 28 years old I had 2 boys thought I wouldn’t never have another one until I met the man of my dreams who had 3 kids of his own we then decided we wanted to have another one so now I have 3 great boys 10 8 and 6 months. I wanted a tubal and asked for one on 3 different occasions but was told by my obgyn that they did not do tubals for religous purposes and I did not know that or I would have chose a different obgyn. My obgyn went on to tell me how they (had more then one) did not recommend a tubal for me and they had a much safer and

Jodi’s Story

I had the essure procedure in 2012. I was bleeding on a daily basis for a few months. I was having bad cramping. The pain was awful. I went to see another doctor. I thought maybe the doctor I had been going to messed up my procedure. The doctor I went to see, said the one side had shifted some. He said a Hysterectomy was necessary. I was 32 years old. I went with essure because the doctor said it was removable if we decided to have more children. So that was appealing to my husband and I. Then a few months later that was not even a option to me any longer. My doctor suggested that we not do

Joy’s Story

LIED TO, BETRAYAL and A LIVING NIGHTMARE, Are Just a few words to express how I feel and the HELL I’ve been through!! Pure negligence from my Gynecologist! LIVING NIGHTMARE!!! NOBODY KNOW YOUR BODY BETTER THAN YOURSELF, BUT A DOCTOR CAN SURE TRY AND YOU FEEL LIKE YOUR LOSING YOUR SANITY!! This is how my story began: My name is Joy Fordham, I’m 30 yrs old, from Augusta, GA. Im a mother of 2 beautiful little girls. Harleigh my oldest is 11, and Hannah my 5 yr old is with my husband Jd Fordham. We have always wanted to have little boy and talked about having another child together someday once Hannah got a little older but those plans had

Brittney’s Story

I got the Essure done in January of 2012. I tried to research the product but found nothing negative. My doctor recommended it because it was quick and I was concerned about being unable to function normally for 6 weeks. I am a mother of four children so my husband and I are Done having babies. After having the procedure I seemed to be ok. I experienced things I did not relate to Essure until now. After the three month I went in for them to check and my coils were in place and the dye test went well. I began experiencing severe stomach pains and chest pains. My doctor ran several tests sent me to a cardiologist and a

Earlene’s Story

I had the Essure procedure done in April 2010. I chose this after my Doctor told me what a simple procedure it was. The no down time was perfect with 4 kids at home. Everything seemed great until a year and a half later. The week before my period it felt like someone was scraping my insides and I was down for most of the week. My periods became heavier and I had a sharp pain in my right side. I started feeling a tingling numbness in my face which has now spread to the rest of my body. I also have migraines that feel like I am being stabbed through my right eye. I was in the hospital for

Amy’s Story

I had the Essure implant placed in 2008 after my youngest son was born. I have experienced dizziness, moderate to some day’s severe back pain. A few months after I had it done, my husband lost his job and our insurance. I just recently received insurance coverage and plan to go to a Doctor that can remove the implant. I’m very afraid after having found other women with similar symptoms. I feel like I was betrayed by a Doctor I trusted. He told me “this implant was the best out there and that his wife got it and loves it”. I was never informed of any side effects nor was I tested for a nickel allergy.