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Lynne’s Story

Dear Erin, I greatfully appreciate the opportunity to write you my story because I see you actually care when no one else does. Thank you. I am a 43 year old woman that has 6 beautiful children. I am done creating my lovely family and turned to my GYN for an option to make it permanant. I was sold the Essure procedure as a very quick, easy, effective, no side effects, and a no problem solution. I had the procedure done on October 31st 2012. During the procedure, the doctor lost one of the coils inside me. It was later found that it shot up far in my fallopian tubes and I was told that one of the coils broke

Yvonne’s Story

Hi Everyone! My name is Yvonne and I am a 30 year old mother of 6 beautiful and amazing children and the wife of the most amazing man I have ever met. When I decided to have Essure it was after my last child who is now 8 months old. I chose to get the procedure over my husband getting a vasectomy because 4 of the children are mine only 2 are his. In the event of my death or a divorce I would want my husband to have more children. I on the other hand am completely satified and would not want anymore children with anyone ever! I love children but 6 is more blessings than most are ever

Brooke’s Story

I just want these out of my body. My life is a lot different since I got the Essure coils implanted in August 2013. I have not stopped bleeding. That was over five months ago. I have strange rashes all the time. My breasts are very sore and tender as if I were pregnant. I bleed very heavily most of the time now. I’m fatigued, no energy, have severe headaches all the time and at times very bad cramping, spent 3 days in bed with cramps so bad. My sex life with my husband is now almost nonexistent because of the heavy bleeding and severe sharp pains that come with intercourse. I can’t afford to get them taken out. I

Stephanie’s Story

After having two chilren back to back and a husband who suffered a massive heart attack at a very young age I decided that having more children was not an option. Dealing with the two little ones (10 months apart) and my husbands recovery was very hard for our entire family. I am a mother of two, a wife, a homemaker, with a full time job and and part time cleaning job. Needless to say, I need all of the energy I can get. Shortly after my second daughter Grace was born I decided to have the essure procedure done at my GYN’a office in July/2013. I was hesitant since I never heard if this type of procedure but I

Nicole’s Story

hi my names nicole nowaske, my doctor put these essure things inside my tubes and right after that in march 2012 I’ve had nothing but bacteria infections 1 after another but the obgyn claims it’s Not from the Essure but from my body…. BS I got a bacteria infection the following day after surgery when I got these in me…ive had decal problems pain in my abdominal area my periods are worse it’s hard to bend over without bending your knees first so I hate these things and would do anything in this world to get these out of me so I can feel better in my lower area….. I would not recommend the ESSURE to any other female because

Britanny’s Story

I had the essure done in October 2013 after my third child.. In the short time I’ve had it I have had a horrible experience! I constantly bleed & cramp. I have horrible headaches & my obgyn will not do anything to help me find out what’s wrong since I lost my insurance when he is the one who talked me out of a tubal ligation in the first place & to take this route! I would never recommend essure to anyone! I’m 24 years old & I can’t live a normal life & enjoyy kids & husband because of all the side effects I’ve had with this procedure! The pain can be unbearable! The scariest part is I have

Grace’s Story

I had the Essure procedure (as well as an ablation) in October 2012. I had mentioned to my Family Physician that my husband and I were done having children (I was 30, he was 35, and we have 2 lovely children). He referred me to a OB/GYN, so I made an appointment. It was suggested to do the Essure and Ablation. I was told that it would be done laproscopically, that I would be a little out of it that day, but that I would be able to return to work the following day. I was told that she had performed many of these procedures and had no complications. When I went for the surgery, the Dr changed her story

Sonja’s Story

I had the essure procedure done in October 2012 a few months after the birth of my son . Once the procedure was done, my periods became very heavy and painful which was never an issue before. I had headaches, nausea and pain in both sides. By May I was pregnant again and had no idea what I was going to. I wound up having a miscarriage very early on then had to have a D&C performed. Once I recovered from that procedure, I had to go back again and have my tubes tied.  So much for a 15 minute procedure. For something that was supposed to be a simple procedure, I wound up having  emotional and physical pain. It seemed

Jeannette’s Story

I had the procedure done 2yrs ago and since then I have the worst cramps, back pain and sometime weeknes on my legs. I always been small and always have lose my baby weight withing 3month after labor and for my 4child was no exemption. But everything change after I had the procedure done my periods got heavier the worst pain ever my stomach is huge like if I was 5months pregnant. Im going to seek help because definitely something has change in me drastically, a depression is also involved do to the changes of my body…I need medical help.what to do???

Rachel’s Story

I had the essure birth control put in july of 2013. instantly i had severe pain it took my dr over 2 weeks to finally do an emergency surgery to see whats going on. well while in surgery my dr had to.take out my tube and he found internal bleeding due to the coil puncturing my uterus. the dr left the coil in my uterus thinking my pain would go away. well it didnt i still am in severe pain everyday. its been almost a year and im in need.of a hysterectomy but my insurance wont cover it. please becareful and study up on any birth control you choose.