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Amanda’s Story

I had the Essure 2012 after I had my daughter who is now 14 months old.  Right after having the Essure done I had severe cramping. I have such awful pain on my right side. My hair is falling out my face is breaking out for the first time in my life. I feel dizzy and have very long periods.  I do not recommend this procedure to anyone.  My doctor did not inform me very well and I was not able to return to work as quickly as promised.

Jean’s Story

I had Essure implanted in 2007 and I have lived in pain ever since. They said you do not have to be  put under but I was.  When I woke up the OBGYN said he had a little bit of trouble getting one of the coils in but they where in and in correct position.  Five days after I had an ovarian cyst burst and I have had one burst every couple of weeks since.  Yes for 6 years I have had an ovarian cyst burst every 2 to 3 weeks. I can feel where the coils are. Lately it feels like someone is inside with a pair of pliers pinching and pulling. I have 3 wonderful boys and I

Tanya’s Story

I had the Essure procedure done in late 2008, after the birth of my daughter. I was 31 years old at the time and my daughter was my fourth child; so I was finished having children and wanted a permanent birth control option. In the months following Essure, I began having horrible menstrual cramps (when usually I had very little discomfort or issues with PMS).  I have been having stabbing pains in my lower abdomen, usually the right side, but sometimes the left side as well.  My periods have gone from being regular and ‘normal’ to guessing when the next one will happen and when it does, I usually cannot get out of bed without the fear of flooding my

Sharelle’s Story

I had the Essure Procedure in December of 2009. During my 6-week check-up I was discussing getting my tubes tied with my OB/Gyn, and he recommended Essure. I had never heard of the procedure before but, was assured that even though this was a fairly new product it was safe and effective. Since having this procedure I truly regret my decision! I have experienced severe abdominal pain that that is pretty much constant. I have pain a week before my period, horrible pain (similar to labor pain) 1-2 days before my period and the first 2-3 days during my cycle, and then pain about a week after the last day of my cycle. Which equals pain all the time! The

Kristy’s Story

My Essure Nightmare   After having a high risk pregnancy & life-threatening complications during labor & delivery, I decided after the birth of our daughter in December 2012 that I would not be able to have any more children. I have a severe form of anemia–Aplastic Anemia that affects my white blood cells, red blood cells & platelet production. My doctor told me about Essure, stating it was the new easier form of a tubal ligation & that it would be a better choice because there wouldn’t be a risk for bleeding as a tubal ligation would. She never explained any risks or complications only that it was an easy procedure & some doctors even perform it in office. It

Sharon’s Story

I had the Essure procedure done in June 2011.  I was 42 then and had already had 2 stillborns and 7 miscarriages.  I decide that I did not wish to risk trying again.  When my OB/GYN recommended this procedure I thought ‘yes this is what I need to do!’  However, about 6 months after the procedure I began to have terrible cramps and pain.  Almost like menstral cramps but I didn’t have any periods.  You see when I had the Essure procedure I also had the NovaSure procedure to stop my periods because I bleed for months at a time.  Anyway since the Essure procedure I now have terrible cramps and pain, I constantly am irritated in that area, I

April’s Story

I had my Essure procedure done in early 2010, shortly after the birth of my fourth daughter.  I was told by my doctor that the procedure was easier than having my husband get a vasectomy.  Everything was fine right up to the procedure, then it went drastically downhill.  They gave me Valium and pain medication, but it only worked for the first few minutes, before anything actually happended.  They weren’t monitoring my blood pressure, which dropped so low due to the pain that they had to give me an injection in my leg to bring me back around.  The pain afterward was horrible.  I have had 2 of my children with no pain medication at all, and this pain was

Charlene’s Story

I had the essure procedure back in 2004, yes it was only around for about 5 years they told me in france, at the time I was on the medical assistance card and was being seen at a local womans clinic. The day of the procedure I wanted not to have it done and asked if they could just do it the old fashioned way tieing your tubes and some resident came in the room and talked me into havng it done. They were doing the procedure on a bunch of us women that day. I know they were pushing it because I’m sure they received state grants and fundings for that . I only had mild cramping but over

AMBER’s Story

Hi ,   My name is Amber Ebert and I am from New Braunfels Texas and had essure put in 2010 after my fifth child . I was asked if i had a nikel allergy and I wold the Dr i thought so . I told her I was alergic to fake jewlery and stuff . and she said well we can do a test so we put this patch on and when i went back to do the test and remove it She said well i am not usre if you had a reaction to the bandage or the nikel . but she said she thought it was fine Should have went with my best judgement but I dint

Valerie’s Story

Essure is just another horror story being marketed by Bayer Pharma to increase on their already increasing proftis out of the suffering of women in particular. Primodos victims are already in confrontation with ‘Bayer’ as a result of the hormone prenancy test orignally  Schering Chemical Pharma, then briefly taken over by Bayer, then discarded due to the campaign of Primodos,as we aquire more and more information against them to include the cover-up by the British Government.  The hormone pregnacy test in the USA was called Gestest with many more pregnancy testing drugs across the globe. From 1956 until the campaign to ban this pregnancy test in this country, and across the globe in the seventies due to mounting evidence from medical professions of victims of