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I had the Essure coils inserted in my tubes in December of 2010. I have had problems ever since. First I had bad painful periods. Then all of a sudden, they stopped. I would get it them once every 5 or 6 months. Kept going to the doctor because I still had the bad cramps. She thought I was experiencing pre-menopause syndromes. Then about 5 months ago I started experiencing bleeding after intercourse. Sometimes my bleeding would last for 3 weeks. I’m tired all the time.  I am nauseated from time to time, dizzy, bad pain on my right side. I have horrible pain after sex at times. My doctor doesn’t know what’s wrong with me now. She saw something

Heather’s Story

I had the Essure procedure a little over two years ago and have lots of what I believe to be side effects. However my doctor thinks Essure is the greatest thing.  I have major lower back pain, very heavy periods, weight gain, tender abdomen as well as major bloating. To top it all off, I have several symptoms of MENOPAUSE!  I’m only 36!

Miranda’s Story

I only had the Essure inserted in March 2013. I have not had the same serious side effects as most but then I have read that they can start months after. I had the procedure done when my daughter turned 6 weeks so many of my problems have been explained as post baby issues. I received a depo shot at the hospital after my daughter was born then again after the procedure. I had not had a normal period or heavy bleeding due I knew to the depo shot. Shortly after the procedure I would have a light period but it was more of a brown mucus looking color that looked like it had metal shavings in it and I

Amber’s Story

I had my Essure procedure done two months after my fourth child in February 2011. I’ve had anxiety and extreme tiredness! I’ve had chest pain/ strain around my heart that’s sent me to my doctor to  do tests that show that nothing’s wrong. I cramp 5-6 days before I start until several days after I’m already off. I have never cramped until this procedure was done. I have a lot of stomach pain and head aches that come often and can’t hardly get rid of them. Mood swings and body aches also often. If I had known that I’d feel like this and hurt like this I would have never ever had this done! I’m looking in to having a

Christy’s Story

I had the essure procedure in August of 2011. I noticed within a couple of days that the pain and heavy bleeding was not getting better. When using the restroom one day I noticed on my tissue the essure coil. My body had rejected one of them. I went to my doctor and she scheduled me for a tubal ligation. A year later my pain was unbearable,  with cronic headaches, bleeding, pain during and after sex with my husband ans more.  I went to see my obgyn and they discovered during an ultrasound that the other coil had moved and was now lodged in my uterine muscle. The doctor did nothing but give me birth control for pain and discussd

Eda’s Story

Wow, where do I begin? I saw the news article about Essure and Erin’s efforts and I was floored… In early 2010, I decided to get Essure. My fiance and I had discussed this for some time and we both knew we didn’t want more children. He has one boy, who is now nine, and I have two boys of my own: one just turned 22 and my youngest is now 12. After talking with my GYN, I decided Essure was the way for me to go. I mean, it was supposed to be less evasive and supposedly had a better track record. Actually, I remember my doctor telling me, ‘So far there is a zero failure rate…’ Sign me

Moreen’s Story

After giving birth to my only child in my mid-thirties, I had the IUD Mirena inserted into my body.  That device mysteriously dislodged and I had to have my OB/GYN remove it.  It was only in my body for 9 months.  I suffered no harm from it other than the hit my wallet took for wasting all that money.  So I decided that I needed to go another route.  I haven’t taken the pill since I was 30 since I am a heavy smoker, so that was not an option.  Then my OB/GYN told me about Essure. It sounded great at the time.  I was now a single parent of a 2 year old and knew I could not emotionally handle

Kim’s Story

I had the essure done in December 2011, Ever since I have had severe cramping and severe periods. I was thinking it was just me getting older. I am only 31. The headaches, back pain, hot flashes, weight gain, nickel taste, mood swings, anxiety, depression, fatigue and can’t sleep, heart burn, blurred vision. And I am sure there are more. Now I have no ins. to get them removed. I am at my witts end on what to do now.

Marie’s Story

Hello, I didn’t have any idea that this was going on! I had essure placed in me in May of 2011. Since then, I have had severe abdominal pains, fatigue, bloating and a funky rash. The ointment for the rash was $892!!!!! Plus, my period stopped completely. I had no reason to ‘connect the dots’ on these symptoms. Then, two days ago, I heard about the problems with essure on the news. I nearly flipped! Now, I have an appointment today, to have them removed!

Silvia’s Story

Two years ago I had the Essure procedure done by my OBGYN. I was told by her thst it  was a wonderful new alternative to the traditional tubal ligation. I was told it was easy as 123. A completely painless procedure done right there in the office and a 3 day recovery at the most and I would be back to normal, as good as new. I went in to prepare for the procedure. I was given a pain pill and a tranquilizer. After about 20 min. I was taken into the examining room. I was introduced to an accompanying  physician and told he was there to help with the procedure because my OB had only performed a few of