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Anita’s Sory

I had the essure done a month ago and already I feel terrible.. I decided to google for anyone possible reason for this and im devastated if i’m honest at all the stories stating what i’m going through..I feel I’m losing my mind and have never experienced any feeling like this .. feel so ill all the time and the bleeding has been just nothing like I have ever seen.. NONE of this was ever made aware especially how painful it was to have it done and the pain after … I too have gained about half a stone in a week and my stomach is swelling by the day… I just want them out at what ever cost before

Heather’s Story

I am a 31 year old mother of two children. I had the Essure process done in late 2009. Since it was done my periods have been very heavy and sporadic. About 5 months ago now I began having my period twice a month and bleeding for over 8 days at a time. I began to have mood swings, hot flashes, and I am bloated all the time. I sought out help from my gynecologist and after an exam, blood work, and an ultrasound she recommended I get a hysterectomy. I have not gone that rout as of yet; but to date I am bleeding everyday and going through more than two tampons in an hour at some points in

Jennifer’s Story

When the doctor told me that Essure was a minimally invasive procedure that had less recovery time and risk than tubal ligation, I was sold. I had my Essure implants placed in 2009 and have had pain, excessive bleeding, depression, and weight gain since. I’ve often had problems in the past with discomfort from earrings, but it never occurred to me that I might have a reaction to nickel until now.  I wish I had been tested before the procedure. When I went in for my three month hysterosalpingogram, the results showed that the coils were not blocking one of my tubes so I had to go in for a tubal ligation. An Essure rep was present through that entire

Megan’s Story

I had the procedure done in November 2012 after the birth of our third child. I had back to back pregnancies so I knew I couldn’t handle any other pregnancies. Well here I am and it is only May 2013 and I just found out I am in the very early stages of pregnancy. Unfortunately I cannot go through with it. I have also experienced severe lower back pain and pelvic pain that can be debilitating at some times. I was told this was pretty fool proof and saddened to see it was all a sham.

Jeani’s Story

I have two children and was not interested in having any more, so I went to my doctor to discuss permanent birth control options. My doctor recommended Essure, and it sounded like the perfect solution. I had the Essure coils implanted in March 2010.  Three years later I am devastated by my  decision! I am now experiencing the following side effects: pelvic pain-cramping on my right side, breast tenderness,  tingling nerves in my left arm, heartburn, on-going mental fogginess, an almost non-existent menstrual cycle, and weight gain.  After having three months of pelvic cramping I went back to my doctor and explained my symptoms. She ordered some tests.  I had blood test results. I’M IN MENOPAUSE – I’m 38!  I

Jamie’s Story

I had the Essure procedure in December 2012, a few months after having my third son. My doctor really recommended it, and at the time it sounded like the best option. The placement itself wasn’t too bad, however, when I went back to make sure my tubes were blocked, it was the worst pain I had ever felt. They used a saline solution instead of the dye, and basically a big syringe (minus the needle) to squirt it. They told me the most I would feel is some cramping, but I was in so much pain that I was begging them to stop. After a few weeks, I began randomly experiencing a sharp pain on my left side. I went

Crystal’s Story

I have gotten the Essure put in 2008. I have called so many people since I have got this put in and no one can help. I have migraines very bad and stomach painS. i have been in and out of the hospital with UTI and kidney infection. They also say this procedure is done in the doctors office but I went to a hospital and they sedated me. I wished I have never got this done. It was the worst mistake of my life. I can’t even enjoy an intimate relationship with my husband because it is uncomfortable.  I wish someone could help me to get this removed.

Pavi’s Story

I got Essure in September 2008, just 6 weeks after having my second baby. Since then my periods have went from 5 days to 14 days.  Half way through the month I spot for at least 3 days. I started having awful headaches less that a month after having this procedure. I have not gotten pregnant. But I wish I wouldn’t have let every one push me into this procedure. My family and my kids family wanted me to have this procedure done due to problems I have while being pregnant. Never would have done tgis procedure if I had known the side effects.

Christy’s Story

I had Essure done around seven years ago. I have had extreme pain around time of my periods. There are heavy blood flow, abdominal pain during periods,and migraine. I’m 40 and had this problem for about 6-7 years but I thought I was going through the change just at a early age which I thought was crazy but thought I would just have to deal with it. That was just my life.

Cassandra’s Story

I had the Essure procedure done in January 2004 and have experienced multiple issues ever since.  It started off simple enough with what I thought were menstrual cramps, even though I had never had any type of menstrual cramping prior to the procedure.  The next thing I knew I was passing giant blood clots and the cramping worsened.  Before long I began getting recurrent urinary tract infections, which again, I had no history of prior to the procedure.  Next I began having symptoms similar to when I was pregnant previously and took a pregnancy test which indicated I was pregnant.  I made an appointment with my ob/gyn (not the one that performed the surgery) only to be told that not