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Jennifer’s Story

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  1. Kim McIlvain says:

    I too have been diagnose with neuropathy. In my research I have not found many with neuropathy. Mine is small fiber neuropathy – hypersensitivity to touch, numbness in my legs, lack of being able to feel cold on my skin, lack of feeling vibrations in my feet.

    It all started after the Essure implant. Digestive issues, sensitivities to jewelery, makeup and sunscreens. The procedure was in 2007. Symptoms began around 2009 with severe constipation that required prescription, reactions to metals and joint pains, low sex drive, mood swings. I also had a uncomfortable pain when pressure was applied to my lower abdomen -but not sharp, just uncomfortable. I contributed that to constipation/digestive issues. It was uncomfortable to wear certain pants, seatbelt if it was too high, it would be very uncomfortable. It almost feels like there is something in there. But my pelvic exams come back normal. Pelvic floor dysfunction (I have not been diagnosed with it, but I have issues down there – docs seem to ignore it) I contributed my joint pains to active sporting lifestyle with my kids and just getting older (I was 37 at the time).

    In 2012 I had a back fusion L4-S1 and the hardware was titanium alloy with aluminum, and vanadium, and PEEK cages. About two years later I noticed I was only sweating on half of my body. I had some other heath issues so the sweating thing I just put to the side.

    Within the past 2-3 years starting 2014-2015), everything has snowballed. There are so many different things going on with me. Not sweating on one side, excessive sweating on the other, hidradenitis suppurativa (a dermatology issue of bumps under the armpit and sometimes groin area), headaches, rib pain, achy pain from waist to upper thighs, lower back pain, gall bladder issues – within the past year anemic, heavy periods, and large clots. I am constantly cold if the temperature is in the 70’s. But, I can not tolerate anything in the upper 90’s because of the sweating. (thyroid is under control with meds, so I was told it is not my thyroid causing this problem. I was told to deal with the cold. Wearing a hoodie last week in my house! June in TX!) I can not drink alcohol any more- if I have more than 2 drinks, I have nausea/vomiting the entire next day. I feel funny when I eat certain foods – I’ve been told it is a histamine intolerance. All test are normal – no autoimmune, no cancer, not diabetic.

    I am curious if your test for nickel was able to be done with the heavy metals test and what the outcome was… The Essure will be the easiest to remove, and start with, to see if some of my symptoms go away. The back hardware will be more difficult, but can be done.

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