Hello. I had this procedure done around 2011. My doctor never once told me any kind of risks or side effects. I trusted her completely. I didn’t want to have another child and since I was starting to date after my divorce, I went to her and she told me this is what I should have done. I am realizing what a mistake that was after putting two and two together and stumbling along this site and others.


A month or so after Essure was inserted I went back for a follow up with an X-ray with dye to make sure that the Essure procedure was in correctly and that I could not get pregnant. I was told “it didn’t take to one of my tubes”. I asked them what that meant and they told me I could get pregnant. Basically I wasted 700.00. I went back to the office and my gynecologist left the practice. I was given another doctor and he suggested Paragaurd. So, I spent another couple hundred dollars to get that put in. Now I have both Essure and Paragaurd in me.


Since Essure, I have had blood in my urine, severe low back pain, headaches, migraines, extreme fatigue, cramps, nausea, numbness in my feet, sharp pains in my body that come and go, dizziness, spotting, missed periods, heavy periods, and pain during intercourse. 


Some days my back pain is so bad I feel like I can’t move. I have had MRI’s on my back thinking maybe I had a pinched nerve or something wrong with my spine. (Another 1300.00) Everything came back normal. The doctor told me after looking at the results from the MRI that no doctor would suggest any kind of back surgery or otherwise.


Since I have blood in my urine, I had a MRI on my bladder/kidneys. That was normal. Next, I had a scope to rule out bladder cancer. All was normal. (Another 1300.00 wasted) The urologist could give me no reason for why I have blood in my urine.


I do not know what to do from here. I really want this Essure out of me. I am so afraid and I do not have the money to keep getting tests done. I am going to a different OBGYN to see if I can get a CT scan with the die like I did right after getting Essure just to make sure the coils did not migrate embed in the wrong place. But even if everything looks normal, I know in my heart that my symptoms I am having are from this awful mistake I made. Please someone help me and others like me. And please DO NOT get this device put in. You will lose so much of your beautiful life and suffer from that moment and on.

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