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Spring’s Story

One thought on “Spring’s Story”

  1. Lisa DeLorenzo says:

    I had the implants in 2007. I have severe periods and breakthrough bleeding. I am beset with skin rashes and auto immune issues. I am experiencing pain and cramping like I have never had in my life and I am now 48. The insomnias has become so bad that I am just exhausted and take melatonin just to get sleep.
    My doctors until now have acted like I am nuts. The three day headaches , sore throat , skin issues … hot spots and itching that no one can explain. From the get-go, right before my period I feel like I have the flu, nausea and throwing up. I also had jaw aches and my teeth “hurt” nothing wrong with them or my gums nothing not even a cavity. Eyes were fine also not even a change in prescription. With the swelling of my abdomen,up to a jean size its like having morning sickness all the time. Its awful but the continuing escalation of symptoms have brought me to this internet search as a patient ( I work in a medical office) had hers removed and her symptoms were pretty similar. She has knee and joint issues also.

    My hands began itching about 2 years after the implants they were red and swollen. The swelling reached splitting of the knuckles level. I was seen by my pcp, dentist , eye doctor a dermatologist, my obgyn, a proctologist as I had the same “hot spot at my tail bone” which extended to my rectum I altos saw an endocrinologist to say the least I was scared . Literally scared , I am a divorced mom of one and I was actually scared that if something happens to me who is going to raise him? ( his dad is out of picture) I was put on an antibiotic , cortisone creams , prednisone, and Lasix… I was swollen in my hands elbows and face. I also take 800mg of Tylenol up to 4 times a day . I do take breaks for my liver and kidneys to get a rest from the toxin of constant medications. I rarely go a day with out a headache.

    My libido understandably has disappeared and I feel like crying all the time. I have an appointment on the 3ed of Feb and I want them out. I cannot take this anymore in anyway. Someone please help me. Tell me where to turn … I am 48 and I feel like I am 60.
    Thank you for listening
    Lisa DeLorenzo

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